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Hall of Renown

News #871 posted by Kinux on 08/17/10.

There are many members of the Mortal community who, every day, show total and selfless dedication to this game, if for nothing more than to make one person, often a stranger, happy. These people may be recognized amongst their friends, but often go unnoticed amongst the flood of players.

The Herald Assembly proudly serves as keeper of the Hall of Renown, a listing of all the great players that have over time dedicated themselves to this game in some way. These people will be known as "Heroes", and respected as such.

To nominate someone into the Hall of Renown, draft a mudmail to Romani including the name of the nominee and a short description of their activities or worthiness. This information will assist the Herald Assembly in the judging process.

The deadline for nominees is extended to -- September 1, 2010