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8th Anniversary Reunion: Awards, Interviews, Memories!

Cry of Despair                                   Issue 63, 09/02
   ******           *******    |  Reunion Highlight Issue:
  **////**         /**////**   |   - 8th Anniversary Reunion 
 **    //   ****** /**    /**  |     Review
/**        **////**/**    /**  |   - Reunion Memorable Moments
/**       /**   /**/**    /**  |   - 2002 RoD Reunion Awards
//**    **/**   /**/**    **   |   - Making of a RL Quest
 //****** //****** /*******    |   
  //////   //////  ///////     |   
Editor: Myra                          Immortal Sponsor: Elisabet
Staff: Alysira, Amoria, Diblin, Ilsensine, Juliana, Kellandra
       Khaimran, Shadia, Shadrack
Contents                                           CoD, Issue 63

Desk of the Editor
News from around the Realms
Cassa + Blanca's Timely Tidbits
Dear Myra + Ilsensine
8th Anniversary Reunion Review
Reunion Memorable Moments
The Making of a Real Life Quest
2002 RoD Reunion Awards
Funny Bones

Desk of the Editor - by Myra                          Editor

It brings me great pleasure to bring to you, the
denziens of the Realms, an edition of the Cry that is
dedicated to the 8th Annual Realms of Despaire Reunion.
An extra amount of hard work went in to this issue so
that we could provide a variety of information
surrounding the reunion. I would like to thank Pheayre
for his hard work in putting together a thorough review
of the events. I know that you will find his article
interesting. Amoria did a great job of hitting the
streets and digging up the nitty gritty of what went
on as well as compiling the results of the Reunion
To those of you that went, I am sorry that I missed it.
Phred and I are working on it for next year. :)
To those of you that did not make it, I hope that this
issue entices you into going next year.
To the countless Immortals [and mortals] that helped
organize it all. Your work does not go unappreciated.
Thank you.

Guild + Order News - by Kellandra                           News


The Dragonslayers would like to extend a belated and
warm welcome to Arca.

Guild of Clerics

The Guild of Clerics survived the Shattering in one
piece due to our large stock of kumquat preserves we
had saved in the case of emergencies!  We also welcomed
new guildies Kelmath, Karlika, Xyrnwyn, Vanyla, Lecanyn,
Cleryst and Shuga to the family and bestowed each with
their very own dirty carrot!

Guild of Rangers

This past month, the following pledges have joined our
guild: Aldridge, Kindra, Lorthar, Mariska, Melyssia,
Rialian and Zarz. Welcome to all and I hope you enjoy
your time in the guild. Congratulations to Angharad,
Glithoniel, and Merk for passing their pledge reviews
and becoming our newest full members.
Zargon and Beawolf have birthdays this month. Have a
fun and happy birthday you two!

Guild + Order News - by Kellandra                           News

Guild of Vampires

Greetings, from the Guild of Vampires! It's been a busy
month for us with several new questors diligently
working to join our ranks.  Volstoff, Malum, Amalric,
Fabien, Yagmoth, and Ladeb recently completed their
Chylde period, and have been voted in as full members.
Congratulations to all of them.
Zya has earned the position of Guild Second, Kendron
moved to Guild First and Rastagar's dedication has
earned him the title of Elder Sire.
Happy hunting!

Guild of Mages

The Guild of Mages mourns the loss of Il'Liara as well
as the magic and power she brought to our proud guild.
The mages are adjusting to the loss of strength, loss
of spells, and new spells given to us by the immortals.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to the builders
for all their hard work.
We warmly welcome Hardaker and Targar to the guild!
Thank you for giving us new targets for the endless,
superfluous socials we are well known for.
Since the Shattering, mages in MEF are busy exploring
the new world and collecting as much data as we can on
directions to places, deities, hometowns. With so much
change, we have quite a job ahead of us. Fithlanthas is
the new MEF leader and Romani is the new MEF 2nd. These
two really have a handle on things.
IT is on hold pending investigation into the assurance
that it is safe to explore for young mages that apply.
We will be taking applications again very soon.

Guild + Order News - by Kellandra                           News

Guild of Nephandi

The trumpets of chaos were blown for only the most
devoted worshippers of evil to hear. The Guild of
Nephandi rose to arms against one another upon hearing
the call demanding blood to be spilled and pain to be
wrought and chaos to be spread upon one another. The
three leaders of the guild emerged from their council
with the Wyrm; Morgrin stalked out of the Deep Umbra in
search of the blood of his peers; Lossoth and Abraxyln
left the Stone Room to prove themselves worthy to their
gods; Temokinon, prepared for death by locust, made way
for the killing grounds; and Frerry, the blasphemer,
turning against the chaotic and evil ways of Nephandi,
stood prepared within his brilliant white aura.
One by one, the Nephandi marched into the arena
prepared to strike the first, and possibly final blow.
The bloodlusted calls were bellowed and blades began to
strike against armour. Coming prepared, Hewitt put one
of the most enviable Nephandi spells to use and
summoned a true swarm of locusts to protect him from
anyone that would dare attack him. Shadrack, seeing the
perks of such a strong force of locusts, joined with
Hewitt for the time being. The rest ran throughout the
arena seeking to impale their blades into the tender
flesh of each other, or to rake their claws against the
face of their friends. After fleeing from each other,
the first death blow was given to Temokinon and the
voices of chaos roared as he fell.

Guild + Order News - by Kellandra                           News

The pristine colour of Frerry's aura harmed the eyes
his foes, and after taking many wounds even with the
protection of good on his side, he fell to the more
powerful evil of Morgrin's blade. A triumphant roar
shook the very bones of all who were near during the
death. Morgrin, seeking revenge for everyone’s attacks
against him, bore down on Abraxyln until his life force
was ripped from his body. Screams of terror and despair
filled the ears of the combatants still alive.
With a scream of defiance, Morgrin ran into the swarm
of locusts and summoned a mighty plague to scour them
from the face of the battlefield. However, the stings
of the many locusts and the bite of Shadrack's and
Hewitt's weapons were too much for Morgrin and he fell,
causing a uproar within the streams of chaos.
With only four left standing, the tides of chaos were
balanced for the time being. Shadrack and Hewitt stood
in their corner waiting for Mazzic and Lossoth to come
to them, but their plan would only end in ruin. Mazzic
and Lossoth let loose a flurry of psionic blasts
forcing the two leaders to leave the protection of
their locusts to begin the hunt. Using Lossoth as a
shield, Mazzic unleashed mighty blows against Shadrack
and Hewitt until Lossoth's health failed him and he was
called into the abyss along with his other fallen
comrades. The triad of leaders stood alone in the blood
of their underlings.

Guild + Order News - by Kellandra                           News

Shadrack, turning on Hewitt at this crucial time, hoped
to strike him down and then Mazzic to gain the glory of
the victor, but failed after the duo of Hewitt and
Mazzic repaid the favor of treachery. Mazzic struck the
Final blow against the Guildmistress, and the cry of
the Wyrm resonated within the stone of the arena floor
as its emissary of darkness fell. Bloodied and nearing
death, Hewitt was able to follow Mazzic while his eye
sight was blurred by the blood of his guildmistress,
and strike the final, fatal blow against him, thus
ending the tournament. The Wyrm, the Weaver, and the
Wyld smiled down upon the Nephandi known as Hewitt on
this day.


Thanks to Destre, for running the pkill for us, and to
Tiki, for skinning us afterwards. :)

IGQC Update - by Shadrack                                   News

In August, Angelea and GoT received a cry for help that
they had to answer. Frodo turned up on their doorstep
all worn out and depressed, saying that he had failed
in his quest to destroy the One ring. He had at least
managed to break the ring into pieces and scatter them.
However, the Ringwraiths had found the pieces, and it
was looking like it would be curtains for the lot of us
when they returned them to Sauron. So, the GoT
recruited the brave guildies of Realms to the cause.
Four teams strode out to battle and save the world.
Once the Ringwraiths were dispatched and the ring
pieces safe in their hands, the questors were able to
obtain help from Gandalf to remake the One ring. All
that remained to do now was to destroy it....However,
Sauron stood in their way, and he was a mighty
adversary. One team mistakingly gave Sauron the One
ring bringing fatal consequences upon themselves.
Quickly learning from their mistake, they returned to
the fray, and after much bloodshed (mostly their own)
vanquished the dark lord. A second team followed, and
also succeeded in their quest. The One ring was
consigned to the flames, the world was saved, and Frodo
was able to return home with his pride intact.

The Symposium Update - by Myra                              News


 * Adept/unadept commands
 * Give m/k coins
 * Slist 
 * Outcast safety
 * Af/af by do not affect trance/meditate
 * Noemote in donations
 * Messages for housing doors
 * Nation leaders helpfile
 * Comma placement in gold
 * Charge skill
 * Scry for Rangers
 * Stalk skill
 * Random no-exit messages
 * Hint for compass
 * Webpage on guilds/orders command

The Symposium Update - by Myra                              News


 * Geek/tech channel
 * Acronym helpfile
 * Bp on equipment
 * PK team channel
 * Auction prompt token (name)
 * Sleight skill
 * Spell enhancers
 * Seal portal

On hold:                             No actions:

 * Butcher skill                      * Roster 
 * Whirlwind spell                    * Auction helpfile
 * Multiple effects dispelling
 * Poison arrors
 * Orbing spell

The Symposium Update - by Myra                              News

Selina: New Skills and Spells
Tue Aug 27 14:51:56 2002
Due to the massive overhauls of most of the classes,
no new spells or skills will be considered for the
time being, with the exception of mages and align
skills/spells for clerics. Racial abilities will also
be considered.
Please ask people to hold off on their ideas for at
least a few months. I have removed all the spells and
skills from here and the people will be notified that
they can resubmit in a few months time.


Destre - by Alysira                                   Interviews

For my first interview for the Cry of Despair, I was
Privileged enough to spend a moment with Destre, the
Realm's only Nephandi to be immortalized.

After spending much of her time as Leader of the Guild
of Nephandi, Destre has risen beyond the highest rank a
mortal can achieve. While she spent much of her time
tending to the needs of her fellow guild members and
assisting to the needs of the Realms with her position
in The Symposium, Destre still managed to enjoy her
time and be an active and fun player.  Although she
kept her own guildies entertained, she also entertained
countless players in her role on the IGQC, creating
three quests for guildies from all over.

A: When did you first begin playing RoD?
D: I started in August 1998 as a Ranger.

A: How long were you a Ranger for?
D: The ranger was my main for about a year.

Destre - by Alysira                                   Interviews

A: What made you keep playing?
D: I was having a great time, exploring realms, meeting
   people and just enjoying muyself.

A: What do you think has been your greatest
   contribution to the RoD?
   Destre laughs.
D: I always just did whatever needed to be done.
   Originally the guild needed an IT, so I did that,
   and things just kept going.

A: What was your favourite thing about being mortal?
D: The same thing it has always been, the people who

A: And whats your favourite thing about being Immortal?
D: Same answer. :>

A: What made you choose a Nephandi as your main?
D: Early on, I tried most of the classes, at that point
   there were very few Nephandi, the guild recruited me,
   and since I wasnt in any other organization then,
   and the guild was a lot of fun, the Nephandi became
   my main over time. :>

A: What organisations were you in as a mortal?
D: I was in the GoN, GoA, GoV, GoM, IGQC, and TS.

Destre - by Alysira                                   Interviews

A: What do you like to see happen in the Realms?
D: I like to see people having a good time, making
   friends, doing stuff

A: What do you dislike seeing happen?
D: People being snide and putting other people down.

A: What do you think has your most enjoyable moment?
D: I like things that are fun, and probably the
   funniest thing that ever happened was the time the
   Arcanes caught Shadrack and I exploring the maze
   that leads into their headquarters. I dont do mazes
   very quickly, so 3 of us where poking around in the
   maze and Shadrack and I got put in the Tower in the
   castle and slime dumped all over us. Lealoo dumps a
   bucket of slime all over you. Eeeeeeeew! How gross!
   So then Pheayre is there asking what we were doing,
   and Hewitt is saying on guild, "Are you guys in
   trouble?" And I was laughing so much I couldnt type.
   [I] would have to say that was the funniest momment
   I ever had in Realms.

A: What do you miss most about being a Mortal?
D: Being able to hang out, and just run off and do
   whatever comes to mind.

Destre - by Alysira                                   Interviews

A: Do you have any big plans for the future that you
   can share with us?
D: Dont know about big plans, I just plan to show up,
   try to be useful and have some fun :>'

A: Do you have anything to ask me?
D: What is the best part about being on NC ?
A: Being a part of a group that so many wonderful
   people belong to.
D: Being part of a good group really wonderful, and
   that is how I have always felt about Realms :>'

If you have a suggestion regarding interviews, please
     feel free to contact any CoD Staff member.

Cassa and Blanca's Timely Tidbits - by Cassa + Blanca       CBTT

Casting Call

Season la Carnival!  Candy and trinkets galore fell
from the heavens as Midway was opened.

Rope Climbing

The dark advisor takes a step from beginner to follower.
The path is surely shadowy.

A nightmare ascends to a higher level of horrors.
Sleepers beware.

From healing pixie dust to stolen pixie dust, someone's
certain to get an opium high.

Missing in action, one musikal chylde has replaced
another amongst the leaders of the undead.

Yarr!  Vast ye mateys, the first fathomer has happlo'd
to avatar!

Disappearing Act

Out with the old and in with the new, the eixip egam
has a new owner.

All fairytales and myths must come to an end sooner or

Cassa and Blanca's Timely Tidbits - by Cassa + Blanca       CBTT

With all the reunion excitment and the coming of the
Shattering, Cassa and I just wanted all of you
beautiful people to know that we along with only a few
of our spies managed to survive the wrath of the
godslayers.  As such, we managed to bring these
delicious tidbits to you.  Not to worry though, we're
working on our recruitment techniques with the lovely
residents of Thul Ab'hara.
So, until next time, here's to caviar dreams and
champagne kisses!


Dear Myra and Ilsensine - by Myra + Ilsensine                M+I

Dear Myra and Ilsensine,

Before the Shattering, I, like many others, tinkered
with the likes of belladonna. It was fun to go back and
forth being myself and then changing to other genders.

However, where I was once a man, I am now permanently a
woman! You see, I was switched before and now after, I
cannot locate any belladonna to switch back.

What do I do?!?


Dear Myra and Ilsensine - by Myra + Ilsensine                M+I

Dear Trapped,

Well, I must say that you have found yourself in a most
Interesting predicament. However, my advice would be to
make the most out of this situation. When life gives
you lemons...make lemonade!  Play it off as though you
meant for this to happen. Tell people that you had the
inside scoop on from the godslayers and knew when they
would destroy the world. You actually wanted to start
over as a whole new person. Of course when it comes to
relationships, you may find yourself still attracted to
what was previously the opposite sex (and is now the
same sex). In this case, I'm sure you can find a lovely
lady willing to look beyond the exterior to your heart
and love you for what you are. Best of luck!


Dear Trapped,

Hahaha! This shattering business may mean that I have
not a clue where anything is but hey, I'm getting a
good laugh out of it at least. Oh, yes... you wanted
some advice, didn't you. I suggest you check out the
new "magical changes" clinic which is rumoured to have
been set up in the Abbatoir Assylum. However, you will
have to hurry as I hear the clinic is having financial
difficulties, due to an unexpected drop in patronage in
light of the shattering. On a comforting (well...) note
you can console yourself that you weren't the only the
only casualty of this untimely change in the realms!


Dear Myra and Ilsensine - by Myra + Ilsensine                M+I

Dear Myra and Ilsensine,

I am kinda new to the Realms and find that there are
some rather mean people out there.

When I ask questions on channels for help, they don't
always give me the answers I need.

What gives?

-Frustrated Newbie

Dear Myra and Ilsensine - by Myra + Ilsensine                M+I

Dear Frustrated Newbie,

Allow me to let you in on a little secret...many of us
got to where we are today after EXPLORING and
DISCOVERING things for ourselves. Of course we have
all had a little help on the way, but that came from
friends here and there. It did not come from repeatedly
asking for directions or answers to puzzles or even
asking for passwords on public channels.  Deep down,
this really is a game. A game that you must learn to
play for yourself and not have played for you. Let me
ask you this...can you truly enjoy a game where all of
the hints and answers are provided for you?  Where is
the fun and adventure in that?


Dear Frustrated Newbie,

Well, there was a lot that I felt like saying, but my
partner in crime has already said much of that.
For once I agree with the sickeningly palatable one.
Curses! Thus, in a odd moment of kindness in my bitter
existance, I'm going to be gooey and nice to you. Ok...
here goes.

Err. People can be mean. Very mean indeed. You will
hate them. They will hate you back. It happens, so live
with it, honey.

Hell... that was difficult. Does my spite look big in
this dress? And where's the spit-roasted baby vendor?!


8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

The 8th Annual Realms of Despair Reunion - A Review

Every year, players from across North America, and
often the globe, gather to partake in merriment in
southern Ontario. This great event is the annual Realms
of Despair Reunion. Taking place in the vicinity of
Toronto, the birthplace of the Realms, this occasion
celebrates the anniversary of the creation of this MUD.

* How It All Began

The Reunion had humble beginnings, first being
associated with the annual IDirect picnics in the
Realms’ early years of existence. By the time the fifth
anniversary of the MUD came around, it had evolved into
the four-day affair centered on the Canadian Civic
Holiday long weekend (the first weekend of August).

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of
attending this year’s Reunion, this article will recap
the major events that took place, and hopefully entice
you to attend in the future.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* Thursday, August 1 - Pre-Party at The Fox and Fiddle

The Fox and Fiddle is a pub located west of the
Oakville/Mississauga border, and has long been the main
location for the Realms’ major events in real life.
Situated in a major plaza, the location provides access
to bank machines, restaurants, cafes, a large pool hall
and bowling alley. The Fox itself has two coin-operated
pool tables within its confines, as well as an outdoor
patio and small dance floor. Thursday evening is
primarily a warm-up event, geared towards travelers who
have arrived earlier during the week and to provide
information to those who may be new to the Reunion

* Friday, August 2 - Orientation Party at The Fox and Fiddle

This is the major introduction event. During this
evening, announcements concerning the weekend’s events
are made, and opportunities to meet many of the other
players are available. Realms of Despair souvenirs are
available for purchase from Thoric himself, as well as
any tickets you would need for the weekend’s events.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* Saturday, August 3 - Main Event, Ontario Renaissance Festival

This is the main event. The Ontario Renaissance
Festival is located in Milton, Ontario. The site is a
recreation of an English village in the Victorian era,
with an ongoing story line that most of the employees
try to incorporate in their daily routines. There is an
extensive array of live shows and many shops and
boutiques to visit. The Ontario RennFest is also home
to one of the national jousting competitions, held
annually. In addition, visitors are encouraged to dress

Some of the major highlights of the festival include
Zoltan the Adequate, a magic show that will force you
to think twice about what is illusion and what is
reality. This show is not for the faint of heart, as
Zoltan openly admits to having several audience members
faint each year at his end-of-the-day Extremely
Adequate show. The Mud Show puts a spin on a classic
fairy tale, and of course, throws around a lot of mud.
You’d have to see it to understand. ;) The Tartan
Terrors are a Scottish musical group with a flair for a
slightly mature brand of humour. If dancing sheep,
midgets, and haggis are your thing, do check them out.
The Men In Tights are a three-man show that recounts
famous stories with the help of the audience. Ad-lib
humour is stock in trade, and audience participation
makes the experience that much better. Wandering
minstrels, singers, a live chess match, and other
characters make this wonderful festival come to life.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* Saturday, August 3 - Party at The Fox and Fiddle

This is normally the main evening event for the weekend.
In previous years, karaoke has been the main attraction,
though this year it was replaced by an inventive way to
raise money for breast cancer research. Dubbed the
Slave for the Cure, players volunteered their
services to the highest bidder for the evening. All
proceeds went to breast cancer research via Moonbeam’s
participation in the Run for the Cure. An astounding
$1576 was amassed, and all participants in the auction
survived their duties. Dancing and merriment carried on
for much of the night, leaving many with hangovers and
headaches into the next morning. ;)

* Sunday, August 4 - BBQ at Kelso Conservation Area

This is the second year that this event has taken place.
Prior to the BBQ, a day trip to Canada’s Wonderland
normally took place, but after surveying Reunion
participants from years past, the change was made last
year. This year’s BBQ was a great success, with over 50
people attending.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

The Kelso Conservation area is huge, covering nearly
400 hectares of land. There is access to many bike and
hiking trails, a lake for swimming and boating, and in
winter, a full-fledged ski resort. For further
information on the conservation area, visit:

The BBQ also marked the beginning of which will
hopefully become an annual tradition at the Reunion:
the first ever real-life quest. This year’s quest was
the brainchild of Thorpe, Clav, and Feyd, and was a
success through the combined efforts of the three
mentioned, Elisabet, and Lenslakin. There were four
components: a race, trivia, an item-find, and a “pkill”.
By far the lengthiest and most grueling component was
the item-find, held within the extensive hiking grounds
atop the hills that comprise Glen Eden Ski Resort.
Details regarding the quest can be found within the
player testimonials submitted at the end of this

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* Sunday, August 4 - Party at The Fox and Fiddle

By this time, some groups of players will have started
heading home from the Reunion, so Sunday night is a
lower key affair than Saturday night. However, many
players still remain for this evening, as there are a
few events scheduled for the next day.

* Monday, August 5 - Lunch, Afternoon Movie

Traditionally in previous years, a group lunch is
scheduled before an afternoon movie at local area
cinema. This year the lunch did not take place in an
official capacity, though several groups of players did
make it a point to gather together for the noon-hour

* Monday, August 5 - Farewell at The Fox and Fiddle

This is the last event for the Reunion. A final toast
to friends new and old, a quiet game of pool (or two),
the last huzzah for the weekend. As one player once
stated to me following the Reunion, “It was so sad to
say goodbye to everyone!” Many that attended echoed
this sentiment, but others also kept in mind that there
would always be another Reunion next year.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* Thank Yous

Tical and Darshanin, various helpers (mortal and
immortal), and any members of the Reunion Committee,
past and present: You deserve a pat on the back. Great

Management and Staff at The Fox and Fiddle: You’ve put
up with us for many years, here’s hoping you put up
with us for many more! Thanks!

Thorpe, Elisabet, Lenslakin, Feyd the Dark, and Clav
“Terok” the Ogre: For orchestrating the first ever real-
life RoD quest and managing to pull it off without a
visible hitch. Wonderfully executed.

Dale, MaRiL of Old, and *GDread: Thanks for the help
setting up a great BBQ!

Thoric: You are the reason we all have managed to meet
in the first place. Your creativity and vision have
proven to be an inspiration to MUDers everywhere. Thank

You, the MUDer: Without the MUDers themselves, there
would be no RoD Reunion. Thank you for supporting the
Realms of Despair and making it one of the most long-
lived MUDs in existance.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* A Final Word (actually several)

This has been my third Reunion since I’ve started
playing here, which was exactly three years ago on
August 1. I am happy to say that in my short time here
on RoD, I have met some of the greatest people to set
text on this MUD at each of the Reunions. Some things
I remember fondly from previous years include a druidic
pool shark, a “dancing” *cough* cow-god, tall dwarves,
a not-so-reclusive reclusive order, not-so-talkative
avspammers, and a benevolent and quiet Supreme Entity.
The memories are likely to vary from person to person,
but the sentiment is the same.

Each year, the response I get from the first-time
Reunion participants I’ve met is the same. They each
come away with a different perspective on the MUD as a
whole. Barriers are dropped, and sometimes even old
grudges forgotten. Old friendships are renewed and new
ones are forged. Eat, drink, and be merry. This is the

It is my sincere hope that each of the new attendees
this year will bring home good memories and make plans
to attend again next year. As for you, the player who
has yet to make the trip out to Canada during the first
weekend of August, I hope that this article has helped
give you a better picture of what awaits you in the
future. Just keep this in mind: If you can only make it
to one Reunion in your lifetime, make sure it’s the
10th Anniversary. Onwards, to 2004! ;)


Note to self: Remember sunscreen and lots of aloe
lotion. (Thanks Grae =P)

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

* Selected Player Testimonials

Well this was my first Reunion so I have nothing to
compare it to but I will say that I had a blast. The
Meet and Greets at the Fox are always a rock'n time.
The rennfair was a hoot with all the interesting
vendors and entertainers. But the funniest parts of the
weekend had to be watching what the slave owners did
with their slaves after the auction. Much interesting
black mail material was to be had that night but it was
all in good fun and no one suffered any lasting
psychological damage. The next image that stands out in
my mind was the race down the bunny hill quest. Those
poor questors who did face plants into the grass have
my admiration. The only minor disappointment was the
PK portion of the Picnic quest... a water balloon fight
would have been a better choice than a tug of war in my
opinion. The water was wonderful at the conservation
area just too bad not a lot of the RoDers were up for a
swim. Any who I had a wonderful time and I am really
looking forward to the 9th reunion.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

It began with a quite energetic romp downhill alongside
Moonbeam, Kali, and Azrielle. Then it loomed before us.
The foothills of Mount Doom greeted us with a sneer as 
we started to run up them. By the time we were halfway
up, my legs were about to explode, so I began walking.
After 10-15 more rests while only walking up the hill,
I finally collapsed, exhausted at the summit of the
first hill. Azrielle was removed from the race on a
stretcher and the remainder of us continued with the
quest. We broke off into different groups and spent the
next 2 hours running around forest trails without a
clue where we were going. After meeting an angry ogre, 
my quest partner Razorth and myself continued on to 
find a "big shiney" for Terok the ogre. With 30 minutes
left to go in the quest, the "big shiney" was handed
over to Terok. The clue divulged by Terok led myself
back down the cursed foothills of Mount Doom, back into
the campsite. Whilst there, I found another clue...
which directed me back up the foothills again. By the
time I reached the top of the ski-err foothills, my
unexercised body was about to collapse onto the grass.
I did not find what I sought on Mount Doom though, and
it wasn't until I returned to the campsite did I
finally get the prized pixie dust, but it knocked
Razorth and myself into 3rd place overall and made all
of the cursed exercise worth it!
Huzzah for real quests!
Huzzah for lots of water!
And Huzzah for all of the imms who set up the quest :)
I think Thorpe went up and down that ski hill like 5
times. That man is crazy.

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

Oh where to begin!
The clouds were shining, the birds were buzzing, and
Mount Doom was a heck of a climb. This of course, was
the rl quest you may have heard about!
I was grouped with Ricoley [Ed. Rikoles], and my rl
friend, and off we went hiking up Mount Doom to recover
treasure from a list of clues! Unfortunately, due to
excessive mudding, I have become extremely lazy.
Therefore, after hiking halfway up the mountain, and
finding a slew of clues letting us know that the people
before us had already found items, our wimpy set in and
we decided to hike down the mountain. Not so for
Ricoley! He set about adventuring by himself, and ended
up winning the quest with 50 glory points. Needless to
say... *mumbles incoherently* congrats!
There was also trivia to be done, for those up to the
challenge: and a challenge it was! Out of 10 questions,
the maximum amount answered correctly was 2! Heck, we
all learned something new! :)
Fox and Fiddle was hella fun, even though I was branded
"NA" to receive alcohol :( But hey, it was still worth
a trip twice as long, getting to meet all the wonderful
people that I talk to daily, moreso than my family! Heh.
And who are, in more ways than one, my adopted family! :)
It was awesome to be able to put faces and rl names
along with char names, and chat about everything from
RoD to baby back ribs!
Now I'm just waiting for the 10th Reunion, when I'll be
drinking age! muaha
Thanks to all the imms that worked so hard for our fun!!

8th Anniversary Reunion Review - by Pheayre              Reunion

If you wish to submit pictures of this year’s reunion,
please send them to

Thank you to those who submitted player testimonials
and feedback. Your comments will be considered when
planning future Reunions. If you have any further
comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact
Tical, Pheayre, or Darshanin. For further information
on the Reunion, please read help reunion and its
associated help files.

Reunion Memorable Moments - by Amoria                    Reunion

The CoD decided to ask around and find out what
people's most memorable moments were from the RoD
Eighth Aniversary Reunion.

It seems the popularity contest - had there been one -
would have been won by Vir, hands down. (Apparently
he's a good chicken masseur.)

What's your most memorable Reunion moment?

Aurale:    Vir doing the chicken dance while the whole
           patio sang the song :9

Daltorak:  Probably the look of awe on Moonbeam's face
           at the end of the slave auction, given how
           much money she raised...she wasn't expecting
           anywhere near as much as she got'

Darshanin: Vir doing the bird dance!'

Elisabet:  The male slaves all dancing to YMCA and
           Macho Man [and] Zoltan the Adequate flirting
           with Lenslakin :P'

Reunion Memorable Moments - by Amoria                    Reunion

Karsiq:    I think the most fun was probably when I was
           out to dinner with a bunch of GoC people and
           we just had an awesome time laughing it up
           and having a great convo as if our
           relationships had shifted from mud to rl
           without any slipups in the transition we
           were all laughing.

Kyrian:    The funniest moment was watching Vir rub
           Hecar's feet and being able to take a pic
           and him realizing that I just did =P

Nimue:     I hardly remember any of it, being way too
           intoxicated or exhausted most of the time...
           Although the slave dancing was pretty
           amusing  ;)

Pheayre:   I was absolutely amazed at how the quest
           turned out and the number of people

Rikoles:   I'd have to say the most memorable moment
           was Rhett, Alex, Chris and Myself went down
           the 403 doing 180kmp' and going through red
           lights and squealing of the tires

Reunion Memorable Moments - by Amoria                    Reunion

Selina:    Ok..the auction was funny, I guess that was
           one of the best parts. Meeting people I had
           never met before etc'

Skaphia:   He'll probably thwap me for noting it, but
           Vir giving Hecar a foot-rub.. Vir dancing
           with Thal.. Vir doing the chicken dance..

Taylor:    Fondling Zed's nipple. Actually. Eating
           lunch with Leala Timas Saryk Nimmers and a
           wack of other people at the Ren Fair before
           the group photo (and conversely my least
           fond moment is the sun burn I received
           waiting in line for the food

Thalasian: Making the women scream!'  (Eep! How'd you
           do that?) Giving them massages..and uhh..
           dancing. Its a good scream, mind you.

Tharius:   Vir footrub. . .I got one, that's why it's

Thorpe:    Hrm, the quest and kissing Mary the waitress

Reunion Memorable Moments - by Amoria                    Reunion

Vaile:     Hiking up that damn hill with Hecar and
           deciding after an hour to just go back and

Venita:    Hrmmm Vir rubbing Hecar's sweaty bare feet

Vir:       I'd guess the most memorable moment was
           being auctioned.  Simply for the pure
           nastiness of it.  It was for a good cause,
           so I risked any pride and self-respect to
           become a slave.

Viracocha: Losing my shoes when I was racing downhill
           in the race part of the quest at the
           barbeque :P

Zed:       The most memorable thing is me and Moonbeam
           and Saraphin scaling a cliff wall then
           getting stuck on a ledge like 20 feet from
           the summit of the mountain. . .[we] scaled
           all the way back down after we fought about
           trying to climb a cliff face

The Making of a Real Life Quest - by Elisabet            Reunion

With basic plans in mind, Thorpe and Elisabet set out
on a miserably hot day to design a real life quest for
the reunion goers. It was some 95 degrees plus with
unbearable humidity, and for some reason, it was fine
for them to leave the water in the car.

The first step was to scope out the mountain on which
The questees would climb.  To do this, they would have
to climb it themselves while not noticing until much
later that there was a less deadly hill that they could
have taken up the mountain. Thorpe and Elisabet climbed
further up this actual ski slope until finally reaching
the top where they began looking for evil places to
hide items and clues for the third part of the quest - 
the item find.

Questors had already completed the second part of the
quest which was comprised of 10 extremely evil trivia
questions all about Realms. To give an idea of just how
hard these questions were, the winners (Eric and Leala)
only got 2 correct.

The Making of a Real Life Quest - by Elisabet            Reunion

Elisabet and Thorpe scoured the mountain top for
mysterious places to hide the clues and treasure bags.
As they giggled (yes, Thorpe does giggle) about all the
fun places they had found and the evil clues they had
designed, they continued to think of more ways to make
this fun quest even more difficult (as if the climb up
the mountain was not difficult enough). They discovered
all sorts nooks and crannies within the rocks and trees,
buried under leaves and dirt, and even hung from trees.
At the end of the day they, had found over 20
deliciously evil locations.  Their next step was to
write up the clues and make the treasure bags and chest.

The clever little treasure bags, in which finding them
was a miracle in itself, were truly a fun adventure. 
Thorpe had this marvelous idea to use gold coin condoms
to represent gold coins, and they used glass gems for
treasure as well.  As they created the bags they
laughed about all the fun people would have when they
discovered the condoms.

The Making of a Real Life Quest - by Elisabet            Reunion

The fourth and final quest was to be a pkill.  The
original idea of touch football was thrown out, because,
well they knew someone would try and kill someone and
it would be bad.  Thorpe and Elisabet decided upon a
tug of war to pit 4 teams against each other.  Since
no glory could be awarded for pkill anyway, it was just
a fun test of strength.

The quest was extremely fun to design.  Elisabet and
Thorpe would like to thank all the questors who
participated, and the following people who helped set
up the quest: Pheayre, Clav, Feyd, and Lenslakin.

2002 RoD Reunion Awards - by Amoria                      Reunion

After collecting ballots for the past couple of weeks,
the 2002 RoD Reunion Awards results are finally in!

We've carefully tallied all of the well-thought out
votes and are pleased to present to you, the ever-
curious readers of the Cry of Despair, the names of
those individuals both winning (W) an award and
receiving honorable mention (HM). In viewing these
results, one could easily ascertain the sort of party
that commences when a group of rowdy, online friends
meets to combine friendship with alcohol.

2002 RoD Reunion Awards - by Amoria                      Reunion

Sexiest Male:
W:  Feyd
HM: VaCh

Sexiest Female:
W:  Kellandra
HM: Saraphin

Sexiest Couple:
W:  Kali and Moonbeam
HM: Feyd and Saraphin

Best Dancer:
W:  Dortayl
HM: Thalasian

Designated Driver: (least drunk)
W:  Rauros, Kali, and Kyrian
HM: Dortayl

2002 RoD Reunion Awards - by Amoria                      Reunion

Class Clown:
W:  Azrielle
HM: Zed

Most like RoD character:
W:  Zed and Thorpe
HM: Keatrix

Least like RoD character:
W:  Vlaad
HM: Vir

Most likely to hit on the waitress:
W:  Thorpe
HM: Vir

Most likely to worship the porcelain Gods: (drunkest)
W:  Brane
HM: Llamvak

Edible Enterprise - by Elisabet                           Quests

This past month's quest tempted our tastebuds by having
people create recipes using at least 4 ingredients that
can be found within the realms.

The winner of this month's quest is Capadocious with
his Rainbow Omelette recipe. Good job Capadocious,
please find Elisabet to collect your prize.

Here is his recipe for all to enjoy!

To make the Rainbow Omelette you need:

10 griffon eggs
3  Rainbow Roses (for their petals)
2  celery sticks
   a frozen asparagus spear
   a block of swiss cheese
   several strips of bacon
   a porcelain bowl
1. Let the asparagus spear thaw.
2. In the porcelain bowl, beat the 10 eggs.
3. Chop into fine pieces the celery sticks, asparagus
   spear and bacon strips.
4. Grind the petals of the Rainbow Roses.
5. Mix together the eggs, vegetables, meat and petals.
6. Cut the Swiss cheese in fine slices, and lay them on the mix.
7. Bake until the cheese gets a nice golden color.
8. Serve immediately for best taste.

Riddle Me This - by Elisabet                              Quests

This month's quest is for those wordwise folks. The
mission? Create a realms related riddle for people to
solve. The rules for this quest are quite simple.

Design a solvable riddle for the Realms of Despair. If
your riddle is chosen as one of the top 3 riddles, it
will be placed in the October issue of the Cry for
people to solve. If no one solves your riddle, you will
get a second prize!  You may submit as many riddles as
you can fit on 1 (one) mudmailed note. All riddles must
be mudmailed to Elisabet no later than midnight EST,
September 21, 2002. All riddles must be appropriate in
Language and nature. These riddles will be judged by a
panel of immortals and should be written in the
following format.

Riddle - [riddle goes here]
Answer - [answer goes here]

If you have any questions, please ask.  Do not assume.
Good luck!

Ode to a Cookie - by Santrilla                            Voices

Oh wondrous cookie, how your chocolate chips doth sparkle.
You crumble softly, flirting, as I take you from my satchel.
I stare lovingly at your perfect form.
You whisper silently to me, calling to me,
Willing me to bite into your crunchy body.

I raise you slowly to my mouth, moaning gently,
Caressing your perfectly-baked edge with my fingers.
My teeth sink slowly into you, breaking you apart,
Splitting your sweet shape into thousands of tiny crumbs.

My tongue dances to the rhythm of chocolate
Raining down upon thousands of sensitive nodes.
My brain falls into a tumbling abyss of ecstacy
As your fatal, delicious hazelnuts slide down my throat.

You eat a chocolate-chip cookie and proclaim it


Group Poetry                                              Voices

Kilian, Santrilla, Alveron

K: Poems are nice, poems are weird,
   Poems have spice, and poems are feared.
   Santrilla talks, she talks a lot,
   She says she walks, or so she thought.
S: Kilian's cool, a darn good poet,
   But Santrilla's a man, and Kil doesn't know it!
K: Kil is sorry, but he thinks Sant's funny,
   Sant makes funny jokes, and looks like a bunny!
S: Sant's not a bunny, but just as cute.
   Kil is forgiven, his jokes are a hoot.
A: It's obvious if you look, writing poems is easy,
   You don't need no talent, just write really cheesy.
K: Alveron's mean, he makes fun,
   Of all that's seen, and all that's done!
S: Anyone can write poems, even a cat.
   But writing GOOD poems is harder than that.

Group Poetry                                              Voices

K: I can't write good poems like that.
   I guess that I am not a cat!
S: Kil's not a cat, but almost as furry,
   His writing skills are a little blurry.
K: Dr suess, who is that?
   Sounds like a moose, or maybe a cat?
S: Seuss is a cat, or so I am told.
   He writes books for kids, but he's just a bit old.
K: He might be old, but he writes good,
   And from what Sant's told, he's as old as wood.
S: Wood's pretty old, but I've seen older.
   Seuss ain't alive- he's quite a bit colder.
K: If Suess is cold, then I am freezing,
   I might be bold, but I want de-freezing.
S: De-freezing is hard, would defrosting be better?
   Although when you melt, you'd get a bit wetter.
K: Poems aren't obscene, they're quite the opposite,
   You aren't mean, you're just on top of it!

Group Poetry                                              Voices

S: Santrilla thinks that this poem was fun,
   But now it should end cos Santrilla is done.
K: Kilian agrees, this poem is old,
   He needs defreeze, because he's cold.
   Sant has got the final line,
   Now listen up, cause now's the time!
S: Sant nods to Kil, the furry lil cat,
   The poem is over and that is that.

Funny Bones                                                   FB

Barentin tells Racin 'hey :P my ranger is broken! i want
a refund!'

Racin tells Barentin 'leave it to a druid to break a 
ranger, you prolly tried to makeit hug a tree instead
of a furry critter'

Merydith: spilled cokeonkeyboard  and likeiturn it
upside down and sprite comes n
Merydith: n
Merydith: n
Shealkire: Excuse me, say again?
Quixote: the trials and tribulations of a pop-filled

Funny Bones                                                   FB

Kendron looks at Xunafein.

Xunafein looks to be about 5'7", and looks to be around
91 pounds.  His white-blonde dreadlocks are partially
obscuring his face, giving him a mysterious look.  His
grey eyes contrast beautifully with his black skin.

Xunafein looks at Kendron.

Zya says 'another toothpick'

Kendron seems to get a laugh from something saying, 
"heh heh heh".

Kendron looks at Zya.

Zya looks to be about 5'10", and weigh 125 pounds.  You
wear your long auburn hair curly. Your chalk white skin
creates a beautiful contrast with your forest green eyes.

Kendron licks his lips and smiles.

Zya says 'I needed the fat so I could have boobs'

Strut your stuff.

Kendron laughs out loud!

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