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For existing characters.


Create character

Use the links above to navigate the creation steps.


Review character

Click the portal above to finish creating your character. Upon entering the game, you may customize your appearance.

Choosing a name

Your name should not be:

  1. Nonsensical, unpronounceable or ridiculous.
  2. Profane or derogatory as interpreted in any language.
  3. Common or futuristic, such as 'Bobby' or 'Laser'.
  4. Similar to that of any Immortal or major creature in the game.
  5. Significant in history, mythology, or any religion, in any reality.
  6. Comprised of ranks or titles, such as 'Lord' or 'Master'.
  7. Composed of singular descriptive nouns, verbs, adverbs or adjectives, as in 'Heart', 'Big', 'Flying', 'Broken', 'Slick' or 'Tricky'.
  8. Combinations of singular descriptive nouns/adverbs or adjectives, as in 'Metaljacket Heartbound Earthstone or Softheart'.
  9. Names are limited to between 3 and 12 characters in length.

Choosing a password

Passwords must be at least 5 characters long. Passwords can not contain certain characters, or spaces.

The password command is protected against being snooped or logged. Therefore, it is impossible for any Immortal to in any way see, find, or retrieve it. It is your responsibility ensure that the password of the character is kept secure.

Choosing a sex

Certain deities favor some sexes more than others, and equipment may be gender-specific. Other than these considerations, gender plays only a minor role in game mechanics.

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