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Helter Skelter - Update

News #239 posted by Moonbeam on 03/29/03.


The mud is being turned into a giant arena, your characters are not being turned into deadlies.

This is very temporary, if it lasts longer then an hour it's because you are all enjoying it, think of it as a big fun quest and no we aren't giving out glory.

This isn't meant to tick you off it's just something for fun so please try and see it that way.

We are going through a lot of testing prior to this to account for any possible problems

If you own a bot it's suggested you log it off, if the bot is still on while in Helter Skelter mode it would be uber cool if people didn't knowingly attack them. Again this is meant to be enjoyable not abusing.

I don't know about the multi rules yet I would like to assume that standard pkill multi rules will apply but I will confirm or deny that later