Times of Despair - January 1998

a copy of the Times of Despair for January, 1998

- Welcome to the Times of Despair.

- Stories on the Realms about stuff you really need to know.

- The journals of those who wandered the Realms.

- Poems and stories that add to the spice of life.

- Laughable and funny stories for those with a sense of humour.


- Reports on what is going on in the various councils.

- The latest news on the Realms great Orders.

- What goes on in the Guilds of Darkhaven.

- The latest news on the great Clans of the Realms.

- The "How To" on becoming a part of ToD.

- The listing of all those who put an effort into this edition of ToD.

Welcomes Times of Despair Readers!

I would first of all like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It is such a
treat to be able to bring out this next issue for the first month of 1998,
and hopefully this year will bring us many more issues.

This issue is much smaller than the last one, but still contains much of the
vital information that each issue is known for. If you wish to submit any
stories, or post comments on our issues, please don't hesitate. Our board is
located in the Town Hall. I hope you enjoy this issue!

Adonia Calonderiel

U0: Introduction

U1: Making a New Pkiller - by Anonymous

U2: High Heavens - by Kwai

Welcome to the Updates section in the Times of Despair!

This section is meant to be an at-a-glance way to view the various happenings
in the Realms. All articles written here have to do with various tips, new
commands, etc. that could help any adventurer.

-+- Making a New Pkiller -+-

So, you're a non-deadly avatar or maybe even a leveler that wants
to see how the other side lives, eh? Well, here are some tips I can
offer to you on doing so.

- Do NOT go straight into avatar pkilling, start off with a bit
of lowbie pkill.

- Start off with a level 10 or-so warrior. Learn what it can do, and
what it can't.

- Always look at the people that kill you easily. They usually have
better equipment than you, and if you look at them, you can try getting
the same. After a long time of this, you can really get strong.

- Do not forget sanctuary. Make a trigger, quaff a charcoal (sanctuary
potion from store) before you go in, just make sure you have it at
all times. (maybe not if you get an HQ to hide in :) ).

- Make a level two deadly and learn the town. Try "help pkmap" and
just wandering around. You'll be an expert in no time.

- If you are planning to make more pkillers, see which clan side
you like the best. Do you like the honor of Brujah/Nosferatu or
the powerful strength of Tremere/Las? Remember, if you attack Brujahs,
then Lasombras, then Nosferatus (all of these unfairly that is, 15
vs. 10), most people will attack you.

- Try your best not to attack people 5 or so levels under you, because
it's just plain unfair and mean.

- If you like pkill on a lowbie, try slowly going higher and higher up.
Before you know it, you'll be a strong avatar dual-wielding banes
and having a bloodthirsty mind. :)

By: Anonymous

-+- High Heavens -+-

During the course of my life here as an Immortal, I have heard from a
number of people (many who, up to that point, I thought were quite sane)
that there innermost desire is to be an Immortal. To me this came as
quite an aspiration. When I first started playing RoD I never really knew
who or what an Immortal was! In fact, I rarely had ever met one until I
had applied to Newbie Council. It seems, however, that by the time one
Avatars, becoming an Immortal is the next item on the list of things to

Most people seem to think that being an immortal means drinking beer with
Darrek, slaying people who mouth off to you or just acting plain arbitrary
any old time you feel like doing so. Unfortunately, the myth of what an
Immortal does can rarely be judged by listening to public channels. For
those of you who think it is one large party, please re-evaluate. For
those who claim it is just a lot of sitting around using immortal commands
on an arbitrary basis, please re-consider. For those who think it is
difficult, thankless and time-consuming work, you are close.

An Immortal's life is much like that a player's in the game--with one
significant exception. While a player in RoD levels through killing mobs
to gain experience (an objective situation); an Immortal can only level
through the approval of specified groups within the Immortal community
(a subjective situation). Where a player either kills a mob or not--a
matter easily determined--an immortal is judged on other intangible factors.

The assessment of these factors are not simply a black and white matter.
A beginning or Neophyte rank Immortal is under an enormous amount of
pressure. They have a new set of commands to master and are not given
a spectral gates area, academy or battlegrounds to grow into their new
position. They are constantly being judged to determine if they can meet
the high standards necessary of an Immortal on RoD. Aside from justifying
their actions to higher level Immortals; they are also asked to justify
their actions to players. As can be imagined it is a very pressure
filled and tense situation to be placed in. Many can not handle the
pressure or meet the standards. So next time you see someone being
promoted to level 51 don't think "lucky dog"; think, rather "poor
unfortunate one".

By: Kwai


A0: Introduction

A1: Tales of the Green Wayfarer: The Test of Strength - by Telnarus
Welcome to the Adventures section of the Times of Despair!

This section is meant to be an outlet for those hardy Adventurers to share
their tales of battle and glory. The tale can be of your life, your
experiences, or just lore that you have heard from within the Realms (fiction).

-+- Tales of the Green Wayfarer: The Test of Strength -+-

A few here in the realms know me, Telnarus, as a collector
and teller of tales. And although it is not my primary
vocation, there is little I enjoy more than to share with others
one of the gems I have been told during my travels. Therefore I
hope you accept this story in the manner it is presented, as a
small token of appreciation for the kindness so many of you
have shown me.
During my initial journey to the realms, I happened upon a
quiet hamlet nestled near a large mountain range. As I entered
I noticed that the village was unlike the many others I had
visited, in that the town was run by a council made up entirely
of women. Note, I don't mean to imply that women are
incapable of handling leadership positions, this has been
proven false time and time again. But you must admit that, in
this day and age at least, full governance by women is
somewhat of a rarity. Convinced that there was a story behind
this, I asked one lady how this came to be, and the rest of the
story is exactly how she related it to me.

"Long ago our village was not tranquil as you see it
today, but was the home for a tribe a warriors. They would
sweep down the mountain side and raid the countryside in
spring, and return every winter. One year the men returned
early. Their leader had been killed in an ambush, and they
returned home to settle the dispute as to who was next to be in
command. They all wanted the position, the leader always
got the best of everything, but the men argued and fought over
the best way to decide.

"Finally, one of the younger wives, Wiese, stepped
forward and stated she had a test they could use. She said that
if anyone can prove it is unfair, then the result will be ignored,
but if not, then they must all swear to follow the victor. The
men knew Wiese to be an intelligent woman, and did not
doubt that her test would be fair. Therefore they accepted her
challenge and swore to make the victor their leader.

"Wiese lead the town's citizens to the side of a gully.
The gap between the two sides was too large to jump across,
and the only way across was a day's journey away. She said,
'This is the challenge: Whoever reaches the other side of the
gully shall lead our people.' At this the men charged into the
gap, and fought with each other to climb the other side.
Though the men of the town were renown for their might,
they could not easily overcome the other warriors fighting
them. When any man started to make headway, the others
would pull him back down.

"After hours of conflict, one warrior finally scaled the
other side and pulled himself onto the ledge. When he looked
up, he saw Wiese and the other town's women standing before
him. Under Wiese's direction, they had worked together and
built a bridge to span the gully. In fact they had been waiting
for over an hour before the first warrior climbed the side.
Though the warriors were extremely angry, they eventually
realized that they had been beaten fairly. From that day forth
the town has been ruled by a council of women, and the town
has prospered knowing that we are at our best when we are
working together."

By: Telnarus, the Green Wayfarer {()}


P0: Introduction

P1: Of the Elder Days - by Draconar

P2: The Winners of the Bio Contest!

Welcome to the Entertainment Section!

Here we will put in anything from poems, duels, or maybe even a critique of
the latest Quests within the Realms.

-+- Of the Elder Days -+-

In a time long ago before the darkness was stronger
when neither the Light or the Shadowed was righter or wronger,
there was a quick elven lad and a brave dwarven son
their friendship as children the two had both won.

Through years they grew older, their paths so unlike the other's
They knew not their hatred, only that they were brothers,
And in time the day came, when they questioned their souls
Their future was blurry for they had quite differed roles.

And the Wyrm the Dwarf sought to be slain by His hand
the elf could not fight in this or that land.
He questioned his heart and the alliance he once had
And as all that is broken, this friendship was sad.

Forth to Darkness Dwarf went, to cast down the Great Lizard
While alone in his wisdom there sat the White Wizard,
Now in two paths they walk through the false place of Haven
The old memories thought lost, but indeed they are saven.

By: Draconar

In early November, a contest for the best bio was held. We chose the three
best bios, plus two runner-ups and displayed them upon the Lore board, as well
as in this issue of the Times of Despair. We received 16 bio entries all
together, and it took a group of about five people to judge them. Thank you to
all who entered and all who helped in the judging:

First place : Nashid (look bio1)
Second place : Draconar (look bio2)
Third place : Eldaera (look bio3)
Runner-Ups : Talmud (look bio4)
Nocturne (look bio5)

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

. ) )\/ ( ( (
* ( (( / ))\)) ( ) )
( \ )\( | ))( ) (|
>) ))/ | )/ \(( ) \
( ( . -. V )/ )( (
\ / . \ . \)) ))
)( ( | | ) . ( /
)( ,')) \ / \( `. )
(\> ,'/__ )) __`. /
( \ | / ___ ( \/ ___ \ | ( (
\.) |/ / \__ __/ \ \| ))
. \. |> \ | __ | / <| /
)/ \____/ :..: \____/ \
) \ (|__ . / ;: \ __| ) (
(( )\) ---_ -- -- _--- / ))
\ ( | || || | ( /
\. | ||_ _|| | /
> : | -V+-I_I_I-+V- | : (.
( \: T\ _ _ /T : ./
\ : T T-+-T T
\..`_ -+- _' )
) . `--=.._____..=--'. ./

If you wanna Mess with the Best, you'll Die like the Rest...

Ages ago, beyond the beginning of the endarkened times, when the Vampyre
were looked upon as wise by kings and elvenkind, when the mountains were
solely ruled by the mighty Khazad, the centuries of peace and discovery of the
wonderous magicks, the Grey Wanderer kneeled before the feet of the Goddess
of the Stars and devoted his soul to forever let the Holy Light shine upon all
that was innocent and worthy of it's beauty. In that time, his rags of grey
became robes of shimmering white beyond the beauty of the newfallen snows
in the evening. The gleaming breastplate of the Great Dragon, Hun'ar he was
given to protect him from the Dark Servants of the One. And from the Love of
the Sparkling Starlight and the Shadowy Darkness he was given a sword that
would guide him towards the death of the Ten Kings of 'His' Black Kingdom.
As the Moon glows grey in the eery night sky over the remains of Old Darkhaven,
the White Wizard wanders to this day, his mind and soul a mystery, his purpose
known only to the fading Eldar, bringing a hand of healing and kindness to
wherever there are pained and saddened. Of those Ten Kings, four have been put
to rest, including Caienithes and Dominius, known among the race of Men as
Caine and Dominus. Quick to laugh, with a long white beard that the hobbit
children always have found an amusing thing to play with, this man of the past
lives to this day with the elven blood of both his mother and father keeping
him strong to defend his ancestors, and those that he loves and respects.
--'--,---<@ Draconar Sirrus Drake the White Wizard @>---,--'--

"You can never do it, Eldaera" said the lord as she traveled through the
blight, seeking to belong amonst the strength of the night. Swirling
anger and vile frustration pushed her onward, though, clawing through the
darkness as she drew the blood of those of doubt - those with little
faith. "I do it with ease, m'lord" said she as she lifted her blade to
the skies.

"You can never do it, Eldaera" said the people as she lifted herself to
the heavens, dreaming to rest among the serenity of the stars of destiny.
Fierce determination and sturdy perseverance pushed her onward, though,
soaring through the clouds as she silenced the words of those of little
control - those with little righteousness. "I do it with honor, my gods"
said she as she flung her belongings to earth.

"You can never do it, Eldaera" said her enemies as she pushed through the
crowds, searching for those to walk beside her. A steady vision and a
delicate touch pushed them onward, though, blazing through the voices of
poison - those of envy and deception. "You're right, I can never do it"
said she, "without your words of discouragement." She lifted her voice
to the Inconnu, "Live well, my bretheren. You are why I can do it."

Guildmaster Talmud the Elven Master of Sorcery <Leader, Guild of Mages>
';.._| | `-. | `. -_-_ _-_ _- _- -_ - .'| |.'| | _..-" |
| `-.._ | |`! |`. -_ -__ -_ _- _-_- .' |.;' | _.!-'| |
.__ | | `-!._ | `;! ;. _______________ ,'| .-' | _!.i' | _|.
| "'-..__ | |`-!._ | `.| |_______________||."'| _!.;' | _|..-"|
| |``"..__ | |`";.| i|_| |_|'| _!-| | _|..-|' |
| | |``--..|_ | `;!|M| *Talmuds* |G|.'j |_..!-'| | |
| | | | |`-,!_|_| study |_||.!-;' | | | |
_|_______|______|____!.,.!,.!,!|A| |U|,!,.!.,.!..__|_____|_______|___
| | | | | | |_| |_|| | | | | |
| | | |..!-;'i|G| <> |I| |`-..| | | |
| | _!.-j' | _!,"|_| |_||!._| `i-!.._ | |
| _!.-'| | _."| !;|E| |L|`.| `-._| |``-.._ |
_!..-i' | _.''| !-| !|_| |_|.|`-. | ``._ | |``".._
..,." | |.| |.| !| |S| |D||`. |`! | `". | "-.
| | _.-' | .' |.' |/|_|___________|_|! |`! `,.| |-._| |
| _!"'| !.'| .'| .'|[@] [@] \| `. | `._ | `-._ |
| _,-' | .' |.| |/| / \|`. |`! |.| |`-._|
,!-" | |_.'| .' | .' |/ \ \ | `. | `._ | "-.
| .' | .' |/| / \ |`! |`.| `. |
| _.' !'| .' | / \| ` | `. |`.|

More than a thousand years ago there was a young mage hight Filifi. Naive of
mind and light in spirit he roved the Realms on his own, visiting towns of far,
forests of darkness and fortresses of terror; when one day, by the waterfall at
the eaves of the dwarf forest of Juargan, he encountered the vampiress Claudia.

Spellbound by her divine beauty and entranced by her seducing movements, he
followed her every step through the surrounding lands, until one day, one cruel
wonderful day, she beckoned him into the clandestine order of Inconnu.

Unable to act but to follow his love, he allowed her to embrace him into the
breed of the kindred, knowing that he would never be able to undo this.

Finally he was now united with his Claudia, both by the bond of their joined
blood and by their undying love for each other, and no power or potency could
they imagine being able to hinder their love and passion towards each other.

But alas! for their bitter fate had decided otherwise. Once, after he had
left his body with the powerful magic from his days as warlock to discover new
realms afar, he came back to his clan. To his horror their fastness had been
abandoned, and amidst the ruins lay the slain corpse of his beloved Claudia.
Next to her he saw his own body, lying in her arms as he had left her. In
despair he cursed the gods asking if this was justice, and he begged of them to
let him be with his love again; but in answer Caine summoned him back into his
corpse, sentencing him to live in the torments of the undead. Never again was
he to find true love, but always be a victim of his passion and lust.

So he has wandered the realms for ages now; and when Caine was outcast from
the ranks of Gods he hoped for a last chance. A last life. A last death.
But Nocturne was forgotten, and somewhere he is still wandering about ...


H0: Introduction

H1: Adonia's REALLY Bad Jokes - A compilation. (Hah!)
Welcome to the Humour Section!

Here you can find some crazy stories, songs and poems which you will probably
get a kick out of them. Whether it be a list of medieval jokes, or a tale
of craziness.. we want to hear it!

Welcome to the Humour Section!

Here you can find some crazy stories, songs and poems which you will probably
get a kick out of them. Whether it be a list of medieval jokes, or a tale
of craziness.. we want to hear it!

Q: Why do cows wear bells?
A: Because their horns don't work.

Q: Where do moths like to dance?
A: At a moth ball.

Q: What sits on the bottom of the ocean and shakes?
A: A nervous wreck.

Two men were talking. One man told the second man that he could jump off the
building and bounce right back up. The Second man didn't believe him, so the
First man jumped out the window, and bounced right back into the room. The
Second man decided he would try it too, so he jumped out the window and landed
SPLAT in the middle of the street. A Third man walked up and said to the First
man, "Superman, you're mean when you're drunk".

Q: Why am I telling these jokes?
A: Because no one submitted anything... so you all HAVE TO SUFFER! Mwahahaha..


C0: Introduction

C1: The Symposium

C2: The Newbie Council

C3: The Quest Council

C4: Quests: A Behind the Scenes Look

Hello there! Welcome to the Council News Section.

Here Councils can submit explanations as to what they do, and/or current
projects they have on the go. If any Council Member/Head would like to begin
submitting articles, they may do so on the Newsletter board.

Anyone with questions about the Councils within the Realms, can post them on
the newsletter board and we will put them in a Q A article within the

- * - * - The Symposium - * - * -

The Symposium is a council that focuses on the communication lines between the
Immortal and Mortal communities of the Realms. Mortal representatives from
each Guild, Clan and Order, (as well as a few at-large representatives) meet
weekly to discuss changes, ideas and the needs of the Realms. The group
discusses ideas, conducts polling, and often works directly on the ideas to
transform them into reality.

The Immortal side of this Council deals with the selection of new immortals,
ensuring that ideas from Mortals are seen, forwarded to the right Council and
that feedback is provided. The Town Hall was one of the Mortal generated ideas
that was handled primarily by these members. Our representatives are
recommended by various organizations and voted on by current members. If you
need further information, please type : who 'the symposium' to see a list of
online members to contact.

History of the Symposium:

TS started out long ago as the Mortal Council. It was from these roots that
The Symposium developed into what it is today. There have been so many involved
with this council that to attempt to give credit to all would be quite
lengthy. As with any Council, it can only work with dedicated individuals who
strive for improvement. The Symposium has always been blessed with this. The
following maps provide a visual directory for those unfamiliar with the Town
Hall. If you haven't been there, please drop by and read the Oracle, write mud
mail, visit the Mayor, post an idea and get involved.

* The Symposium: The Mortal Side *

The Symposium is the council there to help bridge the gap between Mortals and
Immortals. We are here to listen to any concerns you might have, or to help
you construct ideas in a clear and concise manner, in hopes to improve the
realms. Among some of our duties are Polling the Mortal community on their
thoughts on certain subjects, and proposals of ideas to the Visionary
Consortium after they have been discussed thoroughly and any problems worked
out. We in TS are hear to help with the Improvement and betterment of Realms
of Despair. If you have any questions, or have an Idea you wish to submit.
Our board is located 1E, 1S, 1U, 1S, 1E, 1N, of Darkhaven Square, inside the
Town Hall. All ideas posted will be discussed, and we hope that we will be
able to write back a small response if it is at all possible.

Meeting times for TS are Tuesdays at 9:15 pm EST and Sundays at 9:30 pm EST
these two days alternate, and notes are usually posted for TS members, and
for open meetings. Open meetings are help on average once a month. These are
here incase you wish to submit an idea personally, or see how TS works.

A Mortal Asks 'Why havent we recieved upgrades yet?'
A Mortal Answers 'Upgrades require a fair bit of coding. Coding is not
something that can be done in a few minutes. It takes time. It also
requires a good deal of time to test and work any bugs. There are other
spells/skills. These all require thought, and a good eye for detail. That is
why you have not recieved an upgrade yet.'

If you wish to join the TS, please speak to Cresis.
The Newbie Council:


"Help me" "Help me please" "Won't someone help me"

How often have you heard this plaintive cry and wondered did that person
receive the assistance they so desperately requested? Perhaps you responded
to the request for help yourself; but were unable to offer the much needed
assistance due to lack of information. There are ways to reduce these
problems!! There is an appropriate way to request assistance without making
it a major production. Here are some helpful tips that Newbie Council members
would suggest.

Be Precise

Precision is the key to obtaining that bit of much needed help quickly. First,
know which channels to use. It may sound trite but when asking for help be
mindful of the level. Thus, levels 2-20 should be contacting newbie council
members directly via tell. Typing who 'newbie council' (with the single
quotes please) will give you a list of those on line. Typing tell <name> will
put you in contact with them. This is especially important for corpse
retrievals ( CR's) in the battlegrounds, as they are the only high level
characters who have access to this part of the academy. If you require
assistance outside of the battleground, and, do not wish to use an NC member or
there are none on line, use the chat and ask channels. For avatars avchat is
the preferred channel.

- * - * - The Quest Council - * - * -

The Quest Council's job is quite important to the Realms of Despair. It is our
charge to see to it that players are constantly challenged. We see that the
players are given frequent opportunities to prove their valor, and as reward
for excelling in knowledge or ability, reward you with reknown and glory.

Quests range from mere scavenger hunts, to seemingly impossible dares to find
and slaughter your worst nightmares-turned-mobs. We're the happy folk who sent
you looking for emeralds, rubies and saphires. We're the warm, kindhearted
people who dared you to defend Darkhaven from demonic forces. And you might
remember us as the evil incarnates that liberated your beating heart from your
chest, via a special mob.

Also under our purview, is the task of deciding how the glory you win may be
spent. We suggest, and ultimately help decide what amounts of glory will be
worth what rewards. We constantly seek to finetune the system to ensure it
works correctly, and serve everyone fairly. It is our goal to have glory,
and the entire quest system serve as an extension to the every-day adventures
of the Realms, and to keep you coming back for more.
If you have a suggestion for a quest, or an idea about how to better serve the
Realms through QC activities, write us a note. We have a board in the town
hall, The Hall of Heroes, located 3u, s, w, n from the entrance.

If you have a suggestion for a quest, or an idea about how to better serve the
Realms through QC activities, write us a note. We have a board in the town
hall, The Hall of Heroes, located 3u, s, w, n from the entrance.

Article written by Darkur.
-+- Quests: A Behind the Scenes Look -+-

Remember that pkill quest you participated in last week? Or how about
that huge mob killing quest yesterday? Each quest you take part in is
designed, organized, and run by one or more members of a hard-working,
dedicated team called the 'Quest Council'. It is the Quest Council's job
to bring you the best and greatest variety of quests possible, as well as
handle the distribution of glory and other neat prizes.

So, you may ask, how does a member of the Quest Council dream up and go
through with something like a quest? I'm writing to give you an 'insider's
look' on the process a Quest Council member might take before running a quest.
First, we usually start out with a general idea or story for the quest.
Usually, I'll jot down a few ideas as well as characters, objects, and a brief
storyline on a note or sheet of paper, then develop things from there. Some
ideas we come up with will be completely original, but we always like to hear
mortal ideas that can be incorporated into our quests.

Next, I usually plan where my quest will take place. Will in take place in
a city, like Solace or Darkhaven? A dangerous place like the Blasted Lands?
Maybe in the arena? After I do this, I'll decide where I want to place my
mobs and/or objects.

The next step is without a doubt the most lengthy, but also the most fun.
This is where all the mobiles and objects to be used in the quest will be
prepared. Most will have to be created from scratch, while others can simply
be renames of mobs that already exist in the game. I'll create my mobs and
objects based on the notes that I wrote down earlier. As well, I'll often use
mobile programs to breathe a little life and excitement into the quest.
Some quests, such as arena pkill quests, do not require any mobs or objects
at all, so this step may be skipped entirely. Next, I'll place all the objects
and mobiles in their proper positions.

It's time for the quest to begin! Questors will be selected, and they'll
get started. I'll often turn wizinvis and watch the quest as it happens.
It can quite exciting to see the fighting and searching going on, and the
many different strategies that the questors employ!

When the quest is over, it's time to distribute the prizes. Glory is the
most common prize, but for some lower levels quests, gold and some other
miscellaneous prizes can be distributed. These prizes are given out based on
quest level, difficulty, and player participation. Now, the questing imm will
return to the Quest Council office and write up a brief report on the quest
s-he designed and ran.

As you can now see, creating a quest is no simple matter! It can however
be very rewarding, entertaining, and fun.

After questing, please be sure to thank the imm involved. S-he most likely
put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of the quest and to be
certain that you had a good time. Criticism is as always welcome, but
please be sure you're constructive and polite.

Feedback, questions, and quest ideas are always welcomed by the Quest
Council. Please feel free to visit our office located in the Darkhaven
Town Hall to post your feedback. We will be sure to forward your quest ideas
to the immortal board and/or reply to your feedback/questions as soon as

Thanks for reading, and keep questing!

By: Phalanx, Head of the Quest Council.


OR0: Introduction

ORM: The Order of Maidenstone

ORA: The Order of Arcanes

ORR: The Order of Ringbearers

Welcome to the Order News Section of the Times of Despair!

Here we will try to keep you informed of the latest changes in Orders, latest
news or induction policies. We hopefully will also have a Q A section for
anyone with frequently asked questions about Orders.

***--The Order of MaidenStone--***

Deity: Circe
Leader: Cruella
Number 1: Lizee
Number 2: Farrow

The Order of MaidenStone is rich in tradition and steeped in history.
Created by Circe in the times of old, MaidenStone was a deadly clan
of very select maidens. Only few were chosen to join the ranks of
these beautiful, deadly women. When the blight across the land ravaged
the lands and brought all clans to their downfall, MaidenStone emerged
anew in the form of a peaceful Order. Their ideals are still the same.
Their methods altered. To learn more about MaidenStone and their
history, type help MS and/or read the revered MaidenStone handbook.

Members receive the benefit of a beautiful HQ chock full of luxurious
ameneties such as:

1) Rhiannon's Stables for purchasing such fine mounts as baby dragons,
flying griffens, arabian horses, wild mustangs and unicorns.
2) Vesta's Titanium Workship for repairing equipment.
3) The Upper Lip where bartender Scheherezade will make you a
dynamite Margarita or an elegant Vodka Martini among other items.
4) MaidenStone Spa - Boris the Towel Boy will massage you at no cost.
5) Musashi - MaidenStone's resident mascot, and Min's cherished pet
will assist you in many of your needs, but watch out, tiger's
still aren't exactly domesticated or housebroken.
6) MaidenStone Boutique - Minerva offers various sought-after items
such as the ever fashionable and useful Sequined Evening Bag,
a detect hidden/invis potion.
7) Gula - Rumour has it that MaidenStone's resident healer has
awesome powers that favour maidens greatly.
8) A Dining Room with Antoine, MaidenStone's personal waiter.
9) A Larder overflowing with delicious foodstuffs.
10) Hidden surprises that only a MS member would be privy to.

Please note that the MS HQ is being constantly renovated in order
to keep on the cutting edge and ensure that our members are
not lacking for anything.

At this time, we would like to wish Farrow congratulations on her
promotion to Number One as well as welcome Lizee to the spot of
Number Two. Farrow, an elf-druid, has been a loyal member of
MaidenStone for aeons and her promotion is well earned. Lizee,
elf-mage and daughter of Circe, is known for her cheeky, high-
spirited nature and is known for cheering up even the most
despondent of souls. Both would be happy to speak to those
wishing to join MS, along with Cruella, noble leader of MaidenStone.
Be warned though, although Cruella is extremely pleasant and
helpful, she has a wicked temper that matches her name. Fiercely
protective of her maidens, she would die for any of them, as they
would for her.

On a sad note, MaidenStone tearfully retired two of their original
leaders to the distinguished ranks of Aes Sedai. Min and Lomion.
Known for their skill and prowess in their glory days of pkill,
Min and Lomion took MaidenStone from their deadly ways into the
new domain of the peaceful with grace and aplomb. Their leadership
will be greatly remembered as they pass the torch on to their

-+- The Order of Arcanes -+-

Leader: Cyrax
Number1: Covellia
Number2: Ashiana

* * * * * Arcanes Resolve to Destroy Evils of the Highest Order * * * * *

The Arcanes have accomplished many of its goals in taking on some of the harder
and/or more obscure mobs in the Realms. Lead by such fine avatars as Covellia,
Ashiana, and Bede (in his pre-imm days), we made our way to Abattoir to
vanquish Frankie and Quorthem, to the Halls of Enlightenment to bash Justice,
into the depths of Transylvania to rub out Dracula and his concubine, and to
the Halls of Taut to humiliate Set. Needless to say, none of the mobs were very
pleased with our intrusions, but they fell quickly nonetheless. To quote the
Leader of the Arcanes Council of Light, our own Covellia, "Arcanes has
demonstrated that we go nasty places, and give the inhabitants thereof good
reason to fear us."

In addition to such well-planned affairs we have had to contend with sudden,
undesirable uprisings within the Forces of Darkness. Arcanes Arch-Nemesis,
the horrid Dark Lord Axchillan, sent his voracious minions free in the great
City of Ofcol, one of the last strongholds of Light in the Realms. With a plea
from Marshall Diana herself, Arcanes made their way quickly to the scene of
the crime, finding the hated Axchillan Orcs and the Wyrm Warriors devouring
entire citizens. We kicked, punched, gashed, slashed, bashed and gassed the
whole lot of them until the evil aura itself faded from our beloved city. We
know 'tis but a matter of time before we face the Dark Lord himself, but when
he arises, we shall certainly destroy him.

Over our long awaited Christmas holiday, we gave chase to some evil mobs in
Antartica. They came bearing the names of "The Abominable Snowman", "Rudolph
the Red-Nosed Reindeer", "Mrs. Claus", "Herbie the Disgruntled Elf", "The
Grinch", "Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen",
as well as many "evil elves" from Santa's workshop. Mercilessly we slaughtered
these hideous creatures, and once again Light triumphed.

* * * * * * From the Desk of Bede, Arcanes ImmHelper * * * * * *

I am happy to report that the Arcanes Induction system has been running rather
smoothly, and that while we are always jammed with requests for applications,
we are able to serve them in a timely manner and with a fair amount of ease.
If you are interested in applying to Arcanes, we would appreciate if you could
keep the following guidelines in hand:

1) Find someone with 'Arcanes Scout' in their title and send them a tell
stating that you would like to apply to Arcanes. Keep in mind that there
isn't always a Scout online, and you may need to check back occasionally.

2) Be certain you have been outcasted from any other Guilds/Orders you are a
member of.

3) Have the names of three good contacts handy that Arcanes can talk to and
ask them who you are, and what they know of you. These contacts should be
willing to write a note about you detailing their experiences with you.

4) Be patient, Processing your application takes one week -minimum-.

5) If you do not gain entrance, don't take it personally, we are, after all,
after all, 'The Most Elite Practicioners of the Magicks'

*-* The Order of Ringbearers *-*

Deity: Ynnug
Leader: Duquesne
Number1: Lascivias
Number2: Valaria

* The Ringbearers Explorer Team *

The Ringbearers Explorer Team was organized to gather and share information
about the various areas of the Realms. Our main purpose at this time, is to
map all the areas in an easy to understand format, then make these maps
available for our members use. We have a map room in the order to display the
large effort put into this project.

We work as individuals during our mapping expeditions, gathering our
information. This is all written out in text form onto a note, then posted on
the board. The next step is then to have another member approve the map,
checking for any errors on it. We do get all our maps verified by another
member before they get approved for posting.

Eventually, we will be able to move on from simple mapping, and will be able
to start gathering eq stat info, mob fighting techniques and hints, and more
detailed information about each of the areas. Until that time, we bow to those
we meet on our journies, as we trace the outlines of this world to paper.

* Joining the Order of Ringbearers *

Hearken ye all. For those who would seek to gain position within
the Order of Ringbearers:

First prepare thyself, tested will you be. A long ardous task is set before
you. To first prepare thyself, seek ye the site by the address,
'http://www.wipd.com/-wolfling'. Then, when thou hast read all within, thou
wilst need turn to sources within the Realms, for seek ye to know all you
can about the Order, before you apply.

Then, whenst thou art prepaired, and deem thyself ready, seek ye in this time,
to be level 30, and find a Ringbearer with [IT] in their title, for they
shall speak with thou further during the first week of every month. Upon
completion of this interview, shall your mind, body and soul be tested. For
when thou finish this process, if thou art successful, shall you enter a new
way of life with your Brothers and Sisters of the Order.

* A Commentary from Lascivias *

The Order of Ringbearers is comprised of the very essence of the Realms of
Despair, where Knowledge is needed to survive and prosper, Honor to stumble
gracefully through the mistakes that must be made to attain knowledge, and
Truth to simply endure. If I were to sum up what the Order of Ringbearers
is to me, I would probably say that it is a place where the young are safe
to grow, and the old are safe in learning all over again.

Freedom of opinion and action are rights given to every Ringbearer upon
induction. But they come with a stipulation: They will be expressed with
respect at all times. While I do not believe that Ringbearers should be
saints, I do believe no matter the situation, at it's end, the results
should shine honorably upon the Order as a whole. If that is not attainable,
something must change.

Lascivias, Number One - Order of Ringbearers
The Symposium

* Ringbearers and their brush with Er'res *

It was a starless night, the kind of night you spent waiting for something to
happen. Some six-legged wombat was around every corner, or at least that's how
it felt. If it hadn't been for the light she held so closely to the ground,
and the faint glowing red tinge to the parchment, she'd have never seen it.
Remembering now, she envied the seemingly safe way she felt before reading the
torn page of Er'res' grimoire.

The ripped and faded page from Er'res' spell book foretold his would be rise
among the echelons of deities, and how he planned to rule alongside Vaschte
and Vl'arescht, "...I will leave the petty bickering of Finaglera and Ch'Aranol
and take my place among the true powers of creation!" If she had not found that
scrap of parchment, what would it be like here today?

But she had found it and Er'res had underestimated the powers a group of
mortals allied in a cause against evil. They had to endure the freezing cold
of the Scourge of Time, taking down a would be minion in Father Time, then on
to the such places as the Blasted Lands, Astral Plane, Kontaur and
Transylvania to squelch the glimmer of hope in Er'res' scheme.

All in all it had gone well, a bedraggled tired crew of nine Ringbearers
returned home to their just rewards. To this day, if one were to seek out a
scripture you would find them, besmeared with the sins they were meant to

Lascivias, Number One-Order of Ringbearers


G0: Introduction

G1: Guild of Rangers

___====-_ _-====___
_--###// \\#####_
_-#########// ( ) \\##########_
-############// |\| \\############-
_/############// (@::@) \\############\_
/#############(( \\// ))#############\
-###############\\ (oo) //###############-
|/ |#/\#/\#/\/ \#/\##\ | | /##/\#/ \/\#/\#/\#| \|
` |/ V V ` V \#\| | | |/#/ V ' V V \| '
` ` ` ` / | | | | \ ' ' ' '
( | | | | )
__\ | | | | /__

Welcome to the GuildNews Section!

From the time the Guilds were first introdced to the Realms, they have been
a very large part of what makes the Realms such a great place to be. This
section outlines what has been happening in various Guilds lately, and also
tries to help people to learn more about the Guilds.

Each Guild may choose a representative to submit their news to the ToD.

All reports can be posted upon the Newsletter Board to be added into each new
edition of the Times of Despair.

-+- The Guild of Rangers -+-

Greetings, Realms of Despair!

I was glancing at the September release of Times of Despair, and
noticed something is missing from the GuildNews section:
information regarding the wonderful Guild of Rangers,
which I am proud to be a part of. Needless to say, I feel inclined to
remedy this situation immediately.
Thus, I give you a flesh-and-bone description of the GoR. The good,
the bad, and the ugly. To get the accurate information I required, I
went straight the the GuildMaster himself: Hobbes. The following is
an (edited) transcript of our conversation.

Who are the current leaders of the Guild of Rangers?
Hobbes- "Me, Tanthalas, Linda!"
What are the requirements to join The Guild?
Hobbes- "Level 20. Team spirit. Commitment. A personality :)"
What is expected of a guilded ranger?
Hobbes- "Courtesy, keeping up with guild news, involvement in meetings
[Weekly meetings at midnight on saturdays!] and such, helping whenever
Who are currently involved with the Ranger Quest Council, or RQC?
Hobbes: "Merick, Drathlor, Manannan."
Hobbes: "The RQC is a council to help out the induction process. They can
give out quests, but cannot interview or induct new members."
After you complete your quest, given from the RQC member or leader, and
'pass' your interview - what happens?
Hobbes: "You are inducted, and go through the Pledge system."
What is the Pledge system?
Hobbes: "The Pledge system is a month long 'trial' period to see if you have
what it takes to be a guilded ranger. At the end of it, you will be tested
and interviewed to see if you have been interacting, keeping up with guild
news, stuff like that."
What is the Mentor System?
Hobbes: "Mentor program is mostly for newbies. Older players helping younger
players with eq suggestions, tips, warnings, etc..."
Is there any stuff that is going on currently, or in the works, that others
should know about?
Hobbes: "Sure are. I'm thinking of incorporating more people into the RQC,
and expanding it's role to become the Council of Rangers (tentative). They
will be a council to deal with issues such as helping lowbies, runs, quests,

By: Shelliak


CL0: Introduction
CLW: Clanwars
CLL: Lasombra
(/\___ /|\\ ()==========<>_
\_/ | \\ //|\ ______/ \)
\_| \\ // | \_/
\|\/|\_ // /\/
(oo)\ \_// /
//_/\_\/ / |
@@/ |=\ \ |
\_=\_ \ |
\==\ \|\_ snd
__(\===\( )\
(((-) __(_/ |
(((-) \ /
______/ /
Welcome to the Clan News section!

Here we would like to get the latest news on all the Clans and keep you
informed of their latest battles! We hopefully will also have a Q A section
on the most frequently asked questions about Clans.

Wars as of 1-10-98:
- Tremere warring Brujah and Lasombra, allied with none
- Brujah warring Tremere, alliances unclear
- Lasombra warring Tremere and Nosferatu, alliances shaky
- Ventrue warring none, allied with none
- Nosferatu warring Lasombra and Tremere, alliances unclear

+-+ Lasombra +-+

Deity: Phalanx
Leader: Anakin
Number1: Gunerson
Number2: None currently
Out of the shadows of the darkness, and the abyssal blackness of the night
comes a new clan known as Lasombra. Heavily influenced by the occult and
the manipulation of both shadows and darkness, the Lasombra exert their
will upon others through both force, and manipulation.

The Lasombra believe that they are the true bearers of power, as well as
the rightful rulers of the Sabbat. It is through these foundations that
the Lasombra will affect these Realms as we know them. A both potent and
powerful clan of Vampires, we will be a force to be reckoned with. But,
such things do not happen overnight and it is with these ideals and goals
in mind that I call you to my cathedral of Darkness, to fight in both

It need not matter of what origin you come from, nor the level of
experience you have had in combat. We, the Lasombra will gladly accept
you, as well as teach you of the powers and knowledges that have
accumulated during our times and lives.

- Lord Anakin


Wars: the powerful Tremere continue to war both the Brujah and the
Lasombra, and are allied with no others. Officially the clan also wars
the dangerous Nosferatu, but in recent weeks combat between the two has
tapered off while cooperation against mutual enemies has risen. There
is no known official stance regarding the unaligned Ventrue.

Leadership: Tremere boasts one of the most solid and feared leadership
threesomes. They are lead by Maril, one of the elder leaders of the
existing clans, and certainly one of the most feared and powerful deadlies
the Realms have known. Sombreiq takes the Number One spot, while Zater
takes the position of Second. Together these three boast as much power and
experience as some other clans in total.

Politics: little to speak of recently aside from departure of Franak,
a prominent Tremere thief, to take the Number One spot of Nosferatu.


Wars: a young but rapidly growing clan, it continues to war Tremere.
Their once-bountiful association with the Nosferatu has turned against them
in the form of a nasty war, however, throwing their alliance with the Brujah
into an uncertain light (though cooperation between the two continues). No
known official stance regarding the unaligned Ventrue.

Leadership: Still shifting, as is to be expected with a rapidly growing
clan, the clan retains its original leader and founder Anakin, whose age and
experience reach back through three generations of clans almost to the
beginning of the Realms themselves. Gunerson fills the Number One spot, and
there is currently no second-in-command.

Politics: Though numerous, the Lasombra are young. The past many months
have shown that alliances serve them well, and re-solidifying their ties to
the Brujah may serve both clans extremely well. The whispers are that only
the lack of experience keeps the clan from being a dominating force.


Wars: once large and boisterous, the Brujah have been relatively quiet
in recent times. Their war against the Tremere continues, but the dramatic
breakdown of the Nosferatu/Lasombra alliance into a war placed the status
of Brujah alliances with both of these clans on shaky ground. Still, there
have been several attacks by Brujah in conjunction with Lasombra on the
Nosferatu, demonstrating some solidarity between the two. No known stance
on the unaligned Ventrue.

Leadership: the Brujah are lead by Akhkharu, Shiva and Mirdan.

Politics: The Brujah have moved from a large clan to one very small in
number. After a period of turmoil, its leadership structure has been stable
for some time now. A decision to support the numerous but young Lasombra or
the deadly but few Nosferatu has not been officially announced.


Wars: considered as dangerous as it is small, the Nosferatu officially
are at war with the Tremere and the Lasombra. However, the Lasombra are
the only enemies it pursues with vigor at the moment. The Nosferatu seem
to have the most aggressive stance toward the unaligned Ventrue, though it
is by no means a war.

Leadership: the Nosferatu have been lead from their inception by
Stoker (in various incarnations). One of the elder deadlies, he is among
the singularly most powerful and feared the Realms has ever seen. The
clan's secondary leadership fluctuates from time to time, but this has
had little impact on the course of the clan.

Politics: the clan has recently been inducted less experienced
pkillers it seems, but it's unknown as to whether this is a change in
induction policy. The majority of the clan's activity has come from
its leadership in the past, and communication outside the clan has
not been common.


Wars: the Ventrue remain unaligned in all clan wars, casting their
lot in either on whim or undisclosed plan.

Leadership: Though the names have changed, Ventrue leadership for
the most part has been stable for some time now. They are lead now by
Streleheim, also one of the elder pkillers in the Realms whose
experience dates back as far as any in the Realms.

Politics: Little to speak of. The Ventrue have remained unaligned
in recent clan wars - though not inactive.


Our board is now located on the newly created Town Hall (Fourth Floor).
We hope to get the
Newsletter out on a more regular basis, perhaps even monthly. To do so, we
need quite a bit of participation from all Level of Players. The deadlines
for all stories is the 1st of every month. Please post all you article ideas,
articles, etc. on our board. Not all stories are chosen, depending on the
number of entries and/or the content of your submissions. Those who do
contribute stories which are then displayed in the Times of Despair will
receive 5 Glory each. So, put your quills to your parchments and let's get

Please address all articles to Adonia, and make sure you add under which column
you would like to see your article printed in. :)

ToD Staff





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(+) Phalanx (+) Shelliak (+) Telnarus (+)

Thank you to all who contributed new stories to this issue, and a special
thanks to those who's old stories we have reused here. Also a great big thank
you to Jade who gave us our few pictures and spell-checked, and thanks to
Korkas for the cover.