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Cathedral of the Damned



Level range

0 - 60


Area description

Hidden away from prying eyes, a defiled temple emanates evil from obscure caverns beneath the surface. Here resides the cabalistic followers of Ba'al, those who scorn light just as they scorn the disgusting curse of a pure lifestyle. It is rumored that the Bukken, a fiendish gatekeeper of sorts, awaits hapless wanderers and those that seek out the Baali at the entrance to their secluded halls. However, few have ever returned from voyages to confirm the existance of such a being. Worse yet, given the occasional blood-curdling howl from within, even more depraved demons are thought to haunt the interior of the cathedral. These, of course, might just be from hapless victims.

According to legend, the cathedral itself somehow draws power from an ancient rift carved through the plane by greater demons, but like much of the information regarding servants of Ba'al, no living soul has been able to claim first-hand knowledge.

This area is the stronghold of an Order and may not be accessible by all players.