Experience Ratings

News #1136 posted by Edmond on 06/27/19.

Posted to RoDPedia, on much request and filtering. There may be mobs on this
chart that are inaccessible, and there are certainly mobs still available in
some places that are not on this list.
The relative value of experience is based on the absolute value range of
experience for mobs at that same common level.
e.g., if the max common experience value for a level 10 mob is 10000, and the
minimum common experience value is 1, all mobs with an experience value of
10000 would be rated a "100" value on the scale. All mobs with a 5000
experience value would be rated a "50."
This rating is independent of the number of mobs at that level / rating, so
this is not a mean or statistical distribution. This value does NOT take into
account the difficulty of the mob, so a mob that can crush you at that level
and other significantly easier mobs at that level may both be rated as a "100"
- as there are several variables that are calculated behind the scenes for
that experience value.