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Today's crash and downtime

News #847 posted by Conran on 03/22/10.

We suffered an extended crash today during the process of attempting to fix our recent lag issues.

Thankfully most things were reasonably unaffected. Several donation rooms were lost, but were restored with a backup taken at the time of the crash and should not be a problem. If you're missing your donation room, please post a note to the oracle with the details (particularly org details).

Housing doesn't appear to have been affected, but given how it works, it's quite possible that some houses MAY have lost their storage rooms. Again, please let me know if this happens to you and they will be restored.

Barbarian tribe and band details were lost, and have been re-created. Sadly they were not backed up due to an oversight. Their storage rooms remain unaffected. The only thing that you should notice is that the number of kills and deaths has been reset. The North Plains Tribe currently does not exist, but will return shortly.