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Deity Devotion Changes - Renounce

News #881 posted by Murdock on 12/21/10.

A great boon to mortals has been made clear to me today. The deities are finally relaxing their strict grasp on their devotees.

Traditionally, a devotion to a deity requires the mortal to be bound to the deity for at least a 100 year period. With the changing tides and the emerging strife among the three deity pantheons, the deities have become less attentive to the mortals, and have begun to relax their devotion length requirements.

To renounce your deity, you may now visit the deity in person and "renounce" in the room with your deity. However, the deities will not release you from their allegiance unless you hold very low favor and have been abandoned by them. This action will anger the deity, and you should brace yourself for any likely retaliation, especially since you will have no deity to supplicate to.

Whether this will be a permanent or temporary change is unknown to me, but this will undoubtedly make some of you rethink your current devotion path, especially as many of the other deities are beginning to offer new rewards and bestow their favor upon devotees more easily. (I can tell you more about the latest happenings in Asgard, including which deities are giving new rewards. Visit me in New Darkhaven and ask me about the latest news.)

May the Gods Protect and Guide...