October 28th crash/character rollback

News #1098 posted by Kali on 10/28/18.

Due to some memory issues, there was a large crash just before noon today.
The issue has now been rectified, but as an unintended consequence, we have
been forced to roll back character files to October 23rd.

If there is a loss of any consequence, please contact the Oracle about a
reimbursement. Please note that we still have access to the player files
from just before the crash that we will be using to verify any claims. The
reason that we did not load from the most recent set of player files is due
to corruption in a handful of them. They will still serve for verification.

If you discover that you have duplicated any objects, especially as a result
of housing, please contact an immortal or myself immediately.

If you discover anything else out of order, please let us know.

Finally, if you are curious about Oktoberquest, please wait for an update
from Zistrosk. I am fairly certain that your current unofficial score will
not match the actual tally that he has. There may be a further update from
him as well.

Thank you for your patience as we attempt to sort this matter out. And special
thanks to Belkira for helping to sort everything on the backend.