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Traitorous Vorus

News #50 posted by Priest of Volarh on 08/06/02.

In a vision, I saw my god wail in anger as he discovered an artifact of power had been stolen from him. He suspected the only one debauched enough to attempt this was the God of Sins, Er'res. Volarh descended from the heavens to locate Er'res and regain his artifact. He found Er'res in search of the Ultimate Sin, which had gone missing from the heavens. The former disciple of my God, Vorus, appeared to Er'res and Volarh. Vorus disclosed that the artifacts has been shattered and buried deep within the ground. Before the deities could react, Vorus was gone. The gods sought out mortals to obtain the shattered remains of their lost artifacts. A group of twenty completed these tasks swiftly, upturning the earth around the Abattoir Asylum. But Vorus was sly, even moreso that the gods of thievery and sin. He poisoned the fragments with foul magick. Upon their assembly, the immortal powers of Er'res and Volarh were drained. As their powers vanished, the gods made men went mad. They struck at those who had brought them the fragments. The mortals were forced to slay the mortal remains of my god and Er'res. I report this with great sadness, for my purpose in the world is no more. This is the last entry I will pen before my self-inflicted demise. Farewell.