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Matanza: his interview, his zombie costume; Ringbearers: batty

/ Contents - Cry of Despair, Issue 101, November 2005 \_______________________

   From the Editor                    
     Editor's Note                 - by Genge
     Christmas Quest               - by Genge

   Fun and Entertainment         - Sub-Editor: Babui
     Title Submissions
     Cry of Despair Quest          - by Alysira

   News From Around The Realms   - Sub-Editor: Aslan
     Nations' News
       Quendi                      - via Romani

   PKill                         - Sub-Editor: Vortok
     PKill News                    - by Vortok
     Current PK Events             - by Vortok
     Interview with Jess           - by Vortok

   General Knowledge             - Sub-Editor: Genge
     Druids                        - by Genge


/ Editor's Note - Genge \_____________________________________________________

 Turnout for CoD quests has been... lackluster, pretty much since the paper was
created. I've been trying to figure out a way to boost turnout. I mean, we're
giving things to you for minimal effort - you'd think it'd be easy to /give/
things away. So, please, mudmail me with suggestions or ideas on what YOU would
like to see offered in a CoD quest. Prizes, types of quests, difficulties - any
input would be appreciated. In the meantime, I've setup a little holiday quest 
for Christmas/Solstice/Kwanzaa/Chanukah/Emperor's Birthday/etcetera. (Page ??)
 In CoD news, we're hiring. Pay rates are 25m for a feature, 15m for a unique
article, 10m for a standard article, and 5m for generic articles submitted 
because you needed heal money and/or are desperately lonely and need attention.
You might get bonuses for making my life easier by fixing the spelling before
submitting articles as well. If you'd like to join, find a CoD member - 
c locate fountain-pen works - or contact myself or Alysira.
 Please pardon Babui and Aslan's absence this month, they've been a bit busy.
 (Does anyone actually read the headers?)


/ Christmas Quest - Genge \___________________________________________________

 So, I promised a quest earlier. Here's the gig:
 - Write a Christmas shopping list with what you would get for at least ten
   (10) immortals, guild/order/clan/council leaders, or any combination 
    thereof. What would they want? Why would they want it?
 - Bonus points for using in game items instead of real things.
 - Feel free to have more than ten people listed, we'll just pick the best
   ten for judging.
 - The number of prizes this month are determined by the number of people
   who enter the contest. If 10 or less people enter, there is only one up
   for grabs, but every additional 10 people adds another one. Don't use your
   alts, or I'll sic Kate on you. (20 people = 2, 30 = 3, etc)
 - The prizes this month are pkill avatars. If you ever wanted to try PK, 
   and are using fear of being whacked twenty times while leveling as an
   excuse, consider your excuse gone. Yes, they've got decent stats/hp.
 - All entries due by November 30th, so the prizes can be awarded in time
   for you to regift them for Christmas.


/ Funny Titles - Alysira \____________________________________________________

Avatar          Sereqoi.          (,_    ,_,    _,)        (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Lisara.           /|\`-._( )_.-'/|\        (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Meraman.         / | \`'-/ \-'`/ | \       (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Xaquanthas.     /  |_.'-.\ /.-'._|  \      (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Maddyn.        /_.-'      "      `-._\     (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Mivok.         (,_    ,_,    _,)     THE BATS!! (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Venkman.       /|\`-._( )_.-'/|\     THE BATS!! (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Eladar.       / | \`'-/ \-'`/ | \    THEY HURTS. (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Kuros.       /  |_.'-.\ /.-'._|  \   MY EYES!! (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Rosvo.      /_.-'      "      `-._\  TOO MANY!! (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Poromenos IS BATMAN! (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Nataliea.     (,_    ,_,    _,) (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Wrenyce.      /|\`-._( )_.-'/|\ (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Jazmin.      / | \`'-/ \-'`/ | \ (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Wreniliath. /  |_.'-.\ /.-'._|  \ (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Wrenners.  /_.-'      "      `-._\   (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Wren...OMFG IT'S A SWARM!!!!! (Ringbearers) [The Symposium]
Avatar          Wesdarn.     .         (,_    ,_,    _,)         (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Franziz.     .         /|\`-._( )_.-'/|\         (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Baruch.      .        / | \`'-/ \-'`/ | \        (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Chandler.    .       /  |_.'-.\ /.-'._|  \       (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Daconil.     .      /_.-'      "      `-._\      (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Vorid.       .   HOLY CRAP THERE ARE MORE BATS   (Ringbearers)
Avatar          Excane:   >o<  >o<    >o< <--(more frickin' bats) (Ringbearers)

-----------------------------------[ IMMORTALS ]------------------------------
Acolyte         Gonnil?
Savior          Cappadocius? (Deity of Inconnu) [Head of The Symposium]
Destroyer       Kali? (Inconnu) [Council of Elders]
Demi Goddesss   Alysira? (Deity of Catarrh) [Head of Herald Assembly]
(Berserker)     Kinux Talier? [Tribal Lord] [The Symposium]
5 players.


/ Funny Titles - Mossweaver \_________________________________________________

Foxarius: Pet me if you dare!
Dievo possesses Women and Forces them to make Movies.
Sycoraxe.59:  Remember... LOVE PUPPIES AND ALIENS!!!!! 
Vivienne Ducroix - A vivacious vixen vexed very vibrant vital voting vermin
Zacchaeus gives in to lust.
Teddios is on the fourth level of the internet!
Palsham flips your arse head over heels, baby.
Mobine Dick, The Great White One
Clotho will punch you in your hymen.
Holly Boudicca-Umbramnia lost her mind, but it’s backed up on disk somewhere.
Ferratii Fyremusik, has a ball-n-chain, we call her Kyla.
Annale Firestorm boogies because she can.
Ardor wears a shirt that says 'pwnstar'.
Carnak Mac Morna, Arms Master of Arms Masters, General of Generals, Greatest
       Dork To Ever Live.
Chester:  Limes ain't got nothing on me.
Qanilkine, the world's most violent travel agent.
Arical d'Anconia: Once and for all, I am NOT Lilcal.
Kawoura d'Mortem, Tell me where the pretty girls are, those demigods, with
	their 9-inch nails and little fascist panties trapped inside the 
	heart of every nice girl.
Haderach jihhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd alalalalalala.
Moloko:  Inquire for rates.
Lyron the Keeper of the Forsaken Crayon Sharpener.
Karston is config -hope
Botan the collector of other people's things.
Matanza plays with dead birds.
Gauther: points to HELP DISCLAIMER and gestures wildly.
Snorg designated tribal whiner.
Ashia's name is wrong, it should be Ashdorkia.
Subai proud member of Lesbians Against Bush.
Othagyle found Jesus with my bong.
Akamedes: Love one another as I love your mother.
Qaulorn Calonderiel, Tourette's Syndrome saved my life.
Tenabren didn't even get a reach-around.
Ranstlin thinks Zargon's title is stupid.
Moneo LifeWind is the Panty Master (Captain Foulness)


/ Cry of Despair Quest: October's Results - Alysira \_________________________

Well, since only two people entered last months quest, I guess they're the
winners. Congratulations to:

                           Matanza and Khaimran!

Please see me for your prizes of glory, gold, and equipment, as was
promised! As Genge has said, please let us know what you want in terms of
quests (read HELP CRY2).

And now for the answers to the quiz...

1. Who was the Editor of the Times of Despair?
a. Adonia
2. In what year did the Cry of Despair begin?
a. 1999
3. Which issue was Elisabet's last issue as Immortal Sponsor?
a. Issue 72
4. Which issue was Kuah's last issue as Editor?
a. Issue 50

Matanza - Costume: Zombie  (In support of Genge's class idea)
      Unholy Symbol of the Damned
     (Humming) Matanza's Unholy Eternal Pledge
     (Humming) Matanza's Unholy Eternal Pledge
   Collar of Abyssal Servitude
   Collar of Abyssal Servitude
       blood soaked bandages
       lice infested cap
       loosely fitting trousers
       chains of imprisonment
      Gloom's beckonings
       tattoo of a malevolent, grinning skull
    writhing mass of maggots
   skins of the dead
  cuff of maggots
  cuff of maggots
       Voices of the Damned
       bloody eyepatch

There is no shield, weapon, or hold, because zombies don't have the mental
capacity to use fingers to manipulate objects.
Light, Rings, Necks, Hands, and Ears are all there to "control" the zombie
with.  Everything else is as close to "typical" zombie attire as I could find.

And what was Khaimran's costume?
Nude, except for...

       (Humming) the Blindfold of Clarity
Can you picture anything scarier?     - Khaimran

Please enjoy this month's quest!


/ Cry of Despair Quest: November's Quest - Alysira \__________________________

This month, since you Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving or whatever,
your quest is to design a Thanksgiving meal using in-game food stuffs!

Just write on a note the list of food, and MUDmail it to me by the 29th
of November. The two most creative and delicious sounding lists will be
selected as the winners. You don't have to use traditional Thanksgiving
foods, use your imagination!

The prize is glory, so everyone enter! Good luck and enjoy!


/ Quendi News - Romani \______________________________________________________

Current Events:
Shareed Marius Dracos steps down as Nations First,  leaving a note of thanks
to all who have supported him in the past.  Heru Dracos will now be managing
the Dolen Sinta book shop in Arborlon.  Bodileir Caliver has taken position
now as Nations First.  We wish them both luck and happiness in their new
Aran Gildeth Dracos has gone missing and suspected to have been kidnapped by
the drow.  Also, Lunasahd  Gwain Sen'Viant, a prominent citizen of our fair
city has gone missing as well.  It is unknown if the two disappearances are
related and many rumors are circulating though nothing has been confirmed.  
Searches have been organized as well but so far, they have turned up nothing.

There was an attack upon the shores of Irrybis by the Sea Elves which damaged
a section of the shoreline and part of the Ellcrys.  Our mages have been
working non stop to repair the damages since the spell that was causing the
damage was taken down.  Accordingly, an investigation into the events on the
shore is underway.  The Rangers advise that citizens not eat any of the edible
vegetation in that area for at least a few more months, for safeties sake.


An elf by the name of Rann Fanka was taken into custody.  Anyone with
information about this man is asked to come forward.   One woman, a Raivanna
Dossini, claims she feels that Heru Fanka is being held unjustly and is
conducting an investigation of her own.  Just what her involvement with Heru
Fanka is, is unknown.
Too Much Elverquisst?

Two elves by the name of Drundle and Kembel reported that they had seen
creatures that looked like lizards down in the forest near the shore on the
far side of the Ellcrys yesterday.  This sighting is unconfirmed however and
the two elves in question have been known to been rather intoxicated on
several occasions and known too, for wild tales.   Their story warrants
question especially since they say the lizards were wearing tutus and having
some sort of festival.  I leave it to the readers to decide the truth of their


/ November PK News - Vortok \_________________________________________________

PKC has been restructured by Rhadamanthus, and the results
can be viewed by typing HELP PKC.  

Ideas Awaiting PKC Vote:
-Silenced deadlies still warcry
-Illusions of the Coryphee layerable with death cloak

Ideas Awaiting CoE Vote:
 - High gold value pk items reduced to lower repair costs
 - Reinstall Myriad of Arenas
 - Clan EQ influx of 1 set per month
 - Shove/Drag gives adrenaline
 - Proposed renames for Excordis clan eq
 - Clan light stats from 2dr/20hp to 1dr/50hp
 - Intra-clan pdeaths not counting against you (kills don't) 
 - Reduced lag for Backstrike
 - Argument to affects command ("aff sanc" shows sanc only) 
 - Make Brakky Banners usable again in PK
 - 2str, -1Lck change to clan eq stats

Ideas that have vanished:
 - Removing or adjusting poison weapons
 - Adjusting charge for barbs in PVP
 - Reduce Barbarian suscept magic to 10% for deadlies
 - Adding AC to PK EQ

Passed CoE, Awaiting Code:
 - True sight potions sold in town
 - PK GEO, also being reviewed by PKC, again...

Updated 24 Oct 2005 @ 5:44pm by Vortok


/ Current PK Events - Vortok \________________________________________________
 - PK player base up slightly, still low.
 - Artifacts: Brad (Exc/Fer), Marcus(Cat)
 - See PKC Update section for news on PKC voting
 - PK Geo on hold, awaiting new PKC review
 - *HOT* Ranger's are being made like crazy as PK Mob runs go
   through the roof.  Cleave + Storage capacity make them a
   new found favorite amongst the PK runners.  <3 Nick 

 - Jess takes over clan as Lunas, then Tamakair, then Espadas
 - Clotho joins as a 24, now levels as he gains pk exp.

 - Exc presence fades from the masses last month

 - Fer suffers from withdrawal and becomes alcoholics (leader note)

 - Dre goes to bootcamp, Brad leads as Leader and #2...

Updated 24 Oct 2005 @ 6:02pm by Vortok


/ Interview: Jess - Vortok \__________________________________________________
Interview: Jason (Vortok) & Jess (Matanza, Leader of Catarrh)

You wonder 'How long have you led Catarrh?'
Matanza says 'About a month I think.  Since Art and Daniel got
leadership spots in Arcanes.'
You wonder 'Is this your first time leading an org?'
Matanza shakes his head.
Matanza says 'I've led in countless clans, never any peaceful
organizations though.'
You say 'What are some of the previous positions you've held with
clan leaderships'
Matanza says 'I was Number 1 and Leader of the failure of a clan
Highlanders, number 2 of Daemonite, I think I was 2 in Merida for a
short time before those clans got nuked, led Ophanim, led Scorn, led
Excordis, Maleficae, and now Catarrh.'
You say 'Ah, I was in Merida back in the day, and Illuminati'
Matanza says 'Illuminati ruled'
Matanza says 'Mostly because Jordan and I owned it up on our 15s'
You say 'I made an 18, when 18s were used, remember that?'
Matanza says 'vaguely, people hated 18s because they could jump 15s
but couldn't be jumped by 24s'
Matanza says '18s spawned the level 20 Paladins, who COULD be jumped,
and it caused a lot of grief'
You wonder 'What brought you into pk and how long have you been
Matanza seems to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Matanza says 'I found this mud about 9 years ago, and made a pkiller
as my first character.. Figured killing other players would be better
than whatever the alternative was.'
Matanza says 'At first I didn't like the game, but I went back due to
boredom a couple weeks later and actually got through pre-auth, and
then sort of got addicted'
Matanza says 'I'd get to level 5, and then I would be killed by some
random level 9, looted/buried, and be stuck with no idea of what to
do next, so I'd make a new character'
Matanza says 'This went on for about a year, every day making a new
character (sometimes two if it was a weekend), and every day getting
buried and looted'
Matanza says 'I joined Brujah for a short time with a mage I actually
got to 21, but when he got kicked out for no av, I changed to 
peaceful so I could actually get one of these level 50 characters.'
Matanza says 'That was when I leveled Trinda, who only lasted as a
peaceful for a few months before I turned her.. After the vtm clans
were nuked, I played lowbie in Illuminati for a while, until James
took over Merida'
Matanza says 'At which point I turned my peaceful thief deadly and
began avpk, been here ever since (except for the times when I quit
the mud)'
Matanza says 'I think I've been involved in avpk for about 5 years? 
Maybe more, time sort of stopped counting after 2'
You wonder 'What made you take the challenge of becoming a clan
Matanza says 'sorry i got distracted, my 4 year old niece just got
3rd place in a mario kart race'
Matanza says 'she usually drives backwards or something'
You laugh.
Matanza says 'Catarrh I logged on one day to find out I was leader,
I didn't particularly want to lead, but whatever I've accepted it'
Matanza says 'The first time..'
Matanza says 'I'd pkilled for a while, I had leveled up a real thief
and a few other characters.  I'm not exactly sure what made me want
to lead, but it was just something I thought I'd enjoy.  I got that
chance when Highlanders was created'
Matanza says 'Over time, the novelty wore off and it became more of a
responsibility thing.  When new clans came, I was already an
established leader and there simply weren't enough qualified people
to take control of clans'
Matanza says 'With this current set of clans (minus Feralis plus
Vodikem) I wasn't actually a leader out of the gates'
Matanza says 'I ended up taking over Excordis shortly before
Artifacts came in through tactics I'm not particularly proud of, poor
poor mike :('
You wonder 'What has been your greatest challenge since you have
taken the position?'
Matanza says 'I'm one of the few leaders who doesn't turn a blind eye
to spies.  I think the greatest challenge for me is identifying and
outcasting spy characters.'
Matanza says 'I've tried keeping a manual roster in the past, but
when you take over leadership and the clan has 250 members, it's kind
of hard to figure it out'
You wonder 'What is your take on newbs in clans?  Does your clan
induct newbs?  If so, how many are you currently training?'
Matanza says 'My personal take is it's better to spread newbies
around to all the clans than to put them all in one (Vodikem).'
Matanza says 'I wanted to induct Trappannix, but didn't because at
the time, Catarrh had numbers in every pk, and I didn't want to
further unbalance that'
Matanza says 'Currently I don't think we house any pkill newbies,
not extreme newbies anyway'
Matanza says 'That Diabolos guy plays like a newbie, but in truth he
just sucks'
You roll on the floor laughing hysterically.
Matanza winks suggestively.
You wonder 'What is your opinion on the current state of pkill?'
Matanza says 'I could go on for hours about what is wrong with pkill
right now.  Instead I will simply say I believe we have been going in
the wrong direction for a few years now.  I will elaborate.'
Matanza says 'The biggest issue hasn't been getting new pkillers,
it's been keeping the older pkillers.  I myself just returned after 8
months of not playing, people are leaving all the time.'
Matanza says 'With all the changes to pkill, we've always been
thinking "this will bring in new people", but in truth it won't.
People aren't going to pkill if they aren't into fighting players,
it's not a matter of "it looks too hard"'
Matanza says 'It's a matter of "that is not my style of gameplay".
No matter how much you sugarcoat it, the base action is still combat
against other players.'
Matanza says 'PKC should have been focusing on changes to bring back
old pkillers, while at the same time making it easier on new pkillers
Matanza says 'I also think the state of the MUD in general affects
the state of pkill'
Matanza says 'For every 100 new players the MUD gets, pkill will get
Matanza says 'If the MUD isn't growing, pkill has no way to grow'
Matanza says 'With all the recent voting craze, we've already seen
several new pkillers, people who are brand new to the MUD and have
made pkillers because that's more their style (sort of like when I
was a newbie)'
You wonder 'What are you and/or your clan doing to promote pk, if
anything at all?'
Matanza says 'Besides not looting newbies or ghetto, the best you can
really do to help a newbie is give him links, directions, or advice
over wartalk.'
You wonder 'What are your goals for Catarrh?'
Matanza says 'I don't really lead with goals.  I'd like to get
Artifacts back into the clan (we currently hold none), but I don't
know if I'd call that a "goal"'
Matanza exclaims 'Oh, wait!  I do have a goal!'
Matanza says 'I have been trying to convince Ceirana to give the
Catarrh shop the sinful chocolate cake.'
Matanza says 'I am responsible for Excordis getting cookies
(thanks Moonbeam), but so far I have had no luck with the cake for
You say 'I'll be sure she reads this article'
You say 'I can get her to put these in your shop forever...'
You get a slice of Vortok's birthday cake from a tattered backpack.
You give a slice of Vortok's birthday cake to Matanza.
You say 'only a cool clan will sell Vortok cakes'
Matanza utters the words, 'oculogzqgruhz'.
Twisting veins of venoms issue from Matanza's fingertips.
Matanza gives you a slice of Vortok's birthday cake.
You say 'only a cool clan will sell Vortok cakes'
You look around suspiciously, then scarf down a slice of Vortok's 
birthday cake.
You choke and gag.
You say 'Ok, some controversial questions coming up.  These questions
are simply your opinion, not that of your clan, or pk in general, and
the readers will see this comment.'
You shiver and suffer.
You wonder 'In your opinion, what is the weakest clan, and why do you
feel this is the case?'
Matanza says 'It's a difficult thing to answer.. Initially one might
say Excordis, due to their large number of members with low damage
roll.  But then you realize that they're out there every day
fighting, trying to get better.'
Matanza says 'Then you look at Maleficae, where they have some pretty
buff leaders, but they are not nearly as active as Excordis.'
Matanza says 'it's kind of a tossup, really'
You shiver and suffer.
You wonder 'In your opinion, what is the strongest clan, and why do
you feel this is the case?'
Matanza says 'Again it LOOKS like an obvious choice, say Feralis
because Marcus has the DR'
You wonder 'but?'
Matanza says 'But when you get Brad and Chas on fighting with Mal, or
you get David, Art, and me fighting with Catarrh, and everything
You nod solemnly.
You feel less sick.
You wonder 'What are your opinions about the productivity of the
current PKC?'
Matanza says 'I think PKC has a lot of members who shouldn't be on
PKC.  People who post stupid ideas that seem to lack any coherent
thought.  After the other day with Kinux, it made me wonder why some
of these people are representing pkill.'
You say 'I asked that same question that night.'
You say 'I'm still wondering why nothing has been done about it.'
Matanza says 'I can't speak for the current PKC completely, as I'm
not a member,'
Matanza says 'But when I was leading, if we had an idea that we could
put through, we did it.  Jordan and I decided to come up with clan eq
stats/names, we sat in the PKC room for four hours and did it.'
Matanza says 'When Artifacts were taking too long, we mudmailed
Blodkai and got them in within 24 hours (Ophanim/Scorn era)'
Matanza says 'I just don't see that kind of initiative being taken by
PKC members these days'
You say to Matanza, 'I'm still wondering why you aren't on PKC?'
Matanza says 'I've been asked'
Matanza wonders 'The primary reason is exactly what I just stated..
The current members are a joke.  How many of the members of PKC right
now are actively involved in more than just voting on notes?'
Matanza says 'While I don't disagree that there have been issues in
the past with TS, it comes down to the individual member's
contributions.  I feel TS needs a deadly voice to say things like
"two handed will break pk" or "charge will break pk"'
Matanza says 'Despite the fact that both two handed and Barbarians 
skipped TS, they were projects done exclusively by immortals, it is
an example.'
You say 'those are things we can always undo on the pk side'
Matanza says 'Yeah, but that requires code changes.  If someone is
there at the ground level saying "this idea should not be denied, but
should be changed so it doesn't unbalance pkill", then we're cutting
down on OVERALL code time.'
Matanza says 'Back to the topic of bringing in more players to the
MUD in general, if I'm working with TS on general mud issues, then
I'm helping make the MUD a better place, not just pkill.'
You wonder 'On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate immortal support
to the PK community, and why?'
Matanza says 'That question needs to be preceded with how would I
rate the immortal respect BY the PK community, because that leads
into the answer.'
Matanza says 'I do know that getting immortals to turn deadly is not an
easy task. The general arguments about channel laws all go into the 
lack of respect a lot of pkillers give immortals'
Matanza says 'And then they [pkillers] turn around and bitch about why
we haven't seen code changes in months.'
Matanza says 'Conran and Kinux recently worked one night and got our
truesight potions working, simply because they were asked to on
wartalk and had some spare time.'
Matanza says 'I think current immortal support of pkill is extremely
low, but I think it's because of things like PKC having poor
representation, and the general state of wartalk.'
You wonder 'i have company over, so i need to run, that was the last
question anyone... is there anything else at all you would like to
see added to this interview?'
Matanza says 'CAKE FOR CATARRH'
You say 'note for Ceirana :p'
You say 'ok, thanks for the time Jess.'
Matanza twirls in a graceful pirouette.


/ Class: Druids - Genge \_____________________________________________________

 Druids are RoD's Jack-of-all-trades. They do everything pretty well, but 
don't do anything clearly the best. They get good hp, a plethora of skills,
and two alpha attacks. They can tank, hit, heal, and spell up - they're just
not usually the best at any of those things. Still, they're nice to have
around - particularly if you're too lazy to log alts to take care of various
tasks. If you want to save some time reading what's below: they essentially
get every single spell and skill except portal and midas touch. 


  - Boannaich Nadur: 15% resist cold/elec/fire
  - Dance of Vines: 10% resist cold/fire/elec, stacks with Boannaich
  - Depuinsean: 10% Resist poison
  - Dion: Protect
  - Sgorr Craiceann: 10% resist blunt, -wis*2 ac
  - Sylvan Mist: -wis ac to group
  - Sylvan Shell: -wis ac


  - Ceangail Nadur: Curse
  - Dall Loisg: Blind
  - Dorn Nadur: Decent alpha attack, blunt damtype, wis based
  - Ice Storm: Primary room attack
  - Puinsean: Poison
  - Wisteria: -4 dex, -100 max moves


  - Abrar Beathach: Summons an owl. Requires a rabbit carcass.
  - Asgaidh Nadur: Remove curse
  - Ceoban: Passdoor
  - Ciall: Scry 
  - Create Food: Creates a magic mushroom
  - Create Spring: Creates a mystical spring
  - Faic Puinsean: Detect Poison 
  - Firinn Faic: Truesight
  - Fireshield: Stock fireshield
  - Fly: Stock fly spell
  - Hide: Stock hide skill
  - Iceshield: Stock iceshield
  - Invis: Stock invis spell
  - Ioc Dall: Cure blind 
  - Ioc Puinsean: Cure posion 
  - Luths Nadur: +2 str
  - Nadur Ciall: Detect invis/hidden/magic
  - Nadur Dion: Sanctuary 
  - Oaken Consecration: Bless, dependant on wis {5 - 8}
  - Organic Infusion: Wisdom based magic weapon enchantment
  - Mass Invis: Invis, for entire group
  - Refresh: Restores move points
  - Scan: Stock scan
  - Shockshield: Stock shockshield
  - Slainte: Wis based healing 
  - Sleep: Stock sleep spell.
  - Sneak: Stock Sneak
  - Track: Stock track
  - Word of Recall: Stock recall spell.

Druids' combat skills break down as follows:
 - Bludgeons:     95
 - Pugilism:      90
 - Talonous:      70
 - Enhanced Dam:  80
 - Second attack: 95
 - Third attack:  90
 - Fourth attack: 65
 - Rescue:        95
 - Parry:         95
 - Parry:         95
 - Disarm:        95
 - Two handed:    25 

 So, what do you _really_ use a druid for? Well, mostly they're used as tanks
for mobs that deal mostly elemental damge - note the 95 dodge/parry and heavy
elemental resists. Admittedly, they do drop more potions than vampires, but on
some mobs the hp saved by the resists makes up for it. They can also hit while
tanking if you time things correctly. Fire breath has only 4 beats of lag, as 
spiral, so if you breathe right after you quaff your hp up you can do extra
damage with no noticable impact on your tanking ability. They're also capable
of curing the blindness of group members whose truesight runs, and respelling
eshields if a stave breaks. They have the highest rescue adept rate in the game
as well, making them quite accurate in their attempts to save people.
 Because they have so many skills, druids are also very good for exploring. 
They have both scry and scan, track, several skills to make markers, etc. - and
they can take care of any ailments that might happen along the way, and survive
if they run into an unexpected mobile. They actually have even more skills, but
I didn't list them all because I'm sure you get the picture.
 Do you really need a druid? Probably not. They're good if you're lazy, but if
you're lazy it's unlikely you'd bother leveling one. Still, if you need a main
with a detect spell - and the ability to avoid illegal pkills, they're a good
choice because it'll save logging alts for common tasks down the line.