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The passing of a Goddess

News #40 posted by Ofcol Town Crier on 07/13/02.

It is with a somber heart that I proclaim, on this the Day of Thunder, 3rd the Month of Nature, on the moist earth of our Village the lifeblood of a goddess was spilled. Earlier in the night, a being known as Pseulak appeared in town. She spoke blasphemously of our gods and beseeched others to follow it. When a suitable crowd had gathered, Pseulak lashed out and killed all within reach. Wave after wave of hero threw themselves at Pseulak, but with each blow Pseulak returned more powerful. After the battle was waged for an hour, the goddess Nae'trelle, fair in her beauty, arrived and came to our aid. She healed and blessed those who fled the battle. But then Pseulak slipped from the battle and came face to face with the goddess. A harsh exchanges of words flew between them. Then suddenly, Pseulak lashed out with a wicked sharp claw and slit the throat of Nae'trelle. The ground shook with her death keen as her blood poured to the earth. As the quake increased their was a blinding light and all was silent. When the light subsided, the corpse of Nae'trelle was gone. All that remained was Pseulak and half a dozen of her demonic minions. Pseulak fled, leaving the demons to cover his retreat.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of the Goddess of Innocence. Farewell Nae'trelle.