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Update on Helter Skelter

News #240 posted by Moonbeam on 03/30/03.

You will disarm and zap to inventory as you do in the arena

You will not scrap containers

Multying is not allowed as is standard pkill rules. If you are caught multiplaying through this event I will bring the full wrath of my anger upon you and I don't mean that in a fun way

You can only pkill within 5 levels of yourself and while that also includes levels 51-54 for avatars I ask that you do not attack immortals and if you do read what will happen to you if you multi for that applies here as well.

There will be no timers for pkillers or peacefuls

You will not require Cr's as you will 'respawn' when you die, wearing all of your eq.

There will be no looting for anyone

Honor will work ( I demand reciprocation for listening to your rampant begging)