Opportunities to Prestige

News #1129 posted by Quartermaster dulvane on 06/09/19.

The opportunity to prestige is now open for a cost of homage to Queen
Mordrineagh Ni Riain. Cost of prestige is based on your character's
accumulated glory and a tax to the castle and upkeep of Rol na Feinne.
The rates are listed here for reference, and are subject to change at
the whim of the queen.

The glory rates here are accumulated over lifetime. Not current glory.
Characters with less than 300 glory points accumulated are ineligible.

300-499 Glory Points: 2 billion gold
500-749 Glory Points: 1.5 billion gold
750-999 Glory Points: 1 billion gold
1000-1499 Glory Points: 500 million gold
More than 1500 Glory Points: No gold will be charged

Simply find the queen's chamber, and execute the command "prestige."
She will provide you a scrippe with your name and the word "prestige"

Note: She will not verify you are already a prestige character.
Reimbursements will not be made for opportunities purchased if you are
already prestige or multi-class.

It will still take a level 60 immortal after June 10th to set prestige.