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Inconnu Citadel



Level range

0 - 60


Area description

More myth than reality. More fiction than fact.

At the end of the Age of Honor, the Inconnu Citadel was lost from all record. This is not to say much was ever documented of it before the end of the Old Clans. The Citadel was originally a small defensible tower, built from stones which Abel tore from the earth with his bare hands. The Tower was adequately defensible, yet possessed physical and mystical weakness which could permit those bold enough to challenge the Inconnu access to their domain. Those bold few who tried met a bloody fate. However, the traitorous Darkblade Strago was able to exploit this weakness and used it to gain access to a torpored Inconnu Lord who he savagely attacked.

Following this unthinkable breach, the fourth Lord of the Inconnu embarked on a project to make the fortress impregnable. By utilizing cunning stone masonry and an extensive knowledge of occult, the Inconnu were able to craft a dwelling impregnable by both physical and mystical means. The exact ritual used to cloak the fortress is unknown, but the newly constructed Citadel known as Hunedoara was never violated.

Ages after the end of the Old Clan wars, the Inconnu banded together again. Led by a former lord, the Inconnu vanished into the depths of their Citadel. From this sanctuary they observe the passing of the ages as they continue their pursuit of the elusive Golconda.

This area is the stronghold of an Order and may not be accessible by all players.