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Deity Changes - Part II

News #882 posted by Kinux on 01/08/11.

With the upcoming Cleric upgrade are some changes to the way Deities deal with their devotees. As Murdock has mentioned, Deities are now allowing change in an effort to gain more followers. To help spread the word, Clerics may now choose all deities except Wirawyth, Kardis, Tempus and Grishnakh.

Additionally, Vl'aresch and A'enari will only give favor for visiting them up to the "favored" level. This is enough for purposes of supplication, but if an adventurer wants to become loved by these deities in order to receive the weapon bonuses and other benefits of high favor, he or she must find new methods of gaining favor.

There will be a number of changes coming forward, so please seek out Murdock for updates.

Our thanks to Gonnil, Romani, Stoneheft and Loril for their work trying to re-balance the deity setup.