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Dragon Tower



Level range

20 - 40



Wench (Original Version), Korell (Area Layout)

Area description

As the ages pass, the eternal struggle between the dragons of Despair and the inhabitants of the Realms begins to swing into the favor of the ones without wings. Eventually, the weaker members of the draconian race slowly began to die out and were forced to retreat. The draconian, a breed of half-dragon humanoids, were led by their king through the southern swamps. After a long journey through a maze of marshy forests, the king declared a dry section of land, nestled between two hillocks, as the new draconian home. Using human slaves and the help of five dragons, a large tower was erected to honour the draconian race. Over time, the whispers of the grandeur of the Dragon Tower reached the Dragon Queen Tiamat. Weary of the waging of war, Tiamat decided to claim the top of the tower as her own. Waiting for all of her wounds to heal, Tiamat simmers in rage for the days of the dragons to return...