Fabricate Firebrand and Fashion Torch

News #1105 posted by Kinux on 01/21/19.

In releasing the knowledge about the fashion firebrand skill, Rangers across
the realm suddenly found themselves struggling to fashion torch. The Barbarian
wisemen determined that they would depart from fashioning items, as they were
not very fashionable, so from now on Barbarians will 'fabricate firebrand' to
create a torch.

While Rangers should not be affected by this change, if any Ranger finds
their knowledge lacking in the torch fashioning ability, please go to the
Guide in the halls of knowledge and say 'Teach me fashion torch please'. This
will avoid you having to use a practice point to restore it.

Tribed Barbarians will need to relearn 'fabricate firebrand', but Caekath in
the village is willing to teach you this skill so you do not have to utilize a
practice point to learn it. Say 'Teach me fabricate firebrand please' and he
will show you what he knows.