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Glimwinkle's Windmill



Level range

35 - 50


Area description

Over the past few hundred years, the large windmill located in the heart of the Ashen Forest has become something of a local landmark. Known not only for its size, the windmill was also home to an eccentric Gnome craftsman named Glimwinkle. A tinker by grade, Glimwinkle was renowned for his many creative inventions and citizens would flock to his workshop to buy his latest gadgets and armor.

Recently, however, the windmill has fallen into disrepair. A sign has been placed at its door turning away visitors and none of the family have been seen. Rumours abound of dark magic being involved and that the family had sold their souls in some vain attempt at achieving Immortality. All that is truly known is that whatever dark secrets the family holds are hidden within the mysterious structure.