New trade route and adjoining areas

News #1101 posted by Kinux on 12/26/18.

The northern, eastern and western trade routes have provided a safe(r) passage
for travellers to delve deeper into the vast territories of the realm. For
years, citizens had wondered what happened to the Southern Mountain Range's
trade route. Glimpses of it had been rumoured as explorers and traders alike
had attempted to find a safe passage to the south, but the terrain and the
elements had made it impossible to find. New exploration campaigns and a
renewed desire to find the old route have met with incredible success as the
Southern Mountain Trade Route has now been discovered.

In addition to this great find, Old Pottswort's Field and Dawn to Dusk are
rumoured to be accessible from the road itself.

Many thanks to Eisengrim for the Southern Mountain Trade Route, to Stoneheft
for Old Pottswort's Fields and to Destre for Dawn to Dusk. Please see the
appropriate helpfiles for more information on these new areas.