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An unfortunate incident

News #42 posted by Priest of Volarh on 07/14/02.

In a vision, my god has spoken to me. Heed my words, followers of Volarh and those blasphemers who follow weak gods. A time has come for the Lesser Gods to rise! The Greater Gods ignore us. They spurn our sacrifices. Our cries fall on deaf ears. And for what? To watch as minor deities are slain by inferior beings? A time has come for a change in order. My god, Volarh offered his hand to his brother Ch'Aranol only to have it slapped away. My god's servant, Vorus, then dealt with the upstart in the only fitting manner possible, death.

Come. Follow a god with vision, a god who will not be weak in this time of strife. Submit to the will of Volarh.