Code Updates

News #1095 posted by Gonnil on 07/03/18.

- We believe the issue regarding "name random" for preauthorized names, where
names were mostly starting with the letter A, has been resolved.
- Notes that have a recipient but have not been posted now have a unique short
desc when viewed in inventory, showing the sender and recipient, rather than
just "a note" as shown previously. Idea by Reana.
- Questnews login message now suppressed for level 1 characters. Idea by
- Adjusted message for failure when poison weapon is used by those other than
thieves or rangers.
- Fixed bug with mark of pactolus spell incorrectly affecting groups of items
on a single cast. Thank you to whoever reported this bug 8 years ago. We
finally got around to it.

Additional thanks to Zistrosk and Sepharoth for their coding support.