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Antall, the Lost Harbor



Level range

50 - 50


Area description

Following centuries of relative peace in Ocean Keep, a mighty storm ravaged the harbor contained within. An old demon, at rest since before the time Faragut made his mark, awoke from a deep slumber that had neutralized his evils. His ship, the Deilstorm, arose from the darkened sea that had, for so long, left no trace of his past. Faragut did not know what terror truly was until he observed the Deilstorm and her captain.

Following the Shattering, the Deilstorm loosed itself on the expanded seas of the Realms. Antall was swept away from Ocean Keep during a fierce tsunami. The harbor may still exist intact, but it can no longer be seen from land. Voyagers on the Azure Sea have been cautioned to be wary for McManus' ship has been spotted prowling the horizon.