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Dark Pact

News #1072 posted by Gwaenn on 11/25/16.

At long last the Neverborn have heeded the sacrifices of the Nephandi. The
cries of our victims are like sweet melodies to their ears and we have been
rewarded for our work. Some abilities are improved while others grow new.

Among the improvements are:
Quickening will last longer and affect dodge in addition to dexterity.
Nihil will cost less mana to cast.
Chains of agony will now hit more often.
Qlippothic shift will now be cast quicker.
The experience needed for all Nephandi to advance in level is now decreased.

A new spell has been gained by each race that is Nephandi:
Malfean Lash - Human
Hellstones - Drow
Stream of Darkness - Gith
Wings of Fury - Pixie
Wyld Fire - Dragonborn

For all those who wish to learn the new spells of their races, visit me in my
dwelling in the wretched hive of filth known as Salburg. I look forward to
our meeting, where you can learn secrets which will help us rid the earth of
this plague of life. Thanks to those who convened with Destre to channel our
requests into the darkness and to those beyond who implemented this glory.