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The fall of Rol na Feinne

News #480 posted by RnF on 09/09/04.

The winds of change breathe a bitter tale about the fall of Rol Na Feinne....

At first the common folk were perplexed over the withering crops and babes blighted at birth. Many talisman were fashioned and worn close to troubled hearts but these gave neither peace nor reprieve from what was upon them. It was soon discovered the curse of Set had crept up from the bowels of the castle and laid claim to the keep of Lo'Kier. It was not long before the massive stones of the castle's foundation crumbled into dust and once verdant lands decayed into a barren of sickly brown vegetation. Plump livestock dwindled to hide bound skeletons and fell to their knees lowing in distress before death silenced their frightful pleas. And the people fled. All except those who were lain upon the pyres where the flames feasting on their lifeless forms sent oily smoke to blacken the heavens.

Eventually even the stalwart Fis was unable to endure the death of the Azure Rose and with the curse of Set eating at his heart the dragon disappeared into the belly of Raven Tor, there to fall into a deathlike slumber. Even in the depths of this torpor he well knew the castle of Lo'Kier was no more.