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SMAUG Resources

The SMAUG How-To Pages
The SMAUG Mailing List

Nick Gammon's SMAUG for Windows


Interesting Builder's Resources

My Own Bright Ideas;
Virtual Space — Using arrays within rooms to make them feel bigger.
A Bevy of Ideas — Several ideas from the twisted mind of Herne.
Other People's Ideas;
The Art of Building — Several interesting points for Builders
WoT MUD IV Building Guide — Several interesting ideas specific to the Wheel of Time MUD, but could be used elsewhere.
Help with Research;
The MUD Builder's Glossary — Lists of items and what they are.
Resources for Medieval Studies — Lots of good research info.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook — More good research info.
Imaginary Realities — An eZine about MUDs (Seems to be dead)
Encyclopedia Mythica — Encyclopedia of Mythology, Folklore and Legends
Arms and Armour — Descriptions of various weapons and armour types
Historical Weapons — Some terminology and descriptions of weapons and armour
Help with English Usage;
Common Errors in English
The Elements of Style
The American HeritageŽ Book of English Usage
Other MUD-Related Stuff;
The MUD Connector
SMAUG Area Editor — A GUI Editor for SMAUG 1.4 (Shareware)
A MUD FAQ — What is a MUD? Nick Gammon's MUD FAQ

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Herne the Hunter

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