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News #912 posted by Kinux on 08/12/11.

Thanks to KaVir, we have added an exciting new prototcol to support MSDP and MXP. This will enable us to have more interactive areas, a Graphic User Interface and other treats in the future. Please see HELP MXP and HELP MSDP2 for information. We plan on releasing a GUI in the near future which will allow you to track room info, stats, health/mana, etc. through graphics in addition to text.

Belkira has been kind enough to add the following code updates: - Sayto while the target is sleeping now returns "They can't hear you." - We've added a number of new object affects (will be released soon) - Updated hp/mana regen affects to not affect chars over maxhp. - affect is updated to show spell durations starting at level 2 - Cleric spell casting mobs (healer mobs) will now remove hex - Many more numerous updates, code cleanups and bug fixes

Conran has fixed a bug with the 'Lead' command, so NC can now use it.

Third Eye has been added again for augurers.