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Code port

News #831 posted by Nivek on 10/26/09.

We recently ported several code changes here is a synoposis of some of the things that we have brought over. The following were coded by Nivek: 1. Some mobs get very protective of any mobs that they are charged to protect. Kill those under their protection at your own risk. As they are likely to be very aggressive in hunting you down. Thanks to Romani for the idea. 2. You can now hold/wear pipes and used them. Thanks to Hurley for the idea. 3. Your Constitution now helps reduce the damage you take. This will be based on your level and Con. Thanks to Gauthyr for the idea. 4. The gold command now shows you how much gold you have in the bank as well. Thanks to Hurley for the idea. 5. Wimpy with no argument now shows you what your current wimpy setting is. To set the wimpy to the default 20% use: wimpy set Thanks to Meekon for the idea. 6. Config +rip can now rest in peace. Since no one uses it, we have remove it. Thanks to Gonnil for the idea. 7. Nations now has an overseer slot. 8. Since we do not auth names with various Capital letters in the name, we removed the ability to capitalize the name at login.

Coded by Lina: 1. Broach / Pick lock will now show you if the lock is already unlocked. Thanks to Bulgroth for the idea.