Code Updates

News #1099 posted by Gonnil on 11/02/18.

Reposting news item that got lost during the recent crash.

- The avatar and non-avatar traffic channels have been combined into a single
traffic channel. Players will see both avatar and non-avatar traffic messages
by default. If you wish to only see level-appropriate traffic, there is a new
config option "ltraffic" which allows you to do so.

- Fixed bug where 'drop all' in a house room would not automatically save
the room's contents.

- Fixed bug where 'drop all.object' when not carrying any says "There is
not enough room on the ground for that."

- Fixed typo when trying to summon a gremlin when a gremlin is already present
in the room.

- Supplicating objects while one's inventory is full is no longer permitted.