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Who stuck the bottle of Meeka's swill you-know-where?

/ Issue 110 - November 2006 \__________________________________________________

   Entertainment / Opinions
     Horoscopes                    - Lita                 HELP CRY2-5
     Halloween Wizlist             - Various              HELP CRY6
   Organization News
     Ringbearers                                          HELP CRY7
     Half-Ogres                                           HELP CRY8
     Gnomes                                               HELP CRY9
     Elves                                                HELP CRY10
     Drow                                                 HELP CRY11
     Halflings                                            HELP CRY12
     Fall Festival                                        HELP CRY13
   General Information
     ExcaneFC                                             HELP CRY14
     Desk of the Editor            - Genge                HELP CRY15
     Publisher's Press             - Alysira              HELP CRY16

                                                                      Page: 001

/ Horoscopes - Lita \_________________________________________________________
   .-.   .-.
  (_  \ /  _)    Aries-  You may find this month to prove a trying one between
       |                 yourself and your friends. It may lead you best to 
       |                 retreat to your home and your clan when things get
       |                 out of hand.
    .     . 
   (       )    Taurus-  This month may find you a bit more moody then usual.
    \.___./              Try to take romantic moments in stride, and enjoy
     :   :               them for what they are. This month may be better to 
      :_:                spend more time catching up with friends instead.
      | |        Gemini- Although gold makes the Realm go 'round, it might
      | |                make yours come to a screeching halt if you're not
     _|_|_               careful. Chances are you'll find yourself having to 
    '     '              chose between quality time, or making a little gold.
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/ Horoscopes - Lita \_________________________________________________________
     /   _`.     Cancer- It seems like romance has been playing a lot in your
    (_) ( )              realm. You may find yourself torn between your head
   '.    /               and your heart. Don't be afraid to take control of
     `--'                the situations that arise, Cancer.
     (    )       Leo-   Enjoy the time you have to spend with a partner this
    (_)  /               month. It is a good time to get to know each other a
        (.:              bit better, and to grow closer through strict atten-
                         tiveness to their needs.
  ' `:--.--. -.
     |  |  |' ;   Virgo- November is your month to clean up or clean out. 
     |  |  |.'           Feeling cluttered or claustrophobic? Clean house, and
     |  | ,|             don't look back! This is your chance to clear the air
         :.'             in your home life and romantic affairs.
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/ Horoscopes - Lita \_________________________________________________________
   ___.'  '.___   Libra- This is your month to enjoy yourself, but try to find
   ____________          ways to do it without having to dig too deeply into 
                         your coin purse. Be fun, but try to be thrifty!
  ' `:--.--.
     |  |  |      Scorpio- You might find your family not to be too kind this
     |  |  |             month, in fact they will probably be a great cause
     |  |  |  ^          of distress. Steer clear, and spend time with your
           `--'          friends.
          .':     Sagittarius- Book yourself into a spa, or take a long walk
        .'               in the forest or along a peaceful brook to revive
    --.;--               your spirit, and sparkle again. Let the peace of
    .'                   your surroundings revamp your self-confidence and 
Continued...                                                          Page: 004

/ Horoscopes - Lita \_________________________________________________________
    \      /_)    Capricorn- The sun and the moon are at odds this month, 
     \    /`.            which means you should steer clear of the shops.
      \  /   ;           Try to avoid (at all costs) parting with your gold
       \/ ._.'           and spend some quality time with your dear ones.
 .-"-._.-"-._.-   Aquarius- You may find yourself feeling somewhat overwhelmed
 .-"-._.-"-._.-          with your responsibilities to family and friends. Be
                         sure to hold your temper and try to take a hematite
                         stone with you to keep you balanced.
      -.    .-   
        :  :     Pisces- The sun and the moon may cause you havoc as well this
        :--:             month. Try to participate in calming, soothing
        :  :             activities to settle your nerves again. Take some
      -'    `-           personal time for yourself as often as possible.
(End)                                                                 Page: 005

/ Creepy Wizlist - Various \__________________________________________________
                             THE HALLOWEEN WIZLIST

                              Bleedmond, Nightvek
               Jaconrantern, Pumpkinux, Scairana, Gravestoneheft
                               Demonstre, Lorkill
                 Alyscarea, Romummyani, Shadowrack, Darspiderin
                             Gremlinda, Hallowpuis
          Ghoulnil, Akahell, Eeeek!on, Rhadawolfmanthus, Cappaghostius
                   HernetedHouse, Screamatha, Tricortreatops

                         For use in the Cry of Despair,
               as envisioned by Excane, Ceirana, Akael and Gonnil
(End)                                                                 Page: 006

/ Ringbearers News - Lita \___________________________________________________
 /                                                     /__  \
 |                 Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!                  |(_\ /
 |                                                     |-`-'
 |             Ringbearers would like to               |
 |                 officially welcome                  |
 |                                                     |
 |                                                     |
 |                      Alihan                         |
 |                                                     |____
 |                                                     |__( \
 |                                                      \    /
(End)                                                                 Page: 007

/ Half-Ogre News \____________________________________________________________
From the Opallinoc News Bureau -
Dateline the Northern Plains - Mad Dogs loose
The Northern Plains are becoming more and more dangerous to be in. Besides the
normal hordes of barbarians running amok, the baboon like Julajimis, Shadow
Stalker and the Yeti wanderer, recently the legendary Gorog's watchdog was
turned loose. Whole battalions of mercenary Avatars were laid to waste. Corpses
littered parts of the Plains like confetti at Solstice Fest. The dog was
finally chased out and into the Southern Mountains. 

Dateline Darkhaven - New Quendi Leader Recognition
The Uruk'hai officially give recognition to Anabaena as reigning leader of the
Quendi. There is hope of new trade and prosperity among the Uruk'hai and old
animosities put aside. Discussions with Quendi representatives are looked for.

Dateline Opallinoc - Solstice Fest
Hear Ye!! The Solstice Fest Committee is seeking entertainers and vendors
for the Fest. This year we are trying something different. The sottish brawl
of previous fests will no longer be tolerated. The repair bills from the last 
"party"  are still coming in. This puts a strain on the Uruk'hai treasury and
the Opallinoc defenses. Yeah, you know who was passed out on guard duty
And you know who stuck the bottle of Meeka's swill you know where.
Hapuka, the Uruk'hai Shaman, was exhausted after curing last Fest's carnage.
Please return all souvenir teeth to the proper owners. Gumming food is bad.
(End)                                                                 Page: 008

/ Gnome News \________________________________________________________________
                                  Nidaros News
Fall harvest went well though the crop of carrots was oddly small this year
however we seem to have an over abundance of turnips and it has been agreed to
send a shipment of them to the Pixie Nation in trade.
Winter has set in early this year as most of you know the snow is already knee
deep in places in the Vale where the weather shields are weaker. Do use
caution when traveling out near the meadow outside the gates, several
younglings have had to be rescued already.
                                  Council News
Several council position positions and jobs remain open in the city and due to
the illness of our Nations Wisdom, that seat needs filling immediately so
please contact Farlina to apply.
There are many positions open in the Military, the Counsel and in the city
itself.  The city of Nidaros is wonderfully designed and full of surprises so
be sure to explore and see what the city has to has offer.
                                    Bot News
Yes, the bots are still botting nicely!
(End)                                                                 Page: 009

/ Elf News \__________________________________________________________________
New events and drastic changes twirls on the Isle of Irrybis, like many leaves
caught in swirling autumn-winds.  Joining the restless murmurs of the cold
breeze blowing through slowly drying leaves, the whispers and songs 
of the elves fills Arborlon with melodic rumors, at times filling ones heart
with hope, at other moments, like mourning complaints, filling ones heart with
sadness and doubts.
The rumors has it that Aran Gildeth would have disappeared into the fogs. With
his recent disappearance, Anabaena has stepped up to the position of Tari,
Queen of the elves. This will be no easy job, however, and the populations
reaction to it is very mixed.  Some say the Tari cant even read or write,
other replies the kindness of her heart is what really counts.
Another rumor mention Annale would have recently awaken from a very long, deep
sleep and is accusing Yoshio, a friend and guest of Arborlon, for putting her
in such a state. Annale discussed the matter directly with the new Tari
Anabaena may soon be forced to make a heart breaking decision, having to
believe either Annale for whom she has great respect  or  Yoshio Verdani, a
long time friend.

While Gildeth has disappeared, the fogs off the coast of the island have not.
Megiltura Sotei had soon put the two new ships of the Arborlon navy to the
test and investigate these strange fogs. When a suspicious vessel is seen
during a scouting expedition, Sotei and Anabaena both decide they will
personally go on the next voyage, hoping to either find traces of Gildeth, or
demystified what lies within the fogs.
(End)                                                                 Page: 010

/ Ilythiiri News \____________________________________________________________
The Valsharess, Suliss del Veldrin'Velve, wishes to convey her congratulations
to Matanza on his ascension from the mortal plane.  Now that he dwells among
demons and servants of the Higher Gods, perhaps he will finally feel at home.
Alzeria has undertaken her first foray up to the Surface in the aim of
procuring certain trade goods and magical objects.  This is but another stage
in her development and training as the heir to Veldrin'Velve.  It is hoped
that one day she will be powerful enough to assume control of the House.
Additionally, there is word among the city's elite Houses that Alzeria has
taken a consort.  Whether it has been made official is unknown, but it is
believed to be one Illisiro, a houseless, unranked male.  No one from the
Ruling House was willing to comment on how the Valsharess might feel about
this afront.
There is a rumor circulating that there is a rogue drow necromancer - female,
no less - at large upon the Surface.  It is unclear what is truth and what is
fiction, however, there is talk that she is raising an army of undead.  It is
It is unknown whether she follows the rule of Lloth, however, it is felt by
the Temple priestesses that she does not.
And finally, there is an unknown illness affecting the city's rothe herds.  A
mass cull (and offering to Lloth) will be held in order to appease the Goddess
and hopefully remedy the situation.
(End)                                                                 Page: 011

/ Halfling News \_____________________________________________________________
Hello Realms! I, Kadgeon Silverblood, am happy to announce that I am the new
leader of the halflings! I will be posting an IC sort of note on the Nations
board soon for those of you interested.
Also I will be contacting each of the NLs with possible rp ideas so that the
halflings may start to interact with the other Nations, but please be patient
with me for I cannot do this all in one day.
If you are a halfling, or have a halfling alt and you have RP ideas please,
please come to me or post a note on the HT board. I will welcome any and all
suggestions. Also I am in the process of making a halfling web page so for
those of you with notes on the HT board please send me a mudmail or email at with permission to put your notes on the site. 
This is all for this month, however if you have anything you wish to  be
placed in this monthly article that deals with our Nation please mudmail me
before the deadline.
(End)                                                                 Page: 012

/ Fall Festival - Romani \____________________________________________________
                                            .__ ._       \_.          
                                     _, _.  '  \/   \.-  /            
                                      \/     .-_`   // |/     \,      
                     .-""""-.          \.   '   \`. ||  \.-'  /       
                    /        \        .-.`-(   _/\ ./ \\//,-' >-'   ._,
                   |          |   .__/   `. \.   ' /   ) ./  / __._/  
         \ '\    .  \   /     \\/        ._/`-.`  \ .'.' .'---./__   ' 
    \__  '\ ) \._/   `-.__. ` \\_. '   .---.  \     /  /  ,   `  `    
  --'  \\  ): // \,            `-.`__.'     `- \  /   / _/-.---.__.- . 
     _.-`.'/ /'\_, ._     >--.-""'____.--"`_     '   /.'..' \   \   _/`
 ,--'/.-. ^.   .-.--.  ` _/    _//     ./   _..   .'  `.    \ \    |_.
    /' | >.   ' | \._.-       '    _..'  `.' . `.       )    | |\  `          
  ./ \ \'  )  | /  \     \_..  .--'    ,\ \_/`  :    )  (`-. `.|`\\            
   \'  / ,-.  | ` ./`  ._/ `\\'.--.,-((  `.`.__ |   _/   \    |)  `--._/`     
______'\ __|  | __________  //'  //  _)   )/-._`.  (,-')  )  / \_.    /\. _____
           :  |      _.  /   ..-\ _    _/ \_.  \ `\    \_ `---.-'__   
        . /  `-   _.'        /   `   _/|       |  /`     `-,,-----.`-.
            '  .:'          '`      ' ;,       | `      | //        `\_,
              '                         \.     |        |/\_.        ./
          .,\     Saturday              `:     |  .:    |  `          `
        ;'     November 4, 2006           .  / (.   .   | _.-.._      
      / '      Fall Festival             _.---../        :'   \ -'         
 .:.;        All RP'ers and RP     _.-'_.)     ` `-.`---.,_.    
:-           Curious are welcome    .--""   . '  ) `.` .__`-.___
(End)                                                                 Page: 013

/ Advertisement: ExcaneFC - Excane \__________________________________________
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ExcaneFC (We do text-based chicken right). Then someone actually sent me a tell
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(End)                                                                 Page: 014

/ Desk of the Editor - Genge \________________________________________________
  I'm sorry to say that this is frankly the worst CoD I have ever seen. Only 
one of the writers was bothered to submit an article. Alysira and I even waited
an extra few days for late entries, but nothing has come. Worse, I hear several
good ideas for articles from interested people every month, but afterwards I 
never hear from the would-be writer again. I'd like very much to remedy this, 
but unfortunately my perspective of the CoD has been that of the Editor for 
over a year, and Alysira's has been that of Publisher for a long while as well.
We cannot see things from the perspective of writers or readers, so I ask for 
your help. Mudmail us suggestions on what we can do to make the CoD better. 
Suggestions for articles, ways to motivate writers, any positive criticism will
be taken into account. 

Those of you who think you are oh-so-clever and are presently planning to write
"LAWL COD SUX" and mudmail it to us can be assured that we don't care what the
illiterate have to say. We also think you're fat. Fatty.

For those of you who actually care enough to submit a real suggestion and have 
it accepted, we'll reward with gold or some such thing. We've had some really
great CoD's recently, and I'd like to get that momentum going again.
 - Genge
(End)                                                                 Page: 015

/ Publisher's Press - Alysira \_______________________________________________


I know I said I was leaving the CoD, but sometimes things come up and you
find yourself being the only person willing to do it again. So, hi there!

The staff are going to be working hard over the next few months bringing you
a fantastic Cry, but we can't do it ourselves. We need you, the readers, to
tell us what you want to read and what you want to see. This is YOUR Cry of
Despair. I know I screwed things up in the past, and I'm sorry, but it won't
happen again. You have my word on that.

As of next month, quests will be in the Cry again. I do believe the format
of these quests are changing, so keep your eyes open!

So please, send me a tell even if you're just _thinking_ about writing for
us, or if you have the slightest idea of an article you'd like to read. I'm
very approachable, really! I'm just not in the best time zone. So MUDmail,
tell, e-mail ( or anything, I'd be thrilled to talk to you
for as long as you want. This is YOUR Cry, help to make it grow!


(End)                                                                 Page: 016