Future and current prestige updates

News #1149 posted by Kali on 05/11/20.

With the initial implementation of prestige we had announced plans to continue
to work on and update prestige beyond our offering. We weren't able to
actualize this desire, made some adjustments and then paused things as they
were. It is our hope to begin looking at what has and hasn't been done with

One of the things we have noticed in reviewing the existing prestige changes is
that one of the skills is unbalanced in its power. The speed and damage for
grasp suspiria has made dread vampires exceptional to the point that we feel it
is a detriment.

To that end, we have tried to strike a compromise so that dread vampire grasp
is still an asset, but not to the universally astronomical degree it has been.
Grasp suspiria for vampires and dread vampires will still be affected by
intelligence. However, dread vampires will now receive a boost in relation to
their damroll instead of an across-the-board modifier.

It is our expectation that this will result in a grasp suspiria that is still
quite effective in speed and power, but a bit more moderate than the original

If you have any questions about this adjustment, please contact me.

We will be making an overall assessment of other prestige classes/skills and ho