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Changes to Death Traps

News #918 posted by Kinux on 11/07/11.

Based on both player and Immortal feedback, we have made changes to the way death traps work throughout the Realm. DT's no longer automatically destroy every item a player has when they are hit. Instead, hitting a DT now may either destroy all, or portions, of a players equipment or inventory. Additionally, a number of death traps may simply damage a player's items instead.

All DT's will now leave a corpse, though DT's will vary on what sort of damage they will do to the equipment inside. You may supplicate for your corpse, or request an Immortal CR (at a cost) to retreive your belongings.

In addition to the feedback from both players and Immortals, our thanks go out specifically to the work done by Stoneheft, Gonnil and Belkira on this project.

Word of advice: It's still not a good idea to go running in to a DT.