Remort, multiclass, prestige, and more

News #1119 posted by Edmond on 04/21/19.

We are implementing this as quickly as I can possibly nudge it in. You will
see bits and pieces, and ask that we all be patient. Assume that anything you
hear is changeable, as we attempt to iterate changes to get multi-classing and
remorting in the game over time. I trust you all to contribute in ways that
bring it in that allows us to gain the benefits of a remort and/or multiclass
system while not tipping the scales of balance completely out of whack. I will
be creating opportunities for ones-and-twos to claim a remort, but the full
system is not completely implemented, so the final benefits/offsets will not
be fully implemented. I'll be as transparent as possible, because I need your
help catching stuff I miss.
With this in mind, this is a major integration with the current class system,
and I imagine that my lesser coding skills will run into things I just don't
forsee happening. I'm in a stretch of time that I can get this done, so that
is the reason I'm implementing in chunks. I appreciate those that have taken
part in the testing to date.