Bug Fixes

News #1177 posted by Gonnil on 2021-03-25 07:01:23.

- When a demon summoned by the enslaved summoning spell lands the killing
blow on a mob, the mob's gold is no longer purged. Thank you Yoglinde
for the bug report.

- A bug was fixed where spells that create objects were still functioning
even when the caster could not carry the weight of the object. Thank
you Nimsir for the bug report.

- When trying to use "drop all" with an inventory with hexed objects,
or "drop all.object" with hexed objects, you will now receive a
corrected message saying you can't let go of those objects. Thank you
Baristan for the bug report.

- The MSDP variable for fighting style is now updated automatically
instead of only when a new style is set. Thank you Zjada for the bug