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News #1174 posted by Gonnil on 2021-01-29 15:25:06.

We are excited to bring to you a new event type that is the first of its kind.
Introducing... Thoth's World!

Thoth's World is an alternate dimension with all areas from the main game, but
no players. Everyone who participates must start from scratch at level 1.

The world has several unique characteristics:
- All experience gains are 5 times the normal amount gained, and all gold
obtained from killing mobs is tripled.
- All multiplaying is disabled. All characters are peaceful.
- There is a new limit of 1 hour of online time per character each day.

Your primary goal is to kill Thoth, which will put an end to his alternate
reality. Thoth will be residing in his usual location, although he will be
fortifying his defenses. Once Thoth is slayed, the world will be removed and
all characters and items from this world will be forever lost.

However, those who achieve a certain level of progress in this event will be
rewarded in the main game. And a small number of lucky winners, including
the one to be the first to kill Thoth, will get to have their character
transported to the main game... and given instant prestige status!

We are aiming for a release date sometime in mid-February. More information
will be provided in due time.