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Guild Restructuring

News #964 posted by Kinux on 01/29/13.

After much deliberation, we have decided to make adjustments to the way our Guilds are structured. Guilds within RoD have always been a place of learning and have had a strong history of service to the game. This will not change. We will be reconfiguring the way Guilds are grouped. Instead of basing Guilds by class, we will be having fewer Guilds that will be based on Theme instead.

The themes for the guilds will be as follows: Guild of Spirit: Cleric, Paladin, Nephandi and Vampire classes Guild of Nature: Ranger, Druid, Fathomer and Augurer classes Guild of Origin: Warrior, Mage and Thief classes

Most involved in this decision have, at some time, been involved as Guild Leaders, Guild Overseer, Guild Advisor and the like and have a great deal of respect for Guilds. Times change and it was recognized that for Guilds to remain relevant and active, changes were needed.

Many Guilds have found it difficult to find leadership candidates and general activity within Guilds is down. While a number of concepts for Guild restructuring were discussed, including Genre based Guilds, it was felt that thematic based Guilds would offer the best mix for activity.

Guild leaders have already been informed of these changes at a recent meeting. We will be working with them as we transition to the new Guild structure. (continued)