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Haven of Everlasting Light



Level range

35 - 49


Area description

Within sight of the western most city of light lies the resting place for many who died in the last battle before the Shattering. A great tomb was constructed, by order of Duke Luther, so that those who died could be buried in a style befitting their service to the Realm. Upon the site of this tomb, a branch of the Sisters of Light were charged with the duty of overseeing its protection and upkeep. To this end they built a cathedral devoted to the Light they worshiped, and to those that fell in battle to preserve it.

It's been rumoured, however, that the rationale for entombing the remains of the fallen was less than noble. Some claim that many of the dead rose up after the Shattering, cursed in the last moments of their life by the deity slayer named Pseulak. Strange tales have surfaced regarding trapped caskets and hidden tombs, where the dead have arisen from their sleep. Whether it be a folktale, as most believe, or the twisted truth, the Haven of Everlasting Light is a memorial to a time long past, but not forgotten.