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Code Updates

News #916 posted by Kinux on 10/15/11.

The following code adjustments were made:

- Conditional Object Effects: This new type of object affect will allow for further affect-based bonuses on items depending on the class or race of a player. Idea and coding by Belkira.

- Updated max aliases to be 20. - Code by Gonnil

- Updated class selection process to suggest choosing Barbarians and Deadly classes were advanced options (previously only deadly classes were listed as advanced). - Code by Gonnil

- Updated trance, meditate and commune to be affected by hp/mana/move regeneration affects. This will grant a boost to those skills when regen items are worn. (note: a bug with druid meditate was found. It will be working at next reboot). Idea by Sszanttar, code by Gonnil.

- Updated hint rate to be slightly faster and more consistent - Code by Gonnil

- MSDP Fixes: Fixed gold overflow issue, fixed mob name, fixed xp to next level. - Code adjustments by Belkira, original MSDP Code by KaVir