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Annual Website Contest

News #876 posted by Kinux on 09/10/10.

The contest will open this week and remain open until the 31st of October. * Limit of one entry (complete website) per organization, open to all guilds, orders and clans (prizes may have to vary for clans?) * Websites must follow the following guidelines: - Appropriate use of images (Images will not be graded on their quality however they must either be original or taken from a free website). - Colors must be complimentary and appealing - Text must be easy to read and in a widely used font - Homepage information must be relevant to both the organization and Realms of Despair - Links must be easy to navigate - Websites must be compatible with multiple browsers (eg. IE, Firefox, Opera, etc) - META tags must include "Realms of Despair" - All pages must be the same style - All pages must be neat and well presented - "Realms of Despair" and "Endless Medieval Enjoyment" are visible on the opening page. Please also take note, we do not want you to purchase your website from a professional designer/template. You can however use any means of creating a site as you wish, eg. Frontpage, straight HTML, Java, etc as long as it complies with the above guidelines.