Code Updates

News #1167 posted by Gonnil on 2020-12-03 17:40:24.

- Added timestamps to news posts. Now you can see how recently a questnews
posting has been posted. Thank you Tsircle for the suggestion.

- Mystical springs and similar items created by spells that you aren't able to
get will no longer take up space if they are created in a room with a maximum
weight. Thank you Beck for reporting.

- Nephandis who are harvesting body parts will gain a small amount of favor
with their deity when doing so. Thank you Isara for the suggestion.

- The regeneration skill now works when typing "regen" where it didn't work
before. Thank you Namsar for reporting.

- Those who cannot see their opponent will no longer be able to see the
opponent's name from MSDP data updates. Thank you Tharius for reporting.

Thank you to Zistrosk for helping make these recent code updates.