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Drow City



Level range

15 - 35


Area description

Early in Despair's history the elves were all one race, on the side of good. But Laschte, in his infinite insanity enticed a group of elves from the village of Misinkii, turning them on the path of darkness and destruction. He warped them to be haters of light, cruel and warlike, even upon each other. He then sent one of his children, a demi-goddess of chaos and arachnids to watch over them and prepare them as fodder in his war with Brontrel. Llolth took these dark elves into her evil web of deception and had them build a city beneath the dwarven forest. Four houses arose amidst the strife and chaos between the drow as they now are called. Llolth's priestesses rule over the city preparing them for the day they will have vengeance on the surface elves. Lately, rumors have sprung up about an alliance between Drow City and Shadowport..