Midgaard and Mud School

News #1139 posted by Gonnil on 12/05/19.

Take a journey back in time to visit the original main city of muds, Midgaard.
This area, which was distributed with the Diku MUD codebase and enhanced in
the Merc codebase, was originally introduced in the year 1991. It is the
precursor to the town of Darkhaven that we know and love today. Some of the
object names and descriptions have even gone unchanged for all those years.

Midgaard can currently be accessed by visiting our Old Thalos area (accessible
by the Western Trade Route), finding the clearing in the woods near the holy
grove, and going through a new upward exit.

While you're there, take a side trip to Mud School, one of the original
training areas for new players. It's authored by Hatchet, whose name you see
on our intro screen every time you connect; he is one of the three creators of
the Merc codebase in 1992, which was a derivative of Diku. Grab some of the
old "sub issue" equipment and get a feeling for how people learned to navigate
muds, in the days before more modern muds and other online games arrived.

Please note that these areas will be available for you to explore through the
remainder of 2019 at a minimum. We have not made a decision yet on if they
will be a temporary piece of nostalgia or a permanent addition to our world.