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The Construction of the Northern Road and the Acquisition of Funds

News #101 posted by Duke Luther on 09/23/02.

As it has been deemed by the citizens of Darkhaven that the Western and Eastern Roads are in excellent repair and of use in the commerce of the land, we have begun the plan for a Northern Road.

Since the coffers of the Duchy are not limitless, my collector of taxes will travel the street accepting donations from benefactors for this endeavor.

All those merchants and adventurers who use these roads are encouraged to generously donate in support of this endeavor.

Those who donate will be commemorated in a plaque for their generosity in spreading peace and prosperity through the lands. Benefactors will be listed in order of donation from least to greatest, while those who donate the same amount will be organized by their placement in the alphabet. Donations should only be given in increments of one million coins. Higher amounts will be accepted, yet only considered one donation.