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Welcomes Times of Despair Readers!

The amount of positive comments we received on the last issue was
extraordinary, and I think you will all be pleasantly surprised with this one.
Since many of our readers will be returning from the long summer break, this
inssue contains more current information, more updates and more stories to
keep you busy! :)

Our Newsletter board is located on the fourth floor of the new Town Hall. The
Symposium has provided all readers with a map of the Town Hall (Look C1M to
view it). Please feel free to post comments, questions and ideas there! So,
without further ado, please read on ...

Adonia Calonderiel

U0: Introduction

U1: The Bag Alert - by Rowena

U2: A Day in the Life of the Immortal Knight of the Roses - by Cresis

U3: Tips on Styles - by Cantal

U4: A Warm Welcome to the Newbies of the Realms - by Rowena

U5: Miscellaneous Information That May Be Helpful (for Newbies) - by Rowena

Welcome to the Realms Updates Section!

Here we will try to add some of the latest information and helpful hints that
can aid you will traversing the Realms. So, if you have anything you'd wish
to share with your fellow players, Look SUBMISSIONS for details on how to get
it in!

|+| The Bag Alert |+|

Some players will read the title of this article and say to themselves, "I know
this!!". My intention is to inform Newbies, however, it is also a friendly
reminder to my fellow adventurers.

It is rare that I go to Zelah's shop (in Darkhaven) when I do not see bags that
have been dropped by players after they have emptied the contents of the bag
the Shopkeeper hands them into a container in their inventory, (or thought they
emptied the contents of the bag).

Higher level players know what I mean, so this is just a reminder to be
careful. Now, to explain the BAG ALERT to those who are new to the Realms, or
to those who are not aware of what can happen and to those who may be asking
themselves, "Whatever is Rowena talking about?!". (I wish someone had told me
about what can happen when *I* was a new player). There was equipment, which
was trash, called MANacles, and a container called the Girdle of MANy pouches.
I thought I had dropped and sacrificed the MANacles, however, i accidentally
dropped and sacrificed my Girdle of MANy pouches. Once I sold what I thought wa
a SHield (i.e., sell SHI), only to sell my SHImmering Robe, (fully loaded
with valuable equipment.)

Basically, when you type the command "empty BAG ," and your
container (the one in your inventory) is a rune covered BAG, the bag you
received from the Shopkeeper will be emptied into the first BAG the MUD
recognizes. So if there are ten bags lying on the ground, and you happen to
have a container with the word bag in it's description (run covered BAG), your
potions will be emptied into a BAG on the ground. The MUD defaults to the
container (BAG) it first recognizes which is the BAG on the ground.

This applies to any container with the same name in it's description, (key
words). Recently I neglected to notice an extradimensional portal on the
ground in the room I was in and put a piece of equipment into what I believed
to be my extradimensional portal. However, the equipment was placed into the
container on the ground. I observed an avatar do the same thing in DH []...
(square). Both actions resulted in loss of equipment, since the equipment was
placed into the wrong container, (it was placed into the container on the
ground with the same name).

My suggestion is:

1) Do not carry two containers of the same name or any container with the
word BAG in it's description/as it's keyword. When the Shopkeeper hands
you a bag containing your purchases, empty the BAG into the container in
your inventory. For example, if you are using a Cloak of Storage, type
'empty bag cloak', or better yet, 'empty bag storage'. Again, if you
'empty bag cloak', be sure that there are no other cloaks on the ground.
(That is why storage is a better keyword to use as many pieces of
equipment use cloak as a keyword. You may want to leave the room and go
to a room where you see nothing on the ground and check your Cloak (or
whatever container you are using) to make sure the transfer has been made.
Then 'examine bag' to make sure it is empty.

2) Then DROP and SAC your bag!! If everyone sacrificed their empty bags, this
would help alleviate the problem. ('drop bag', 'sac bag').

Also, recently the code was changed so that the bags the Shopkeepers hand you
woth your purchases are timed to self-destruct (disappear) within a short
period of time. If you do not empty the contents of the bag into another
container, or if you should put the bag into a container without emptying its
contents first, you will lose not only the bag but the contents of the bag when
the timer kicks in and the bag disappears. Which means LE POOF of your potions.

|+| A Day in the Life of the Immortal Knight of the Roses |+|
By Cresis

What does an immortal on the Realms of Despair do? Many get the picture of some
power crazed, self serving, lout who sits at his PC planning ways to advance
themselves on the mud. Others may see someone who is there to give a CR, or
tattle to when someone bothers you. Finally, others couldn't care less if the
immortals were there or not. I asked a high level immortal what a day of theirs
looked like, but unfortunately most of what they do is private; top secret. I
settled for a mid level: Ynnug Starprofit.

Ynnug was immortalized on January 19th, 1997. Ever since, he has become one
of the immortal world's gems. Always there with a friendly smile. Ynnug starts
off his day with a good cup of coffee and a light snack. From there he proceeds
to read the numerous note boards across RoD (Realms of Despair) so that he can
keep in touch with what's going on. Then, with the many channels on, Ynnug
carefully listens to Realms chat by.

Ynnug is there to help with a CR (Immortals have a tendancy to eat things when
you ask, so always have favor) or to settle a dispute between mortals. However,
like most of the Immortal community, Ynnug works on various projects that
are undertaken to help improve the life of us "peeps", as Ynnug fondly calls
us. His main task is to The Order of Ringbearers. With the many lines of
communitation pouring streams of chatter across the screen, Ynnug watches and
reads, and answers general type questions asked by the mortals.

"All in all, it is an event filled day. One that leaves you mentally drained,
but it is very rewarding to see the mortals enjoying the fruits of your
labour," says the level 55 Immortal. After a hard days work, Ynnug logs himself
onto one of his mortals, to keep in touch, as most Immortals do, with the
mortal community, to see how it is running. With that finished, and a rubbing
of some weary, dry eyes, Ynnug goes off for some much needed rest, in
preparation for the next day of work.

Being an Immortal is not all "fun and games". It requires patience,
dedication, and a hard working attitude to complete all the tasks assigned.
have to be quite strong mentally to keep the energy flowing.

The Imms on RoD do a good job. It is a tireless, thankless job, that they work
late into the wee hours of the night (or morning, depending on where you're
calling from), and without pay. They get nothing in return except for the
smiles on your face as you, the mortals, enjoy yourselves as you play, on their
work. Countless hours go into designing, writing, and preparing the new quests,
projects, and coding that goes into making the Realms what it is.

Next time there is a change in code, an addition added, or a quest to be
completed, take the time to thank those who did it. It took time and effort to
complete it. And, if for some reason you dislike that particular "addition" ..
instead of complaining over public channels, why not write a note with the
reason why, and a solution/solutions to the newly added code. The system works
if you know how to use it. Voicing your frustration over channels not only can
cause spam, but it can get really annoying to hear 50-60 people say the same
thing over and over. Believe it or not, the Immortals do read the notes you

Cresis Trueheart THE Iron Lady

Quick Stats On The Immortal Knight of the Rose:

Name : Ynnug Starprofit
Level : 55 (Demi God)
Immortalized On: January 19th, 1997
Turn Ons : Mortals helping other Mortals.
Turn Offs : Mortals that ignore a call for help, whiners, and people who
complain without offering a solution.
Favorite Area : Doesn't have one.
Favorite Mob : Ra
Favorite Social: All the friendly ones! :>

|+| Tips on Styles |+|

A couple months ago, styles were added to be used during fighting. Here's a
list of what a couple others and I came up with:

1. ALWAYS stay at evasive when not fighting, this means all classes. You can
always switch to aggressive before a big fight or during a fight but if
you stay at aggressive and a strong aggressive mob finds you, you're a

2. Adept right away, this means you mages. These styles are going to put a
lock on your spells for a little while, and the longer you hold off, the
harder it'll be.

3. Adept at the art gallery's color mobs. They have tons of hp and when
disarmed do very little damage, if any. Don't forget sanc.

4. Style %s don't just go up by themselves, you have to switch styles in a
fight to adept them.

5. You cannot flee at many of the aggressive styles and this can lead to
scrapping of equipment, death, and many more things. Unless you are a
hitter (warrior, ranger, paladin), stay at evasive during fights.

6. The only two styles that you can heal on while fighting are defensive and
evasive. Clerics and druids, if you're healing in a run and hitting at
the same time, berserk/aggressive is not a good idea.

Okay, here go some more "did you know..?"'s about styles. Hopefully this will
allow you to do more and scrap less:

Did you know that..

1. You can't flee at aggressive or berserk

2. You can cast "word of recall" at aggressive

3. You cannot use the say channel at berserk

4. You can use the OT channel in any position (call for help!)

5. You cannot remove equipment at berserk

6. You can do more while resting than at berserk

7. Many people have lost FORTUNES in equipment due to aggressive and berserk
and the lack of the ability to flee, watch it

8. This standard is _not_ the same as old fighting, standard is just another
name for middle..please don't confuse the two.

9. Defensive is the closest style to "old fighting"

|+| A Warm Welcome to the Newer Players of the Realms |+|

Hello there! We are happy you have joined us and hope you enjoy your
adventuring in our world of fantasy. You have finally pulled the rope and ask
yourself, "What next?" Where do I go to gain levels as a new player? What
equipment should I wear? Fortunately, you have arrived in a land with the best
help available. The Adventurer's Guide that you have in your possession will
answer many of your questions about our land. Simply type 'look book' to read
the Guide. The Guide also serves as a valuable piece of equipment (worn in the
Held slot, refer to the Guide and type 'look sets') as it will improve your
stats by +1 Int (intelligence), +1 Wis (wisdom) and +1 Con (constitution).
Perhaps you do not know what 'stats' are. When you type 'look book' and then
type 'look 6' (or 'look stats'), you will find information relating to stats
and the primary stat of your character's class. The Guide will make your time
spent in the Realms more enjoyable and help you to better play the game as it
answers the most frequently asked questions by newer players. You may have the
Guide e-mailed to you for off-line reading by requesting a copy from Brittany
at autumn@sinbad.net.

Where should a Newbie go to level? The best thing to do is find Dwarkhaven
Square, or DH []. (type help map). From DH [] you want to find Tagetarle's
portal (from Darkhaven [] go NW, 2W, S). When you find Tagetarle, type
'look stone' and you will see a list of some of the best areas for levelling
for low level characters. When you decide where you wish to go, SAY the name of
the area and Tagetarle will ask you a question about the area. The answer can
be found by reading the description of the area. When you answer correctly (by
TELLing him the answer) he will send you there.

At lower levels you want equipment to raise your stats to gain the most each
time you level, hit points, mana, practices, etc. (Refer to the Guide for more
help). You may only wear equipment that is at your level or lower, and if you
have equipment that is above the level of your character, it will disappear
when you log off (quit) or if the MUD should reboot or crash. This includes
containers as well. So, check the level of the container you are using, since
if it is above your character's level it WILL NOT save with your character
nor will the contents of the container. Make certain the container you are
using is at your level or lower.

Not being able to cover every topic at once, I have decided to list some
equipment that will help to raise your stats. It is not a complete list by any
means, but just a sampling of what is available. The levels of equipment may
vary within 5 or more levels, so the levels listed should be viewed as a
guideline only. Check the Guide to see what equipment slots should be filled.
('look sets'). There are two equipment setups. Some classes get dual wield.
This allows them to wear two weapons, however, they lose the ability to wear
a shield and hold an item.


| Lev |
1 Clover Fairie Trefoil +3 Luck (anti-evil, detect Inv) -30 Mana
6 A small quill +1 Int (anti-evil) resist poison +30 moves
15 Rainbow Staff +1 Wis

1 Frosty Roseate Ring +1 Str +6 HP +6 Mana
8 Panther Crested Ring +1 Str +1 Dex HR 1
9 Golden/Diamond Thomas +1 Str +10 HP +20 Mana
9 Solace Ring +1 Dex +20 HP


1 Gem Dog Collar +1 Int
6 Amulet +2 Con
6 Brown Cloth Cloak +1 Dex


5 Bone Plate Coat +2 Con +10 HP (Deadly Only)
7 Silk Bathrobe +1 Wis +1 Cha
18 Diving Suit +2 Wis +2 Cha +2 Luck +2 HP +2 Mana


4 Multi-Colored Beanie +1 Dex +1 Con +8 HP
7 Clear Visor +2 Wis
14 Forest Green Cap +2 Lu


5 Sinew-tied Leggings HR 1


2 Muddy Boots +1 Dex
5 Clogs +2 Dex +10 HP


6 Swordsman Gloves HR 2 DR 1
10 Long White Gloves +15 HP +20 Mana
16 Dwarven Gloves +1 Str +1 Dex
22 Gauntlets of Ogre Power +4 Str DR 3ck (Affect Sneak, Anti-Evil, Inv)
18 Dragon Helm +2 Wis +15 HP


5 Sinew-tied Leggings HR 1


2 Muddy Boots +1 Dex
5 Clogs +2 Dex +10 HP


6 Swordsman Gloves HR 2 DR 1
10 Long White Gloves +15 HP +20 Mana
16 Dwarven Gloves +1 Str +1 Dex
22 Gauntlets of Ogre Power +4 Str DR 3


10 Arabella's Gold Bracelet +1 Str +5 HP
17 Quilted Leather Sleeves +1 Str HR 1 DR 1 +10 HP


2 Stone Shield +2 Str
15 Bulette Carapace Shield +1 Str +1 Wis +1 Con 3 DR (Invisible)

About/Body listed second in slots:

2 Woolen Shawl +1 Wis +5 HP +12 Mana
12 Trollskin +2 Str +1 Con
20 Golden Robe +2 Str +3 Int (anti-evil) +25 Mana


10 Red Satin Sash +2 Str +1 Con save vs. Paralysis -3
11 Thain Girth +2 Wis
19 Black Silk Belt +2 Con +1 Cha +1 Luck +10 HP


1 Charm Bracelet +1 Luck
6 Bright Silver Bracer +1 Str +5 HP
18 Gold chain bracelet +1 Str +1 Dex HR 1


7 Claw of Forest Bear +1 Str +2 Con
13 Electrum Sword +3 HR +15 HP +25 Mana
18 Neptune's Trident +2 Int +1 Wis +2 Dex +20 HP +30 Mana
HR 4 DR 3


0 ADVENTURER'S GUIDE +1 Int +1 Wis +1 Con
0 Stuffed Owl +45 Mana
10 Deck of Cards +1 Wis +1 Dex
14 Brajtkomu's Doom Sceptre DR 2
16 Golden Dragon Statuette +1 Int +2 Luck +20 Mana


3 Pixie Wing +2 Int
7 White Crescent Dearbone +1 Dex
10 Pearl Earrings +2 Cha +30 Mana


1 Visor of Completion +1 int +1 Wis
8 Reading Glasses +2 Int +1 Wis

Potions, pills and scrolls are helpful as well. You should carry heal potions
and scrolls of recall before you set out to explore the areas of the Realms.
There are shops in town that sell these items. (Check your Adventurer's Guide
for more information).

If your Charisma is maxed you will receive a better price from the shopkeeper
when you purchase items. There is a piece of Level 8 equipment called a
Golden Gown (Luther) with +3 Charisma. You may want to wear it when you buy
items from shopkeepers.

If you need help locating any of these items and you see me wandering about
the Realms, send me a tell. There is also a Newbie Council and you can find
out who is online by typing who 'newbie council' or help NC.

If you have any questions as to topics you would like discussed in the next
issue of ToD, please send me some mud mail.

Until then...

Enjoy your adventuring in the Realms.

Note: If anyone would like a copy of Rowena's complete database of equipment,
please feel free to email her at swaxxy@sd.cts.com or mudmail her.

|+| Miscellaneous Information That May Be Helpful |+|

_Your Prompt and How It Can Help You_

Your prompt (type "help prompt") can show you many things without the need to
keep typing 'score'. Besides displaying your current hit points, mana and
moves, it can be configured to include your gold coins, and alignment. Since
many mobs steal, I find it most handy to have my cash in my prompt just in
case a mob decides to rob me. Hopefully I can kill the mob to get my cash

Here is what I type to set my prompt. You may wish to make adjustments as to
what you prefer to see, but I offer it as a guideline:

prompt %h/%Hhp %m/%Mm %vmv %Xxp %g %a

Translated as:

Your character's name, current hit points/maximum hit points,
current mana/maximum mana, Moves, Experience needed to level, Amount of gold
you have and your alignment.

_Mental State_

It is important to eat, drink and rest often so your Mental State, or how you
feel, will not decline. (Refer to the Guide for more information about Mental
State). You can check the status of your Mental State by typing 'score'.

Under the amount of gold you should see a line that says how you feel. If you
see the text saying "You feel great", your Mental State is fine. If you see
the text relating to your hunger or thirst, you should eat or drink
accordingly. Below are possible lines that can appear:

[Thirst] Your current amount of thirst.
[Hunger] Your current amount of hunger.
[Mentality] Your current mental state.

Keeping your Constitution (see help stats) maxed enables you to get the optimum
benefit from your Mental State.

_The Adventurer's Guide_

Please take the time to read it. Again, you can have it e-mailed to you by
requesting a copy from Brittany at autumn@sinbad.net. Even if you think you
know it all, you may find something to enhance your adventuring. If you are
new to mudding, the Adventurer's Guide will give you an introduction to the
basics of mudding.

A lot of time and hard work made the Guide a reality. I have not seen such an
extraordinary effort expended on any other MUD. Realms of Despair is one of
the most popular Muds and can have over 300 players on at one time. Reading
the guide to understand the basics will cut down on spam (refer to your guide).
Most players are happy to help you, however, answering questions that you can
have the answers to can slow down the game. They would rather explain what you
do not understand and give you further insight into the wonderful (and
addictive) world of mud life.


A1: The Final Tale of the White Wizard - written by Elennon

A2: The Quest for Dracula - written by Quinton

A3: The Battle of the Skeletal Forest - written by Draconar

A4: The Girl and the Cyclops - written by Sevoreria

A5: The Stranger - written by Kip

A6: Between the Lines: A Modern Tale of Faith - written by Shelliak

* The Final Tale of the White Wizard *
By Elennon

Draconar the White, a wizard long forgotten, was a man who I will never forget.
After his great departure from this realm, I came to see him differently. I had
heard many different things, like he had overthrown the head of the Wizard
Council in Isengard, sending the leader out of the tower window to where he
fell to his doom, other things like he had slayed the Balrog of Khazad 'Dum, to
which I later heard to be untrue, the reason being the creature was already
dead, and other things, like rumours of his return.

Everything came to be untrue. I learned for myself that the old wizard
had wandered deep out to the edge of the world, seeking a home by the sea to
live his last days in. It was then that I chose to depart from the valley of
Celennon Anon myself and find him.

It took me three months of wandering, and finally I had come upon a log
cabin at the edge of a forest. It was near the sea, above it actually, on the
edge of a cliff above the beach. It looked like a comfortable and peaceful
home, that of an elder half-elven wizard.

I walked to the front of the house, right near the cliff edge, and I
knocked on the door a few times. I did not hear a sound, not a single movement
or mutter. I had journeyed so far, just for a fun and an adventurous time, and
my destination was at hand. I was not going to let it just pass me by, I was
going to do something.

And so I decided I would walk into the house and wait for the famed wizard to
return home. If I were to wait any longer than past the coming of night I would
go out and hunt for food. It was a terrible thing to hunt at night, but I was
quick and a good hunter and tracker.

And so I turned the brass doorknob. It opened, creaking and squeaking as it
moved away from the doorway, and soon it was fully opened. I was looking with
disbelief into the cabin. There was no fire, no candles, no light at all. The
sun was shining, beams of bright light streaking through the doorway across the
floor. In the far end of the room, a figure was slumped in a rocking chair,
still as a stone. I figured it was him, sleeping from a long day of wizardry,
whatever a wizard does I guess must be tiring. I figured I would have to bring
a fire up in the fireplace, it was a bit chilly. I could not really create a
fire with magical sparks or anything, but I knew the old trick my father had

taught me, a sort of elvish secret. Well, it will have to remain a secret, so
let's just say I started a fire.

It was a warm and luminous one, glowing red and warming up the room. Its
light flickered across the shapes of the room, making their shadows dance. In
the rockingchair I saw indeed the old man, Draconar himself, his head was
tilted to the side, leaning against his shoulder. He did not snore and yet
seemed dead asleep.

I dropped my things, drew my hood back, and walked over to him, standing above
him. My shadow was cast over him, and still he did not see the change of light
within his closed eyes. I then simply said loudly 'Oh White Wizard, you have a
guest.' I didn't want to scare him out of his mind by tapping him or anything,
because I didn't want such an old man having a heart attack. I looked at him,
and then strangely, as if fearing he wasn't just asleep, I nudged him. It was
not just a light nudge, but a heavy nudge. I nudged him again, but still he
did not move.....

It was shocking, but not surprising. The famed wizard who I had grown up to
love in stories told to me by my father was now before me, cold and lifeless.
What I did, I felt later on, to not be my duty, but it was truly the right
thing. I carried Draconar from his cabin to the beach below. It was sunset, a
perfect time I thought for the duty, the end of the day, the end of his day.
I left him on the beach, in the sand beneath the sun, and I walked back up to
the cabin. An old wooden boat, small and not appearing often used, was in the
back of the cabin. I struggled to pull it down the path beside the cabin to the
beach, and finally I arrived and dragged it over to the wizard's body. I lifted
the old man, light and not really a burden to carry, and I laid him in the
boat, his face looking up at the sun. At night he would see the stars and the
moon, and I thought it right to let him see the beauty of the heavens from then
on. I pushed the boat out onto the water, and when I was out to my knees, I
pushed it out with all of my strength. It was right of course, to be set upon
the sea, a vast and untouched world, and some day, I truly hoped he would make
it to Valinor, and he would find the beauty of the trees.......

- Elennon Lightstar

* The Quest for Dracula *
By Quinton

On a quiet night, not long ago, Stomp (our might tank/wall...grin), Blacklight,
Duriak and Quinton (dats me) visited the mighty Dracula. For some reason not
too many peeps go to him, but we proudly laid low the mighty beast. For all of
about five minutes the Realms was rid of this foul creature. (hehe) The
battle lasted for what seemed hours, the tide of battle sliding back and forth,
with the upper hand changing from hit to hit and parry to parry. But, with the
fortitude and the mighty new paladin class (rah rah paladins) and
Stomp (Warrior) and Blacklight (Vampire) we were victorious!

* The Battle of the Skeletal Forest *
By Draconar

The members of the Arcanes were silent and filled with bewilderment when the
name 'Axchillan' came into our knowledge. We knew nothing of its meaning,
but knew that our hearts were going to be pulled from a peaceful rest into
a fulfillment of rage and anger. Our blades and staves would be held high in
the skies, our magicks strong again against our enemy. We were to once again
bring our mighty souls up from their gathering of strength and to set their
courage, loyalty, and honour to the great test.

And so the inner fires may burn again in defiance against the power we hate
most above all others, the evil of this world. That evil has passed in my
belief again. The spirit of evil has risen from rest in the cold and silent
form of Shaikyn and has moved to a new form, a form in which our eyes have not
seen, a form known as the Dark Lord Axchillan.

With the passing of an evening, a battlefield in the shape of a dark forest
lies in shadow, the dreaded mist of death hovering above the bloodstained
earth. The corpses of many creatures are beginning to rot now, their
memories will most likely be forgotten by morning.

We were wandering through the forest, silent our footsteps as we peered about
for our enemies. Their scents could be smelled a mile away, the stench of
foul creatures of filth wandering about. It was when were quietly looking, our
magicks strong and flowing about us, that they attacked......

They were of great strength, what I thought to be filled with a very piece of
the Dark One himself. They seemed immortal, slashing their way through us with
their blinding claws, screaming into our faces with stinging breath, and
shaking the earth with their mighty spells. They were not the mere orcs that
wander sickly about places like Moria and the dark lands beyond that, they
were especially raised and grown in power and strength by this new dark
spirit itself. To me, I see that Axchillan has a different plan than Shaikyn,
I see he is smarter and has greater strategy in our destruction. What he does
is not simply gain all of his power to it's fullfillment and send his servants
thinking they will actually win while he soaks in his own greatness. He spreads
his strength as it grows, still gaining even more power but sacrificing some of
it bit by bit to make his servants stronger, this way he may be ensured that we
will be weak by the time he has a chance to attack himself.

Anyway, the orcs that we fought I guess to have been given a great amount
of his gift, although I may be quite wrong. They fought like gods, tearing us
apart so fast and quickly that as our insides spilled across the floors, our
souls barely were saved and brought back into the realms before our goddess
could spread her visions towards us. It was a dreaded time, and my brothers
and sisters, behind our mighty queen, Morgase, fought to their deaths many
times in order to bring the orcs to their knees, to which they were served
their rightful punishment in being thrown down and destroyed.

And so the battle was so great, some fell back from exaustion, myself staying
back bringing their strength up as others went forward. My spells were good,
but their courage and eagerness to destroy all other dark creatures was
greater. It was soon that I was alone again and had to move forward. When
I walked past the scene of disgust left behind by the orc battle, I found
myself wandering through a thick and confusing forest. I knew not if it was
a dream or reality, but I believe there were other creatures slain along the
paths. When I finally reached my fellow Arcanes, there laid the golem still
with a look of terror upon it's face. The Arcanes had won in this great battle
that I had not even come to witness, and it seemed a great amount less
difficult than the orcs. And so, as I regained my own power, bringing from
the cosmos the great mana, I listened to the commotion over a single key. It
appeared as if there would be at least one more obstacle to go through, and

Anyway, the orcs that we fought I guess to have been given a great amount
of his gift, although I may be quite wrong. They fought like gods, tearing us
apart so fast and quickly that as our insides spilled across the floors, our
souls barely were saved and brought back into the realms before our goddess
could spread her visions towards us. It was a dreaded time, and my brothers
and sisters, behind our mighty queen, Morgase, fought to their deaths many
times in order to bring the orcs to their knees, to which they were served
their rightful punishment in being thrown down and destroyed.

And so the battle was so great, some fell back from exaustion, myself staying
back bringing their strength up as others went forward. My spells were good,
but their courage and eagerness to destroy all other dark creatures was
greater. It was soon that I was alone again and had to move forward. When
I walked past the scene of disgust left behind by the orc battle, I found
myself wandering through a thick and confusing forest. I knew not if it was
a dream or reality, but I believe there were other creatures slain along the
paths. When I finally reached my fellow Arcanes, there laid the golem still
with a look of terror upon it's face. The Arcanes had won in this great battle
that I had not even come to witness, and it seemed a great amount less
difficult than the orcs. And so, as I regained my own power, bringing from
the cosmos the great mana, I listened to the commotion over a single key. It
appeared as if there would be at least one more obstacle to go through, and

after a while of casting many spells and healing them, they came across the
key and were ready for their next challenge.

And a challenge it was..........
Beyond a massive stone door, the smell of charred bones and burnt meat
flowed out into the forest. The great door opened slowly as it was unlocked,
and then, prepared for anything, the Arcanes marched in.


As the beast's tail flew behind a few of the knights of magick, it slammed the
great door closed, breaking it off its hinges so that it couldn't be moved.
The few arcanes inside knew not of what was before them, for it was too
dark. We all leaped to the door, trying one by one to try to do something to
get into the blocked off cavern.

And inside, we heard the clashing of blades splintering stone and spells of
shocking and flames flying about and crashing off walls. And then came a roar
that was sure to let us know what was within the cavern. It was a Dragon.

Spikes and their Shocking Grasps, their Necromantic Touches and their
Earthquakes. Blades were swung, daggers thrown, arrows strung, hammers
crushing. And so, as we worked as one, we were strong....

The dragon who's name was long and unpronouncable among humans was
driven into the corner of his cavern, his nostrils charred and his belly
sliced open, and with the blood of a dragon, a liquid that makes mortals
stronger and their hearts more couragous, spilled across the floor, the beast
collapsed. It was over, and the shiver that it caused cracked the door,
breaking it down and causing much of the cavern to fall. And so the wounded
and weary arcanes came out alive, and the great battle was over.....

A confusing and heart-weary day, the adventure was one that would surely
cause it's adventurers to want to have a long and peaceful sleep. May Adonia
watch over us tonight as we do, and may she have a third eye keeping watch
over Axchillan as he curses us and punishes his minions....

Congratulations Arcanes. As one, you were Strong. The Battle is Over...

But a new war has just begun. - Draconar the White Wizard

Editors Note: This was a Tale posted on the Arcanes board, written about one
of the Quests the Arcanes embarked upon to rid the Realms of an evil Lord.

* The Cirl and the Cyclops *
By Sevoreria

As she climbed to the summit, her mind raced to loved ones, friends, people
she cared about, people she might not see again.
She knew she might die at the hands of the mighty Cyclops, but she also knew of
the many who die if she didn't defeat it.

No birds sang as she walked, no animals, no sounds at all, except the howling
wind. The trees all looked dead, no flowers were growing, even the grass
looked brown and lifeless.

"What an eerie place," she thought, "How can any..."
Her thoughts were interrupted by the Cyclops' club smashing down beside her.
Immediately she reacted and leaped behind a tree.
"This is it" she thought, as she unstrapped her sword, "but how do I kill a
creature 3 times my size?" she wondered.
*SMASH* The tree splintered as the club came down upon it. The impact threw her
back. She picked herself up, and started running towards its legs.
As she passed through its legs she took a swipe at it's ankles, a blood
curdling scream filled her ears as she did.

*WHOOSH* The club zinged just over her head. realizing the danger, she leaped
behind a rock. Her heart was pounding, but that's all she heard.
She peered over the rock, trying to see where the cyclops had gone.
Suddenly she felt a huge hand grip her, it was the cyclops!
As the cyclops brought her closer to its face, she struggled to get free,
dropping her sword in the process.

The cyclops glared at her, her mind raced, loved ones popped into her head,
suddenly she remembered the jeweled knife that a special loved one gave her.
She also remembered that she strapped it to her arm before she left, and it was
still there! In one swift motion, she undid the strap, took out the knife,
and flung it at the cyclops' face. The cyclops reeled, screaming in pain. It
clasped its face, dropping her. It started to stagger, and fell to its
knees, then on its face.

She was hurt, and hurt bad, her head was bleeding, her left leg was numb, she
had a sharp pain in her side, and her vision started to blur. Her mind raced
to love ones, friends, family, the cyclops, the cyclops

"uhn... I have to kill it" she moaned. Almost completely on will-power she
got to her feet. Her head pounded, she staggered as she walked toward the
cyclops. As she reached its head, she could see the pool of blood formed on
the ground

"I have to make sure it's dead" she thought. With great effort she raised the
sword over her head, and in more of a falling motion then a slicing motion,
came down on the cyclops' neck, beheading the beast.

She fell, and fell hard, the world faded, and she drifted into unconsciousness.

She opened her eyes, At first it was all a blur, but soon she could make out
the form of a man over her. She started to moan, placing a hand on her
forehead. "Shh," he said, "you were hurt pretty bad, but you'll recover."
She closed her eyes. "I did it," she thought, "I DID IT!"

* The Stranger *
By Kip

While walking the forests of our fair land, I came upon a dying man. Before he
passed into immortality, he told upon me his life story. His only dying wish
was that his story be passed on for future generations to hear. Please, accept
this story ...

Porving is a small island, far west from Darkhaven. The people who inhabit the
town upon it all have a dark tan, brown hair, and are taller than the usual
human. They all live off the land, growing what they eat and use. They are at
one with the nature around them. Their children can wander out with no fear of
thieves hiding to rob them blind, or evil vampires to snatch them away.
Everyone knows everyone, and trusts everyone. Until one day.

The town leader, Jonas, was wary of the stranger when he first did arrive on
the island. But, being a kind man, Jonas allowed the shipwrecked fisherman, as
he proclaimed himself to be, to stay with them on Porving. For two days he did
stay, eating their food and drinking their water, giving nothing in return. The
third day, Jonas approached him. Jonas told him that everyone on the island
works for the community, and if he were to continue to live on the island he
would have to work. The stranger, who's name was Yaril, became enraged, calling
the town leader selfish and uncaring. He told Jonas that he would leave as soon
as he repaired his boat, which had washed ashore the previous day. Yaril
finished a day later, but not before the sun had fallen. He told Jonas he would
leave first light the next day, and they would never see him again.

That night, while sleeping contently, Jonas was awakened by a scream. Running
out of his house, he discovered that the screams came from Mierla, his sixteen
year old niece. As he ran to her door, he was shoved aside by a dark figure
running out of the house. He ran into the house, and found Mierla lying on the
ground. She had been raped.

* Between the Lines: A Modern Tale of Faith *
by Shelliak

Jonus trotted his way down the near-empty corridors of the temple of Vaixa, and
rounded the corner leading to the living section of the temple - only to bump
into (and almost step on) a man wearing fine light-blue cloth.

"Watch where you're going, human," Jonus said in the place of an apology.
The balding human quickly muttered a quiet admission of guilt.

"Well, you're forgiven. Just watch where you're stepping next time." Jonus
helped the man onto his feet, and exited the hallway into an adjacent chamber.

The man sighed, and rubbed his hand past his receding hairline. Feeling the
sweat on his forehead, his right hand searched through his robes for a
handkerchief, while, out of instinct, his left hand neared the holy symbol he
wore about his neck. He quickly snatched his impulsive limb back as he began
to feel his deity's embrace.

With great effort to lift his elderly and reluctant legs, he walked down the
massive corridors of the temple. Now, the temple of Vaixa was not adorned with
the usual elaborate carpeting and trinkets usually seen in religious
structures; for, as mortals understood, Vaixa was a very modest goddess who
disapproved of material wealth. Yet the temple still instilled a sense of awe
in the common folk; it was immense, with separate wings to accomodate the
priests, students, and homeless.
It was partially because of their modesty that Jonathan, a priest of Wayjuvin,
was here. He walked to the end of the hall, and opened large oaken doors that
led into a cathedral. It was to the confession booths that he headed, ignoring
the gothic organ music played continuously in the background, the chanting of
the monks elevated on spires of marble.

"Pax pacis, Sire. I have come for your advice," he said as he stepped into
the booth.

"Lex legis, lad. Vaixa will listen to your plea for wisdom," said the
mysterious deep voice from beyond the screen.

"I believe that I am losing my faith," he said, a tone of guilt embedded
within his throat.

The priest of Vaixa turned his head quickly to look at whom he was speaking,
and appeared to relax as he saw the light blue robes of Wayjuvin.

"That is no sin, lad. Now, have you had any impure thoughts? Have you done
any actions in the past you regret? For these are things worthy of Vaixa's
forgiveness," the priest asked.

"You do not understand, sire. I seek guidance, not penance. For I am losing
faith; and not in the Lord of Ice, but in mortal existence. Everything is so
rational. Everything has a reason."
Jonathan turned his head to look through the screen at the other priest.

"I do not understand, lad. I can see, even through this haze, that you are
indeed a priest. The fact you are a priest of Wayjuvin shows you may have had
a lapse of judgement in the past," he paused to smile slightly, "but I think
that can be overlooked for the moment. So tell me, lad, why do you require
there to be mystery in an orderly world?" the priest asks.

"It is not as selfish as you put it, sire. I feel like I am a pawn on a
chessboard; being moved back and forth until, finally, my usefulness ends and I
am removed from play. Oh, how I wish the gods were not so open, that they all
took little or no interest in my affairs! Then, and only then, all doubt would
be removed from my mind that I am not being manipulated.

He continued: "The fact that they need to explain to me the mysteries of life,
and grant me supernatural powers, removes the mystery necessary for true

"I needn't remind you that it was Thoric, a god that rarely shows himself,
that created this orderly world."

"I know, sire. And it's the fact that I know this that fuels my distrust for
the ones who watch us."
A chill ran up Jonathan's spine as he spoke these blasphemous words; a chill,
not fabricated by the mind, but imposed by supernatural force. Jonathan
breathed a sigh of relief, as he had expected a far more severe punishment from
his master.

"This is what I mean by 'interest': My god punishes me for my freedom, a
vain attempt at changing the fashion that I see life, to show me the err of my
ways," stuttered the nervous priest. Again, Jonathon took out his handkerchief
and mopped his brow.

"The truth is, lad, faith has to be earned. I cannot give you any advice, for
my heart tells me that it is not my place to judge other priesthoods. What I
believe is that you should have gone to one of your own for advice." Said the
mysterious voice.

"No, that would be impossible. We are nomads, and have no churces of areas
of worship. In addition, since it is mid-summer, most of my kindred are
sleeping. Even if they were awake, I seriously doubt they would understand.

"Though those are not the only reasons. I seek your advice because I know
Vaixa dislikes intervening, and has an honor code that prohibits her followers
from exhibiting pride or dominance. I need your advice, your wisdom, to help
me figure out where my life could possible go from here. I need you to show me
the path to *true* faith," said Jonathan.

After a long pause, finally, the priest spoke. "Are you certain you want my

"Yes. Absolutely."

"My advice is this; and this is the only way you can revitalize your
confidence in life without sacrificing your ideals that I can think of, so
listen closely. I want you to bury your holy symbol, and ignore any messages
He gives to you, any dreams you receive pertaining to your beliefs. Don't go
out on missions, and stop being a nomad. Above all, don't use your powers. If
He cannot accept blind faith, then you will have found out that this existance
is indeed futile. At that time, if you wish, I will be the one who drives the
inevitable dagger into your chest."


P0: Introduction

P1: Darkness Within - written by Jastadei

P2: The Ring of Flame - written by Jastadei

P3: On Golden Wings - written by Jastadei

P4: My Love - written by Geroo for Shana

P5: The Ballad of Meriadoc Brandybuck - written by Merry.
Dedicated to Elanora Brandybuck, his mother.

P6: Who'd Have Thought Gerbils Could Fly? - written by Atropis

P7: The Werewolf - written by Sevoreria

Welcome to the Entertainment Section!

Here we will put in anything from poems, duels, or maybe even a critique of
the latest Quests within the Realms. So, Look SUBMISSIONS for details on how
to put an article in!

Darkness Within - written by Jastadei
There is always darkness inside,
Where one is almost the devil.
Spirit and darkness will collide,
To reach a whole new level.

Without darkness, there is no light.
One is never without the other.
Both are wrong and both are right;
So closely weaven, they could be brothers.

Evil brings out the best in good,
As Good brings out hither.
The spirit would kill it if it could,
The other, the same with tither.

Goodness thrives on dark,
Darkness thrives on good,
Without evil, we lose our mark;
Without good we lose all that should.

Evil brings order,
Good brings peace;
Evil helps her,
Good marks the crease...

The Ring of Flame - written by Jastadei

Fire purifies all that is here,
Hitherto the misgivings.
The spirit is one which burns from fear,
And then is no longer willing.

There is fire which purifies,
Only the heart and mind.
Making the love in them rise,
But first there must be love to find.
There are rings which do so,
But exist solely in our hearts.
And even if these rings lie low.
They come out within art.

Art can bring out many things,
But rings they bring out well.
Magic is brought forth by rings,
And never could you tell.

Rings, magic, art, and mind,
All which are somewhere tied.
They're all connected in a bind,
And never will they confide...

On Golden Wings - written by Jastadei
The followers of chivalry bowed solemnly to knees,
For these wings were meant for Thee which came.
And waited for One upon a noble steed,
With honest eyes of burning flame.

The Queen was waited upon a velvet throne,
But followers crafted a pedestal so high,
The chair of velvet made the reigning lone,
And One had all intentions nigh.

Stories passed through all of the town,
That he was noble of Mithril ring,
And taking `part the silver crown,
Clasped upon the Golden Wings.

The fiery eyes of one by Virtue,
One who learned to fly by fire.
The pedestal was a lower view,
And Mithril and Velvet are sung by lyre.

To whom who hears a tale of mire,
And those who seek all which was,
Search Mithril Velvet of which no Spire,
But search for Thee which also does...

My Love - written by Geroo for Shana
My heart trembles when I grasp the thought,
My soul wishes to no longer exist when it sees the thought,
The thought that you hate me, do not trust me.
I would cut off my limbs at your command,
I would do anything to be near you.
For the person I love most to hate me
Does not destroy my love, but instead destroys me.
So many people use me, abuse me
You are the only one I have ever opened up to
And if you do not like what you see
I ask myself
Why live?
Why Exist? Why think? Why care?
Having no existence is better than this one.
Having no thoughts is better than the one I think.
If there is a heaven,
I am lost.
I will cry and never stop,
Because I will be without you.

The Ballad of Meriadoc Brandybuck - written by Merry.
Dedicated to Elanora Brandybuck, his mother.
Across seas of blue and fields of burnt yellow,
through shimmering streams and rushing white rivers,
there is the one hobbit, an old and strong fellow
among the great stones and the mountainous shivers.

His small sword aglow and his helm, yes, a-shining
his small furry feet walking from peak to peak,
the mountains he wanders, oh them, yes, a-climbing,
the ancient small halfling, the master of sneak.

(The light-hearted elven bard steps out and begins
And who has seen snow and felt it's icy cold claws,
who has seen dragons, and dodged their great paws?
Who is the creature, no it's not that small bobbit
The Creature is he, yes, Merry the Hobbit!

* Who'd Have Thought Gerbils Could Fly? *
By Atropis

Author's Note: The following poem has to do with the events on May 10th, 1997,
when Gwenneth got it into her mind (who knows how!?) to launch
gerbils out of a cannon. Then we all started toying around with
them and I flipped my lid and tried to kill them all. In fact,
this poem is true ('cept the golf clubs).

On a warm, sunny day.
Gerbils began to play.
Until Gwenneth had an idea.
To make the gerbils fly.
She filled up a gun.
With each and every one.
And shot them all over the sky.

They soared in a group,
Until, with a swoop,
They rammed into the ground,
With a very loud sound,
That was kinda like a big *PHLOOP!*

And from this dive.
Some made it alive.
Until Atropis got it in his head.
That they deserved to be dead.
And took his golf-clubs for a drive.

But Blacklight found a pet.
Who hadn't been putted yet.
So to avoid its kill.
She hid her gerbil.
But Atropis grinned and found it.

He pulled out his knife.
And threatened its life.
But Dria attacked.
And Atropis was smacked.
And the gerbil ran home to his wife.

But if, at night.
You're looking just right.
You may see a rodent arc silently through the sky.
And think, 'Who'd have thought a gerbil could fly!?'
And then it'd dawn on you, 'Why Atropis just might!'

* The Werewolf *
By Sevoreria

A bell rang in the distrance, telling the hour, midnight. Catrina gripped her
sword, she knew that the werewolf that was killing the poor townsfolk of the
village of Darvenshire, came out at midnight. She walked slowly down the forest
path, her eyes looking for danger, her ears doing the same, but she heard
nothing... no crickets... no owls... no leaves rustling... nothing. Catrina
grew scared, she began to walk hurriedly down the path. She heard a twig snap
behind her and quickly spun around, sword at the ready.

"There's nothing there," she said. Suddenly, from behind her sprang out a
massive wolf, it landed on her back, knocking her down. Catrina quickly rolled
out from underneat it and sprang to her feet. The wolf stood there, growling,
it's beady eyes glaring in the moonlight.
"Heh heh heh," the wolf started to laugh, "Do you think you can defeat me,
little girl?"

"I will certainly try, foul beast," she answered nervously.

"Foul beast? FOUL BEAST?!" it said, lurching at her, she leaped back, "You have
NO idea what you're up against!" With an eerie howl, the wolf slowly changed
form into a massive man wielding a huge black axe, "You see little girl, I will
NOT go down too easily!" With a blood searing cry, it lurched again at Catrina.
Caught off guard, she leaped clumsily out of the way. She spun around, ready
for a second attack, but it was gone, vanished into the shadows.

"Where did it go?" she wondered. Again, it lurched out at her from the shadows,
knocking her on her back. It stood above her, growling. In a purely
instinctive move, she shoved it off of her.

*WHOOSH* the axe flew by her head and embedded into the ground beside her. She
quickly leaped up, bringing her sword up on the wolf's chest, gashing it. The
wolf reared back in pain and darted for the shadows, disappearing once again.
She could hear it growling, trustling through the shadows. She soon realized
that the sounds were coming from behind her, and quickly leaped out of the way
just as the axe embedded into the ground again.

Catrina sliced down with her sword, but missed and struck the axe, with a
resounding twang and a shower of sparks. The axe disappeared again into the
shadows, and the wolf was growling once again.

"Who or what are you? You can't be man or wolf!" she yelled.

Almost immediately it lurched out at her again... pinning her to the ground.

"You do not know what I am, little girl?" it growled, "I am all evil, all
darkness, all your nightmares!"

"LIAR!" she screamed... shoving it off from her, slashing at it as it leaped
into the shadows again.

"You little fool, do you not see that I am a man? I can change form at will,
and I choose to be a wolf! One that will KILL YOU!" it said, leaping at Catrina
from the shadows. She was quick, and sliced down at the wolf, however it was
quicker, and knocked her against a tree. She slowly staggered to her feet.

"You're an illusionist then?" she yelled. The axe again came down beside her.

"HAHAHA! Your puny mind can only BEGIN to grasp the extent of my powers!"

"I do not need to understand anything, except that you must be killed!" she
yelled, spinning around to see behind her.

The wolf leaped out from the shadows again, but stopped short of her and stood

"You still don't get it do you?" it said, changing to human form again, "You
can't win! NO ONE CAN BEAT ME!" it screamed, lunging at her again.

Catrina quickly dodged and slashed down with her sword, cutting a gash into
it's back. It kept going, right into the shadows again.

"Are you so afraid that I might win that you have to hide from me?" she yelled.

"I fear NO ONE!" it yelled back, leaping out from the shadows again, catching
her off guard and knocking her into another tree. She stumbled to her feet, her
head spinning. The wolf had again snuck into the shadows, and sounded like it
was in front of her. In blind desperation she flung her sword toward the
sounds. A blood curdling scream of pain resounded from every direction. She
stood there, waiting for any sound, but nothing came. She brushed a lock of
hair from her face, and walked into the shadows before her. Almost tripping
over it, she saw the wolf, lying in a pool of blood, with her sword sticking
from it's side, dead.

"Heh, heh, heh. Well done little girl, you may have killed me now, but I will
be back!" an eerie voice echoed throughout the forest.


H0: Introduction

H1: Viking Song - Author Unknown, contributed by Vaevictis

Welcome to the Humour Section!

Here you can find some crazy stories, songs and poems which you will probably
get a kick out of them. Whether it be a list of medieval jokes, or a tale
of craziness.. we want to hear it!

*-+ Viking Song +-*
Author Unknown, Contributed by Vaevictis

Dashing thru the town, Our firebrands burning bright,
Striking foemen down, Setting things alight.
Swords on axes ring, Making spirits bright,
What fun it is to ride and sing a _slaying_ song tonight!

We're Viking Men, Viking Men, Plundering your shore,
Another dragon ship sails in, Discharging twenty more.
We're Viking Men, Viking Men, Axes red with gore,
Shouting out our battle cries and singing praise to Thor!

See your harbour fair, Filled with our Dragon ships,
See men with flame-red hair, And foam on bearded lips,
We come at break of day, To depredate your land,
And then when we have gone away, No unburnt building stands!

We're Viking Men, Viking Men, Plundering your shore,
Another dragon ship sails in, Discharging forty more.
We're Viking Men, Viking Men, Axes red with gore,
Shouting out our battle cries and singing praise to Thor!


C0: Introduction

C1: The Symposium

C2: The Newbie Council

C3: The Quest Council

Hello there! Welcome to the Council News Section.

Here Councils can submit explanations as to what they do, and/or current
projects they have on the go. If any Council Member/Head would like to begin
submitting articles, they may do so on the Newsletter board.

Anyone with questions about the Councils within the Realms, can post them on
the newsletter board and we will put them in a Q A article within the

- * - * - The Symposium - * - * -

The Symposium is a council that focuses on the communication lines between the
Immortal and Mortal communities of the Realms. Mortal representatives from
each Guild, Clan and Order, (as well as a few at-large representatives) meet
weekly to discuss changes, ideas and the needs of the Realms. The group
discusses ideas, conducts polling, and often works directly on the ideas to
transform them into reality.

The Immortal side of this Council deals with the selection of new immortals,
ensuring that ideas from Mortals are seen, forwarded to the right Council and
that feedback is provided. The Town Hall was one of the Mortal generated ideas
that was handled primarily by these members. Our representatives are
recommended by various organizations and voted on by current members. If you
need further information, please type : who 'the symposium' to see a list of
online members to contact.

History of the Symposium:

TS started out long ago as the Mortal Council. It was from these roots that
The Symposium developed into what it is today. There have been so many involved
with this council that to attempt to give credit to all would be quite
lengthy. As with any Council, it can only work with dedicated individuals who
strive for improvement. The Symposium has always been blessed with this. The
following maps provide a visual directory for those unfamiliar with the Town
Hall. If you haven't been there, please drop by and read the Oracle, write mud
mail, visit the Mayor, post an idea and get involved.

- * - * - Welcome to the Town Hall! - * - * -

First Floor:

Supreme Court Stairs Mail Room Quiet Room
Mayors Receptionist
Sir Montalbano's office (The Mayor)

Second Floor:

Lore of the Archives Stairs Mortal Symposium Board
| |
The Archives The Oracle
Third Floor:

Symposium General Assembly

Symposium Blue Room -- Symposium Lobby -- Receptionist -- Elcid's Office
Symposium General Assembly

Fourth Floor:

A.C. Assembly Room A.C. Note Room
Hall of Heroes Stairs Class Suggestions A.C. Board room
| | |
Hall-------- Hall-----------Hall-----------Hall-- Nations room
| | |
D.H. Newsletter D.H. General Tome Pkill Board
Assembly Of conception
(!) indicates General suggestion board

- * - * - The Newbie Council - * - * -


For many of you who are not aware, (what?! You have not checked help NC or read
the adventureres guide?!) the Newbie Council is one of two mortal councils that
exist in the realms. By mortal council, I mean a council composed primarily of
mortals with an immortal or two to assist with administrative or technical
concerns. The Newbie Council -- or NC as it is commonly referred to -- has
approximately 50 full time members. Its function is to assist 'newbies' with
integrating themselves into the life of the Realms. In case you are
wondering, we consider levels 1 to 20 'newbies' for the sake of our services.

What do we do? You name it. From corpse retrievals -- CRs -- to equipment
recommendations, to directions, to hand holding; the Newbie Council prides
itself on making every effort to help out the new player. To that end, we are
able to communicate with those who are in the Spectral Gates area -- exclusive
to level 1... you remember the tree, the cabin, the bucket, that feeling of
being lost... and assist them with their first tortuous steps into the Realms.

Additionally, our approach is a 'team' one. Our membership is in communication
with each other most of the time, and, thusly, if one person is unable to
answer your questions, they will contact others who can.

The Newbie Council also provides a board for new playres to voice their
concerns or read up on matters in the Realms. It is located one room east of
Lady Tsythia (the person you first see when you enter the Realms after the
spectral gates area) in the academy. Feel free to review that board or post
notes to that board on subjects dealing with matters that affect the new

If you find yourself in trouble, remember to type: who 'newbie council'
(include the ' marks around newbie council) for a list of those NC members who
are online and send a tell to one of them indicating your problem.

Happy Mudding:)
Article written by Kwai.

- * - * - The Quest Council - * - * -

The Quest Council's job is quite important to the Realms of Despair. It is our
charge to see to it that players are constantly challenged. We see that the
players are given frequent opportunities to prove their valor, and as reward
for excelling in knowledge or ability, reward you with reknown and glory.

Quests range from mere scavenger hunts, to seemingly impossible dares to find
and slaughter your worst nightmares-turned-mobs. We're the happy folk who sent
you looking for emeralds, rubies and saphires. We're the warm, kindhearted
people who dared you to defend Darkhaven from demonic forces. And you might
remember us as the evil incarnates that liberated your beating heart from your
chest, via a special mob.

Also under our purview, is the task of deciding how the glory you win may be
spent. We suggest, and ultimately help decide what amounts of glory will be
worth what rewards. We constantly seek to finetune the system to ensure it
works correctly, and serve everyone fairly. It is our goal to have glory,
and the entire quest system serve as an extension to the every-day adventures
of the Realms, and to keep you coming back for more.

If you have a suggestion for a quest, or an idea about how to better serve the
Realms through QC activities, write us a note. We have a board in the town
hall, The Hall of Heroes, located 3u, s, w, n from the entrance.

Article written by Darkur.


OR0 - Introduction

ORA - The Order of Arcanes

ORM - The Order of MaidenStone

Welcome to the Order News Section of the Times of Despair!

Here we will try to keep you informed of the latest changes in Orders, latest
news or induction policies. We hopefully will also have a Q A section for
anyone with frequently asked questions about Orders.

-+- The Order of Arcanes -+-

Leader: Morgase
Number 1: Cantal
Number 2: Astinus

_Brief Background_

During a time of great chaos, rose the Clan of Arcanes, a group of peaceful and
valiant Magic-Users who devoted their lives to aiding the Realms. Now, in it's
incarnation as the Order of Arcanes, they continue to follow the paths set for
them by the Elder Arcanes.

_Recent News_

Recently our Leader Cyrax stepped down, and a new era of Leaders began. Under
the hands of Morgase, Cantal and Astinus the induction procedure has been
revamped to help speed up inductions and to give the whole Order more chances
to have a large hand in new members.

_Questing Information_

We have begun a new series of quests. After the fall of Shaikyn, (our ancient
enemy) there was a time of peace and prosperity. During this time, though, an
even larger dark lord grew in power, and later arose; Axchillan. As we battle
his various minions, we gather our own power and await the day when we can meet
him face to face.

As a group, our Avatars have been participating in our new series of contests,
named "Hulkfest(tm)". Names are drawn out of a bag, and they then must battle
each other until only one Arcane remains standing.


To become an Arcane, you must be at least level 25 and must be either a mage,
druid, rancer, cleric, augurer or paladin. Please speak to anyone with the
rank of "Arcane-Scout". To see Arcanes online type 'who arcanes'.

For more information about this Order, please type 'help arcanes'.

***--The Order of MaidenStone--***

Deity: Circe
Leader: Cruella
Number 1: Lizee
Number 2: Farrow

The Order of MaidenStone is rich in tradition and steeped in history.
Created by Circe in the times of old, MaidenStone was a deadly clan
of very select maidens. Only few were chosen to join the ranks of
these beautiful, deadly women. When the blight across the land ravaged
the lands and brought all clans to their downfall, MaidenStone emerged
anew in the form of a peaceful Order. Their ideals are still the same.
Their methods altered. To learn more about MaidenStone and their
history, type help MS and/or read the revered MaidenStone handbook.

Members receive the benefit of a beautiful HQ chock full of luxurious
ameneties such as:

1) Rhiannon's Stables for purchasing such fine mounts as baby dragons,
flying griffens, arabian horses, wild mustangs and unicorns.
2) Vesta's Titanium Workship for repairing equipment.

3) The Upper Lip where bartender Scheherezade will make you a
dynamite Margarita or an elegant Vodka Martini among other items.
4) MaidenStone Spa - Boris the Towel Boy will massage you at no cost.
5) Musashi - MaidenStone's resident mascot, and Min's cherished pet
will assist you in many of your needs, but watch out, tiger's
still aren't exactly domesticated or housebroken.
6) MaidenStone Boutique - Minerva offers various sought-after items
such as the ever fashionable and useful Sequined Evening Bag,
a detect hidden/invis potion.
7) Gula - Rumour has it that MaidenStone's resident healer has
awesome powers that favour maidens greatly.
8) A Dining Room with Antoine, MaidenStone's personal waiter.
9) A Larder overflowing with delicious foodstuffs.
10) Hidden surprises that only a MS member would be privy to.

Please note that the MS HQ is being constantly renovated in order
to keep on the cutting edge and ensure that our members are
not lacking for anything.

At this time, we would like to wish Farrow congratulations on her
promotion to Number One as well as welcome Lizee to the spot of
Number Two. Farrow, an elf-druid, has been a loyal member of
MaidenStone for aeons and her promotion is well earned. Lizee,
elf-mage and daughter of Circe, is known for her cheeky, high-
spirited nature and is known for cheering up even the most
despondent of souls. Both would be happy to speak to those
wishing to join MS, along with Cruella, noble leader of MaidenStone.
Be warned though, although Cruella is extremely pleasant and
helpful, she has a wicked temper that matches her name. Fiercely
protective of her maidens, she would die for any of them, as they
would for her.

On a sad note, MaidenStone tearfully retired two of their original
leaders to the distinguished ranks of Aes Sedai. Min and Lomion.
Known for their skill and prowess in their glory days of pkill,
Min and Lomion took MaidenStone from their deadly ways into the
new domain of the peaceful with grace and aplomb. Their leadership
will be greatly remembered as they pass the torch on to their


G0: Introduction

G1: Augurer Guild - Update

G2: Vampire Guild - Update

___====-_ _-====___
_--###// \\#####_
_-#########// ( ) \\##########_
-############// |\| \\############-
_/############// (@::@) \\############\_
/#############(( \\// ))#############\
-###############\\ (oo) //###############-
|/ |#/\#/\#/\/ \#/\##\ | | /##/\#/ \/\#/\#/\#| \|
` |/ V V ` V \#\| | | |/#/ V ' V V \| '
` ` ` ` / | | | | \ ' ' ' '
( | | | | )
__\ | | | | /__

Welcome to the GuildNews Section!

From the time the Guilds were first introdced to the Realms, they have been
a very large part of what makes the Realms such a great place to be. This
section outlines what has been happening in various Guilds lately, and also
tries to help people to learn more about the Guilds.

Each Guild may choose a representative to submit their news to the ToD.

All reports can be posted upon the Newsletter Board to be added into each new
edition of the Times of Despair.

The Augurer Guild: Written by Aletheidas

Augurers ways of entry are as follows...

#1 - You must be level 15 or higher.
#2 - You must be joining for the proper reasons.
#3 You must be willing to make a LOT of mkills and little mdeaths!

To join our guild you must speak to a member of the guild first, to give you
an interview and quest. List of contactees as follows:

#1: Contact 'ITs' first. They are the chosen people with 'IT' in their title.
If you cannot contact any ITs, then remember patience is a virtue!

After your quest is done, I suggest contacting ITs again, or the leaders.
The leaders are as follows:

Leader : Sistance
Number 1 : Barnaby

*Auggie Update*

Hi there :)

On-the-scene reporter Orlando de Genru, coming to ya with ALL the cool
happenin's of the Guild of Augurers.

First, a big congratulation goes out to our elected leader, Sistance, guild
First Barnaby, and guild Second Belpolagra. We had a good voter turnout, and
our Leaders have filled their positions admirably.

Inductions have been on the rise as our guild (most noted for its friendliness
and care of our newbies) has appointed a new head IT, Banta, and his crew of
roving recruiters (I being one). Please don't hesitate to ask for an interview
with one of our IT's -- we'd love to talk with you :)

The glory of the guild was defended at a recent Trivia quest held by Kador, in
which the auggies stunned 'em all by coming in third place and winning
themselves enough glory for a rename! Maybe Belp can get those silk stockings
she's been hankering after.

We certainly have had our share of dissension in the ranks (what organization
is without it) but we've also had great success leveling our Auggies to avatars
recently (Gratz Elisa, Badarc, Carcajou, Keshein!!) All in all, it's been a
hectic, wonderful month, and it's been a pleasure sharing it with you :)

Signing Off,
Orlando de Genrou, Augurer Guild Roving Reporter and IT

The Guild of Vampires: written by Tiff

Hello ToD!

I, the Leader of the Guild of Vampires, happened to be reading through a
copy of the ToD which Grishnakh put up, and noticed that my guild was--well..
slacking. So I'm going to do my best to fill you in on the major things going
on in the guild.

1) After elections, the new leadership is:
Leader: Tiff First: Delphya

2) Our Sires, who are basically an induction team, are now:
Drune, Aimeur, Enzzo, Casamir, Zaltorak

3) We have two new councils which have been formed recently:

A) The VQC -- Vampire Quest Council
-- Lead by Delphya
-- Members (as of 7/4): Tiff, Drune, Casamir
-- 3 more members of lower levels will be selected to serve as

B) The VIRC -- Vampire Internet Resources Council (Homepage)
-- Lead by Quotance
-- Members (as of 7/4): Aimeur, Casamir, Tiff, Drune,
Delphya, Vlaimer.
-- More members may be added.

I'll try to update as stuff comes up. Thanks! Tiff


CL0: Introduction

CLL: Lasombra

(/\___ /|\\ ()==========_
\_/ | \\ //|\ ______/ \)
\_| \\ // | \_/
\|\/|\_ // /\/
(oo)\ \_// /
//_/\_\/ / |
@@/ |=\ \ |
\_=\_ \ |
\==\ \|\_ snd
__(\===\( )\
(((-) __(_/ |
(((-) \ /
______/ /

Hello there! Welcome to the Council News Section.

Here Councils can submit explanations as to what they do, and/or current
projects they have on the go. If any Council Member/Head would like to begin
submitting articles, they may do so on the Newsletter board.

Anyone with questions about the Councils within the Realms, can post them on
the newsletter board and we will put them in a Q A article within the
Newsletter. For more information on submissions, Look SUBMISSIONS.

+-+ Lasombra +-+

Deity: Darrek
Leader: Ixshath
Number 1: Anakin
Number 2: Doramar

Out of the shadows of the darkness, and the abyssal blackness of the night
comes a new clan known as Lasombra. Heavily influenced by the occult and the
manipulation of both shadows and darkness, the Lasombra exert their will upon
others through both force, and manipulation. The Lasombra believe that they
re the true bearers ofpower, as well as the rightful rulers of the Sabbat. It
is through these foundations that the Lasombra will affect these Realms as we
know them. A both potent and powerful clan of Vampires, we will be a force to
be reckoned with. But, such things do not happen overnight and it is with
these ideals and goals in mind that I call you to my cathedral of Darkness, to
fight in both blood and honor under the name Lasombra. It need not matter of
what origin you come from, nor the level of experience you have had in combat.
We, the Lasombra will gladly accept you, as well as teach you of the powers and
knowledges that have accumulated during our times and lives.

- Lord Anakin


Our board is now located on the newly created Town Hall (Fourth Floor). Look
C1M for a map, which was provided by the Symposium. We hope to get the
Newsletter out on a more regular basis, perhaps even monthly. To do so, we
need quite a bit of participation from all Level of Players. The deadlines
for all stories is the 1st of every month. Please post all you article ideas,
articles, etc. on our board. Not all stories are chosen, depending on the
number of entries and/or the content of your submissions. There will be rewards
for the best articles written, so put your quills to your parchments and let's
get working!

Please address all articles to Adonia, and make sure you add under which column
you would like to see your article printed in. :)

The ToD Staff



|+| Atropis |+| Cantal |+| Cresis |+| Draconar |+|
|+| Elennon |+| Geroo |+| Jastadei |+| Kip |+|
|+| Merry |+| Quinton |+| Rowena |+| Sevoreria |+|
|+| Shelliak |+| Vaevictis |+|

Special thanks to all Councils, Guilds, Orders and Clans who submitted their
news. Also thanks to Jade and Gilean for the pictures and to Korkas for the
title page picture. A HUGE thank you to Phalanx and Xanthia, my spell-checkers,
and to Grishnkah who put us up on the webpage. And of course, to our Readers!