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My failure

News #53 posted by The Sage of the Mountain on 08/12/02.

My foolishness this day has greatly cost the Realms. A pregnant matron who I now know by the name Lady Yul, approached me in disguise and sold me poisoned provisions, which I offered up to the goddess Vaiza. The powerful poisons overcame the goddess, but she seemed still to live. As I searched frantically through Kontaur trying to find an antidote, a man approached me and queried as to my frantic state. I told him of the horrible fate that had befallen my goddess. Upon relating the symptions, he straightaway knew a means to remedy her condition. But the items laid too far apart for me to find them alone, so I beseeched those of Darkhaven for aid. Straight away they came to me with the ingredients and I did mix them swiftly. But the antidote was not an antidote at all, but a more powerful poison. Combined the two poisons overcame Vaiza and she admonished me with her last breath. The strange man appeared, proclaimed his name as Wakshaa and told us that he and the Lady Yul would return for all of us once the gods were fallen.

I do not understand this. It makes no sense. Surely the gods will not ignore us in this time of need? Why do they not strike at these horrid beings? Are we no longer worthy? What will become of us? I fear my questions will not be answered until it is too late.