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News #59 posted by Oisin on 08/16/02.

Though the halls of our Castle are oft filled with excitement, nothing I have seen in my short years compares to the acts I have seen this night.

The foul Orc Grishnakh challenged King Anmect to a duel. Believing his foe to have lost all immortal power, Anmect readily accepted. An ethereal wall was erected to separate the combatants from the gathering crowd. The match was even at first, until Grishnakh unveiled the truth behind his charade. His immortal powers remained intact and he slowly began to use them to crush his for King Anmect. Wracked with pain and beaten to a pulp, Anmect refused to yield to the taunt and torture of the great Orc.

Then, through the crowd, stepped Entropen. He proclaimed himself the servant of Khaloobh the Voracious and stepped through the ethereal barrier. He challenged Grishnakh, who charged into the fray. Easily avoiding this charge, Entropen struck Grishnakh from behind, levelling the Orc in one blow. The Dark Knight ordered Grishnakh to his knees and ordered him to beg for his life. The Orc only spat blood at the Knight's feet. Entropen struck again and Grishnakh, tears welling in his eyes, begged his mother for forgiveness. With that, Entropen beheaded Grishnakh, departing before the head of the mighty Orc finished rolling across the floor.

But then, unexpectedly, from the corpse sparks arose and an elven man formed.