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La Chute D'eau De L'ancients



Level range

50 - 50


Area description

Thus spoke the wizened mambo, hidden in her cave...

I can tell you of many wonders of the world, m'enfant. Sit, leave the world at hand for a few moments, and I will tell you of an age long gone.

In time forgotten the great spirits set the task unto the lesser spirits to craft and forge the world. In time, the lessers saw the power they wielded and rebelled. A terrible war shook the heavens and the lessers were cast out. One of these, Danbala ..."Le Bon Dieu," held all the waters of the earth inside his serpentine form. The movement of his seven thousand coils formed the hills and valleys, lit the fire in the stars and set the planets in the heavens. He forged metals from heat and sent forth lightning bolts to form the sacred rocks and stones. In the light of the sun, he shed his skin and released the water inside his serpentine body over the land. The sun shone in the water and created the rainbow. Danbala loved the rainbow and made her his wife, Aido.

Great was the evil that separated them from one another. But legend says the serpent and the rainbow will meet again, and on that day they will bear the world a great new good.

Some say they have seen the outcast, mon ami, and who is to say they are wrong?

Come, I can see my story has shaken you, sit near the fire and imagine the ages as the moment passes...