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Guild Restructuring (continued)

News #965 posted by Kinux on 01/29/13.

The transition between Guilds will take time. Each Guild will have a new Headquarters within the city of New Darkhaven. The Guild HQ's will be completely configurable in design and layout, per the needs of the Guild. More information on Leadership process, once the transition has occurred, will follow.

The Old Guild HQ's will remain in game, but unavailable. Once the new Guilds are set up, we will discuss long term plans re: the Old Guilds. All current, active Guild members will be specially flagged to enable them to be easily auto-inducted into the new Guilds.

There are a number of things we will be meeting with Guild Leadership about to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Ultimately, our hope is to have Guilds that are more active, more interesting and more event filled. We believe these changes are an important step.

While we do not want to set an exact date for the implementation of this restructuring, we are hoping to have it done in about 3 months. We will be posting more information as it comes available, and will continue to keep Guild Leaders informed. Questions may be asked of Destre, Guild Overseer, or any member of the Council of Elders. Our thanks for your understanding and patience as we move forward with these exciting changes.