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Real World Quest

News #896 posted by Kinux on 01/29/11.

Starting February 1, 2011 we are setting forth a challenge to our citizens. For this contest the following steps must be taken to enter:

1. Make a poster to advertise RoD containing the following: * RoD's address: * The quote, "Endless Medieval Enjoyment" * A positive graphic of your own creation * You may use graphics from RoD's website including those located at: or: 2. Display your poster in a public place. * You can display the poster in any public place, please be respectful of the laws when posting the posters. * Hint: Libraries, grocery stores, college campuses, lamp posts, anywhere that you feel would be a good place to show off your love of RoD and invite potential RoD players to come and give us a try. 3. Take a picture of your poster showing where it is displayed. 4. Send your picture to by February 28th, 2011 5. You may have up to 5 entries per person. Each entry must be a different poster in a different place. The more public the place, the higher points earned. Humour value can also earn points. Have fun with this Quest!

If you have any questions, please contact Romani.